Blox Fruits Cheat Codes for August 2023 for PC, Xbox Series X/S, and Mobile

Blox Fruits Cheat Codes for August 2023 for PC, Xbox Series X/S, and Mobile

Blox Fruits Summary

Developed by Gamer Robot Inc (formerly Go Play Eclipsis) Blox Fruits utilizes the depth of the Roblox platform to create a living, breathing – legally distinct – world based on the manga classic One Piece. The initial title of “Box Piece” was changed early in its development to avoid confusion with the property that inspired it. Since its debut in 2019, its managed to maintain a healthy player base that averages roughly 75 thousand daily users. Blox Fruits supports both solo and multiplayer game play. Players can team up with friends or other players to tackle challenges and explore the world together. The multiplayer aspect encourages cooperation, competition, and the sharing about the game’s mechanics and content.

Fans of both Roblox and anime flock to Blox Fruits to explore the pirate-tinged the open world MMORPG formula. Less enfranchised players can take solace in their lower powered status. PVP combat is restricted to those level 20 and higher foregoing the risk of unbalanced combat.

Blox Fruits Premise

The premise of Blox Fruits is to level up your avatar, explore intricate islands, and fight your way through demanding boss battles with the help of “devil fruits”. These are special items that bestow extraordinary powers upon your character. Devil fruits – or simply “fruits” – can grant you abilities that range from mobility enhancements to out-and-out superpowers. To obtain a fruit, players must defeat enemies, complete quests, or purchase them outright from the fruit dealer. These boosts lead to a customizable and dynamic approach to overcoming enemies and hostile players.

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Blox Fruits Main Characters

While there is no main character to speak of given the player-driven nature of the Roblox title, there is excessive room for creativity. From a debonair swashbuckler trying to forget a lost love or a ruthless pirate intent on carving out their fortune by any means necessary, you have the freedom to create and maintain an avatar of your own.

Games in the Blox Fruits Series

Since Blox Fruits is a game that resides in the creative space of Roblox, there are no other games in the series per se. While not focused on the same combat and exploration-heavy RPG elements, the developers managed to find earlier success on the platform with Parkour Simulator.

There is a seemingly endless stream of games also influenced by the One Piece anime to be found within the create-a-game framework. King’s Legacy by Venture Dragoons is widely considered to be a close second to Blox Fruits top banana status among the Eiichiro-Oda-gone-Roblox faithful. There are others that are seen as “need to play” games within the genre.

  • A One Piece Game
  • Da Piece
  • Grand Piece Online
  • Qz
  • Legend Piece
  • One Piece Tycoon
  • Rainbow Piece
  • True Piece

Blox Fruits Cheat Codes

There are no traditional cheat codes in Blox Fruits. There is a rotating series of redeemable codes that can grant in-game bonuses. Simply click the icon of the old Twitter logo and input the – case-sensitive – code to redeem. It is recommended to check back frequently to check for new information. Each code has a shelf life of roughly one month. A collection of working codes for August 2023 are as followed:

Double XP for 20 Minutes

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  • Sub2CaptainMaui

Double XP for 1 Hour


Stat Reset

  • Sub2UncleKizaru

XP Boost

  • 1M
  • Axiore 
  • Bluxxy 
  • Enyu_is_Pro 
  • JCWK
  • KittGaming 
  • Magicbus 
  • Starcodeheo 
  • StrawHatMaine 
  • Sub2Daigrock 
  • Sub2Fer999
  • Sub2OfficialNoobie 
  • TantaiGaming 
  • TheGreatAce 

Free Beli

  • Fudd10 
  • fudd10_v2

Free Title

  • Bignews 

While not the same as intended cheats, exploits and hacks can be utilized to gain an advantage. This goes against the Roblox terms of service and can lead to an account suspension or an outright ban.

Blox Fruits FAQs

Can you exploit on Blox Fruits?

Each update to Blox Fruits includes stronger tools to detect players using exploits. If you utilization this as a means of play it will lead to a permanent ban. There will be no means to appeal that ban.

What is the cheat code for Blox Fruits?

There are a series of codes that change each month. Every code offers a small reward that ranges from an XP boost to a stat reset. The official Blox Fruits Twitter account is a great place to find out the most up-to-date means of getting that extra pirate treasure.

Is there a way to get free fruit in Blox Fruits?

With the current code setup, there is no way to create a devil fruit out of thin air. That said, there are means that involve timed in-game events where players are rewarded with rare or unique items. Sometimes something as simple as asking another player for a devil fruit can end in a generous exchange on the public server.

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