Death Stranding Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes, Walkthrough, Guide, FAQ, Unlockables for PlayStation 4 (PS4)

Death Stranding Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes, Walkthrough, Guide, FAQ, Unlockables for PlayStation 4 (PS4)

If anyone has ever wondered what it is like to be a sci-fi mailman, look no further than 2019’s Death Stranding title. As the first game Kojima Productions released after the game’s director Hideo Kojima split with Konami, Death Stranding sets players in an action based third person delivery game where the only goal is to get X, Y, Z package to this location or planet and not die. Easier said than done. To see if this game is worth it read CheatCC’s full review here!

Death Stranding Premise

screenshot of a promo for Death Stranding

Picture the United States in ruin after an apocalyptic event where mutant and dangerous creatures and people roam free. Groups of survivors need supplies, information, and wireless communications restored. Insert Sam Porter Bridges played by The Walking Dead’s Norman Reedus and control him to get packages from point A to point B by any means necessary. Within the open world, there are dangerous creatures, environmental hazards, and simply getting lost that all challenge the player in ways not generally seen in video games.

Death Stranding Main Characters

Cliff in his undead existence

Sam Bridges – The main playable character, dressing in cyberpunk clothes, looks like the coolest character from The Walking Dead.

Cliff Unger The main antagonist hunting Sam after he stops Cliff from getting his son. Cliff is undead and dressed in military fatigues.

Samantha America Strand – AKA known as Amelie, is a god-like figure who has manifested the hope of a new world after the fall of the US. She is blonde, regal, and dressed in ‘holy clothes’.

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Other Games by Hideo Kojima

A Steam promotional image for Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.
Screenshot of Metal Gear V: The Phantom Pain


Because Death Stranding is a stand-alone game by Hideo Kojima, it’s far more interesting to take a look at the other games Kojima has worked on. There are countless other games Kojima has worked on in his time as a game developer but his career is beyond the scope of this article. The below list are just some highlights.

  • Metal Gear 1-5 (1987-2008)
  • Castlevania: Lord of Shadow (2010)
  • Silent Hill Series (1999-2012)
  • Death Stranding (2019)

Death Stranding Cheats and Unlocks

Completion bonuses

Successfully complete Episode 14 to enter the post-game section of the game. In Episode 15, you can go back and complete anything you have not already completed. You can explore, perform more deliveries, and rank up all the regions you have not yet upgraded. The following two new features will also be unlocked in your Private Room:

Suit Customization: You can change the color and customize your exploration suit. Look at your suit on the rack to access this feature.

Memories and Nightmares: You can replay all three warfare scenarios and rewatch memories of Cliff Unger. Turn around and look at the green army men on the shelf to access these features.

In Episode 15, there is no secret or alternate endings. There are also no more special events, but you can find all the settlements you have not yet added to the USC. There will still be many useful upgrades that can be unlocked.

Secret Otter Hat (Conan O’Brien Easter Egg)

You can find Conan at the Cosplayer facility in the Central Region. Conan will tell you some info and jokes about otters and give you the Otter Hat. It allows you to paddle like an otter in rivers. Complete the following steps to find Conan:

1. Accept Order No. 37 for Sam — Sewing Kit Delivery: Cosplayer. It can be found after Order 38 at a random terminal in the Central Region. The quest is usually at “South Knot City” or “Distribution Center South of Lake Knot City”. If it is not there, check the terminals at other facilities or sleep in the private room. The starting location changes as time progresses.

2. Deliver the cargo to the Cosplayer to find Conan O’Brien. You meet Conan after talking to the Cosplayer. He tells you some jokes about otters and gives you an Otter Hat.

3. You can equip Conan’s Otter Hat from the inventory (press Up). While in water, you will have more control and can paddle quicker left and right and even do barrel rolls.

Unlocking the Reverse Trike vehicle

The Reverse Trike vehicle is parked outside the Distribution Center West of Capital Knot City, but you cannot use it right away. This area is accessed in Episode 2, and the vehicle requires a power source. Once you acquire the power source, the motorcycle will automatically recharge itself. To get a power source, take the “Power Supply Unit Delivery: Wind Farm” order, which is available at the Distribution Center after completing two other orders.

You will need to complete the order to infiltrate the MULE camp, and finish the Chiron Crystal Collection. After completing the quest, you will unlock the ability to fabricate Generator structures with the PCC. To repair the Reverse Trike, drive it into a Distribution Center and park it on the circle where you can access your Private Room. When the vehicle is parked, just take it down into your Private Room to automatically repair it. You can carry a lot more cargo with the Reverse Trike.

Crafting Reverse Trike vehicle

To unlock the fabrication plan for the hidden Reverse Trike “Ride”, collect Memory Chip #31. Then, redeem the Chip at a Terminal to craft the Reverse Trike.

Unlocking fast travel

The ability to fast travel becomes available later in the game. In Episode 3: Fragile, you will unlock it very early —- when you reach the first Distribution Center, you will travel into the Private Room and talk to Fragile. She will explain the situation in the Midwest. She will also add a new item to your Private Room. By focusing on the Umbrella, you can select to travel to any major hub connected to the Chiral Network. You can instantly travel to previous locations to complete quests and increase your Porter ranking. Note: Any items you are currently carrying will be transferred to the specific Distribution Center’s Private Locker — so you cannot take any items with you.

Getting the Covered Backpack upgrade

Convince an optional Collector Prepper to join the UCA to get the Covered Backpack, which is one of the best upgrades in the game. He is located just south of the Distribution Center South of Lake Knot City, in the Central Region. The Covered Backpack upgrade protects all the gear in your backpack. It makes it so attacks will not knock it loose, MULEs cannot grab it with Sticky Guns, and it is protected from the rain. This only counts for the square of space around the backpack itself. To reach this Prepper, bring a Climbing Anchor and locate the hiding spot in the crevasse on the edge of MULE territory.

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If you do not have any Lost Cargo to return to him, you will find a bunch at the local MULE camp —- and there is a Standard Order available at the Delivery Terminal. Take on the “Deliver Old Game Console” quest to get in good with the Prepper. The Game Consoles are located in two locations. They can be found in the Postbox in the center of the nearby MULE camp, and at a disguised Postbox outside the camp. You only need to get one to complete this quest, but it is recommended to get all three for maximum benefits. One order will not be enough to get the upgrade item. After the Prepper joins the Bridges network, you will unlock extra quests on the Standard Orders menu.

Select “Collection: Large Consignment Of Video Games” or “Recovery: Tactical Action Games Stolen By MULEs” so you can increase the Collector star ranking. You will not be able to get the Prepper to join you until further in the game — so do not bother trying until past Episode 6. Even if you have reached Episode 6, you will need to wait longer until this Prepper gives you the gear you need.

Crossing the tar belt

At the end of the mission to restore the old wrecked waystation on the far southwestern edge of the Central Region in Episode 8: Heartman, you will need to cross the huge tar belt. To cross the tar belt, walk to the BT field on the tar beach, southwest of the UCA Chiral Relay. Get caught by a BT near the tar ocean, then allow them to pull you over.

Do not hold L2 + R2 to fight them off. When you are pulled down onto your back, an invisible tendril will pull you into a massive encounter with a swarm of whale BTs. Buildings from the wreckage will bubble up out of the water. You can use these floating platforms to cross the tar belt. Just keep running, as you do not need to fight these enemies — just reach the far area across the tar.

All Memory Chip locations

Search the indicated locations to find all 56 Memory Chips in Death Stranding and get the “Fount Of Knowledge” and “A Thirst For Knowledge” trophies. None of the Memory Chips are missable. You can find all of them after the story in free-roam mode. You can view which collectibles have been found and are missing by pressing Options — Left — Data — Memory Chips. The ones found will have a key icon on them. You still need to decrypt the chips by bringing them to a terminal. Only after decrypting them at a terminal will you get the trophies.

Additionally, complete the story first, as it may affect some collectible spawns. Level up all facilities to Level 5 (5 stars). Some chips only spawn after leveling up certain facilities and reading their e-mails (sleeping in a private quarter after leveling facilities gives you new e-mails). Those are the e-mails that refer to “shiny objects.” The relevant facilities are pointed out in the video. If a collectible is not in the specified location, it is because you did not read the e-mail for it. This video shows everything in the order it is closest together. The timeline below includes in-game numbers to quickly find individual chip numbers (as per the in-game overview).

Easy “Any Porter In A Storm” trophy

You find NPC Porters randomly throughout the Central Region. They are groups of 2-3 characters walking around (they show up offline as well as online). They are Porters (delivery people) just like Sam and wear a white suit. They most frequently show up in the eastern half (right side) of the Central Region. They are most frequently encountered at the following facilities: Engineer, Craftsman, Elder, Film Director, Junk Dealer.

However, you can also find them running around the wilderness. They do not go to the snowy mountain region. Once you randomly encounter the Porters, make sure you give them as many likes as possible with the Touchpad. Then, open your Cargo inventory, equip one of your cargo to a hand, and lay the cargo on the floor in front of them. If they are interested, they will pick it up. Give them a few more items until they offer you one of theirs (they will stretch out a hand to offer it to you). Take their offering to get the “Any Porter In A Storm” trophy.

Easy “God Particle Go-Getter” trophy

Higg’s home is located in the Central Region, inside Peter Englert’s facility. This facility is directly west of Lake Knot City. You must have completed Story Episode 9 before the door to Peter Englert’s facility opens up. At any point after Episode 9 (still possible after story), you can go inside Peter Englert’s facility to get the “God Particle Go-Getter” trophy.

Easy “I Couldn’t Hold It In!” trophy

While in the wilderness, hold Right and press Up to select the “Urinate” function. Then, press L2 to aim and R2 to start peeing. You will instantly get the “I Couldn’t Hold It In!” trophy. It even marks the spot with a mushroom that other online players can see. You will not get the trophy if you use the toilet in Sam’s private room.

Easy “Pathfinder” trophy

First, it is recommended to unlock the Non-Lethal Assault Rifle Lv. 1. You get it automatically from Story Episode 4 (Order No. 41). This cannot be missed. Go to a MULE Camp in the Central Region and stun all the enemies. MULE camps are marked on the world map by orange outlines. They contain enemies that try to steal your cargo and hunt you.

To get the trophy, you must stun all enemies in a single camp. When done correctly, there will also be a text prompt in the bottom left that says “Porters will temporarily be able to traverse this area.” Make sure you really stun every single one of them.

Use the scanner to locate the enemies when they are hiding. The camp just south of Lake Knot City is recommended for this. It has very few enemies and no reinforcements driving around on trucks. The reason you should use the Assault Rifle is because it makes knockouts fairly easy. The Bola Gun is not recommended as it only traps soldiers with a rope (does not really “stun” them) and they break free after a few seconds.

Alternatively, ramming them with vehicles (truck/trike) works and will instantly stun them. Alternatively, you can use your bare hands to strike them or throw cargo for instant knockouts. Also, if you use the Non-Lethal Assault Rifle, make sure to switch to rubber bullets. Hold Right to open the weapon wheel and press the Triangle on the weapon to switch ammo type. Note: You can change the difficulty to “Very Easy” in the game options to take more damage and stun the enemies more quickly.

Easy “Public Service Porter” trophy

Go to the Junk Dealer facility in the Central Region. There are lots of contaminated cargo pieces next to his facility. Collect one of them, then go to the large tar lake directly south of the Junk Dealer. Equip the contaminated cargo to your right hand (via inventory), hold R2 and Square, but release Square just as Sam is swinging his arm to throw the cargo into the lake and get the “Public Service Porter” trophy.

Easy “Rest In Pieces” trophy

First, get the Cord Cutter, which is an automatic story unlock (unmissable) in Episode 5 (Order No. 46). Once you get it, go to any BT area and press Square to cut an umbilical cord. Every single BT has an umbilical cord.

They become visible when you use the scanner (press R1 while standing still). BTs appear in rainy areas. After recruiting the Weather Station to the UCA (Episode 2), you can press R3 on the world map to see where it is raining. However, you will frequently run into BTs — so there no need to go out of your way for it.

Easy “Sleep Tight, Little BB” trophy

The easiest way to make BB cry is to fall over. Just run down a hill and trip over some rocks, so that Sam lands on his chest (where BB is attached). BB’s container will start to glow red and you will hear it crying. Hold L1 and press Down + Square to Soothe BB. Slowly move the controller up and down to rock BB up and down. After it stops crying for a few seconds, you will get the “Sleep Tight, Little BB” trophy.

Easy “Soak And Sigh” trophy

There are seven hot springs scattered throughout the game world, but you only need to find one of them to get this trophy. They get marked on the map when you have been nearby. Walk into a hot spring and press Circle to sit down and get the “Soak And Sigh” trophy. One hot spring bath can be found in the Central Region, southwest of the “Film Director”.

Death Stranding FAQ

A few more questions werer not answered in this article so far so, here are a few more answers for our beloved players!

Does death stranding have an anti-cheat?

Yes if you want to play online on PS4 then you will be automatically downloading anti-cheat software. If you want to still want cheat online and you get caught you will be banned from the servers.

What happens if you deliver the nuke in Death Stranding?

If Sam ends up delivering the nuke to South Knot City, the bomb goes off and kills everyone in the area.

What is the true ending to Death Stranding?

Nice try, but CheatCC doesn’t spoil anything!

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