Shinobi Life 2 Cheats & Cheat Codes for PC, Xbox One, and Mobile

Shinobi Life 2 splash screen.

Shinobi Life 2 Cheats & Cheat Codes for PC, Xbox One, and Mobile

Shinobi Life 2, also known as Shindo Life, is a Roblox game that draws inspiration from the popular anime series Naruto. RELL Games, also known as RELL World in Roblox, developed the game. The setting of the game is a world similar to the anime. The game places players in the shoes of a character who must prove their skill and fighting prowess in close combat gameplay.

Players can explore the world’s distinct locations, take on challengers, complete missions, and develop their characters. Inspired by the anime, players achieve more powerful forms through Element masteries, Bloodline abilities, and Taijutsu-Arts. Here we will take a look at the game and what it has to offer in terms of gameplay, characters, abilities, and, naturally, cheats and codes.

Shinobi Life 2 Premise

Shinobi Life 2 is a third-person role-playing game with an optional first-person perspective. It features character customization that includes a variety of options from hair color and face type to bear color and outfit. Also, as a part of the character customization, the players choose their first Elements and Bloodlines. As players progress, they can unlock more Bloodlines powers, Sub-Abilities, modes, weapons, and more by completing quests such as boss, green scroll, and star missions. In addition to gaining experience and Ryo, the game’s currency, players also earn points as they level up. You can use these points to increase stats like Chi, Health, Mode, and Stamina. As players reach level 1000, the maximum level, they can rank up, which increases their ranking but resets their level and stats.

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Bloodlines are a central feature in Shinobi Life 2. They are unique abilities that grant players access to various powers derived from the Naruto anime. Bloodlines are categorized into three types: Eye Bloodlines, Clan Bloodlines, and Elemental Bloodlines. Additionally, races play a role in the game, providing players with distinctive abilities for combat. By default, players are Human when they join the game, but there are also currently five other races. The game also features a unique mechanic where items spawn in the world at specific times every day. These items allow players to access powerful new Sub-Abilities, which also cost a certain amount of in-game currency.

Game world in Shinobi Life 2.
The different locations in Shinobi Life 2 have distinct architecture.

The game’s world is divided into locations that are accessible by a teleport system. Within the location, players can travel freely by foot to find quests from NPCs, fight other players, and complete missions by killing enemies. In addition to the regular game world, the game also features various extra modes, accessible from the main menu. There are various player-versus-player modes, level-restricted dungeons, and ranked modes.

Players can also access their homes from this menu. Here they can gain new Spins and Ryo currency by simply sitting on a chair or sleeping on the bed. The wardrobe allows players to save and load outfits, and there’s a scroll that lets players Rank Up. 

Shinobi Life 2 Characters

In Shinobi Life 2, players create and customize their own characters. They enter a world filled with other online players as well as a variety of non-player characters in all locations. However, these NPCs don’t really have a personality or other unique characteristics. They mostly work as simple quest-givers. 

Character customization and development are the bread and butter of the game, however. The main menu of the game is divided into separate options that control how the character can be used.

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Character customization in Shinobi Life 2.
The game starts with character customization.

Here are some of the options that you’ll find in the game:

Stats: Perhaps the most important page in the menu. Displays the stats of the character, including Chi, Nin, Tai, HP, Rep Bonus, Points, Level, and Age. Players allocate available points to different stats according to their preferences. Each new level provides more points for allocation.

Ninja Tools: This page displays all the weapons and tools that are unlockable for the character. Players can unlock items by paying with in-game currency, or they may need to acquire them from a specific location at a specific time of day.

Bloodline: These are some of the more important abilities in the game. There are a few different Bloodlines, each of which has unique abilities. Use them to dispatch enemies.

Element: Divided into Earth, Wind, Fire, Lightning, and Water. Similarly to Bloodlines, these are also abilities that can be used to defeat enemies. Some of the first powers available to the player. 

Sub-Abilities: Most of these abilities are unlocked by finding scrolls at specific locations at a specific time. Some of them are, however, available for a fairly steep Ryo cost.

Companions: These are unlockable non-player characters accessible by completing Boss missions. Companions start at level 50 and can be leveled up by training them. Each player can have one companion at a time.

Game modes in Shinobi Life 2.
Shinobi Life 2 game modes include different PvP options, dungeons, and more.

Games in the Series

RELL Games has developed several versions of this Naruto-based online role-playing game. People might have known the game as both Shindo Life and Shinobi Life 2 in different stages and iterations. Allegedly, Roblox once removed the game because it violated Naruto’s copyright. At the time of writing this, Shinobi Life 2 seems to be again online and available on the platform.

Shinobi Life 2 Cheats

The developer of Shinobi Life 2 has thankfully included a cheat code system for the game. Note that players cannot access this from the in-game menu option labeled Cheats. The Cheats menu item is designed for purchases with Robux. Instead, here are how you can access the cheat codes we’re sharing.

  1. Open the game in Roblox. Or exit to the main menu of the game if you are in the game.
  2. In the main menu, select Edit. Do not go into the game by selecting Play.
  3. In the top right corner, there is a YouTube Code field. Enter one of the codes below.
  4. If the code was successful, the field will say ACCEPTED!
RELLoraBLOODoraLine!Gain free RELL Coins and Bonus Spins
RELLORAORAORA!Gain free RELL Coins and Bonus Spins
RELLbloodmanline2!Gain free RELL Coins and Bonus Spins
RELLBLinesLOL!Gain free RELL Coins and Bonus Spins
RykanLandz!Gain free RELL Coins and Bonus Spins
Rykanfanbanz!Gain free RELL Coins and Bonus Spins
Rykanf4ns!Gain free RELL Coins and Bonus Spins
Rykansanm4n!Gain free RELL Coins and Bonus Spins
Rykandonoman!Gain free RELL Coins and Bonus Spins
RayDangone!Gain free RELL Coins and Bonus Spins
RaySmolman!Gain free RELL Coins and Bonus Spins
RayWHO0!Gain free RELL Coins and Bonus Spins
RayNaygan!Gain free RELL Coins and Bonus Spins
NoCodeBackwards!Gain free RELL Coins and Bonus Spins
edocoNLOL!Gain free RELL Coins and Bonus Spins
CodeManCan!Gain free RELL Coins and Bonus Spins
CodeTanW4nPan!Gain free RELL Coins and Bonus Spins
CodeSamaLam4!Gain free RELL Coins and Bonus Spins
CodeSanLan!Gain free RELL Coins and Bonus Spins
borunarudog!Gain free RELL Coins and Bonus Spins
g00dboiman!Gain free RELL Coins and Bonus Spins
makivsmaki!Gain free Bonus Spins
boruvkama!Gain 50k RELL Coins and free Spins
My Home in Shinobi Life 2.
My Home allows changing outfits and ranking up.

Shinobi Life 2 FAQ

Q: What are Bloodlines in Shinobi Life 2?

A: Bloodlines are unique abilities in Shinobi Life 2 that grant players access to powers inspired by the Naruto anime. Bloodlines fall into three categories: Eye Bloodlines, Clan Bloodlines, and Elemental Bloodlines.

Q: How do I level up in Shinobi Life 2?

A: Players can level up by completing various quests like boss missions, green scroll missions, and star missions. Players earn points as they gain levels, which they can use to increase stats such as Chi, Tai, Nin, and HP.

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