Dead Space Cheats & Cheat Codes for Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Windows, and More

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Dead Space Cheats & Cheat Codes for Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Windows, and More

Dead Space is a 2023 remake of a 2008 science fiction survival horror game of the same name. The original Dead Space garnered a loyal fanbase thanks to its fresh take on the genre. Dead Space took obvious influence from game franchises like Resident Evil and Alien. Despite the notable influences, Dead Space is unique enough to stand on its own two feet. Isolating, terrifying, and featuring unique gameplay that forces the player to focus on things like oxygen levels, Dead Space brings a whole new meaning to Alien’s famous quote, “In space, no one can hear you scream.” The original Dead Space is a Visceral Games (previously EA Redwood Shores) game created and directed by Glen Schofield. Electronic Arts (EA) published both the original and the remake.

Dead Space Premise

Dead Space puts players in control of protagonist Isaac Clarke, a starship systems engineer. The game is set in the year 2508, which is described as a period in time when humans are present everywhere in the universe. The main story follows Isaac Clarke on board the Kellion, a maintenance starship that sets off to aid the Ishimura. Isaac’s girlfriend, Nicole Brennan, works aboard the Ishimura as the senior medical officer. The Ishimura went to investigate the Red Marker discovered on Aegis VII, only for chaos to break loose.

Shortly after the Ishimura‘s arrival, colonists and the ship’s crew began suffering from hallucinations. Over time, these hallucinations escalated into more serious mental illnesses within the people. These events led to the appearance of the Necromorphs, infected corpses reshaped into horrific monsters. Isaac’s main goal in all of this is to locate his girlfriend, but when Necromorphs board the Kellion, Isaac is forced to fight for his life.

Dead Space Main Characters

A screenshot of Isaac Clarke talking to a man behind glass

©Gamer’s Little Playground / Electronic Arts / Motive Studio – Original

After the success of the 2008 Dead Space, a whole franchise of games followed. There aren’t nearly as many games in the Dead Space universe as some other game franchises, like Resident Evil or Super Mario Bros., but there are still a fair share of recognizable characters throughout the franchise. As far as the original game is concerned, the most important character is Isaac Clarke.

  • Isaac Clarke: Isaac is the main protagonist of Dead Space and he’s a starship systems engineer. Isaac is more easily recognizable by the futuristic space suit (called Resource Integration Gear or a RIG in-game) that he wears rather than his own physical appearance. Isaac’s search for his girlfriend, Nicole, turns into a fight for survival against the Nechromorphs. Fans fell in love with Isaac from moment one, which led him to star in future Dead Space games. He is one of three survivors from the Kellion.
  • Nicole Brennan: Nicole is the senior medical officer of the Ishimura. She is also Isaac’s missing girlfriend and the whole reason Isaac joined the Kellion crew in the first place. Throughout the game, Nicole appears to Isaac in ways that don’t quite make sense. She’s able to communicate with him, though due to the hallucinations that begin to plague Isaac and the other Kellion survivors, players wonder if she’s even real.
  • Kendra Daniels: Kendra is a computer technician aboard the Kellion. She’s part of Isaac’s crew, but she’s also an undercover government agent sent from Earth. The rest of the crew doesn’t know about her true identity or her purpose for being there. Her goal is to control the situation by any means. She is one of the three Kellion’s survivors.
  • Zach Hammond: Zach is the final survivor from the Kellion and he is the chief security officer. Zach is probably the least important Kellion survivor and is ultimately killed by Necromoprhs. Isaac does everything he can to save Zach. Zach’s death sort of acts as cannon fodder for Isaac’s misery.
  • Challus Mercer: Mercer is a member of the Ishimura crew and after witnessing the brutality of the Necromorphs, he’s come to believe they’re the next step in human evolution. He thinks the Necromorphs are some sort of “ascended form” and becomes obsessed with them. Mercer’s worship of the Necromorphs escalates so violently, that he eventually allows the Necromorphs to transform him.
  • Dr. Terrence Kyne: Dr. Kyne is another Ishimura survivor and his ultimate goal is to return the Marker to Aegis VII. What Dr. Kyne endures causes him to turn his back on his own practice in Unitology. Ultimately, Kyne’s desire to return the Marker to the Necromorphs leads Kendra to kill him.

Dead Space Titles in the Series

Dead Space has about half a dozen titles in the series, including three main timeline games, one remake, one spin-off game, one rail-shooter game, and one mobile game. These titles include:

  • Dead Space (2008)
  • Dead Space Remake (2023)
  • Dead Space: Extraction (2009)
  • Dead Space Ignition (2010)
  • Dead Space 2 (2011)
  • Dead Space (2011) – IronMonkey Studios developed this iteration of Dead Space for mobile devices.
  • Dead Space 3 (2013)

Out of all the games in the series, fans still consider the original Dead Space (and its remake) to be the best. With the fandom complaints circulating around later installments, it’s unclear if Dead Space 2 and Dead Space 3 will receive a remake. So far, there has been no official announcement of any more remakes. If EA does decide to remake more of the franchise, fans hope they’ll keep their criticisms in mind. There is, however, a findable text log titled “LIFE ON THE SPRAWL” that teases the possibility of a Dead Space 2 remake.

Dead Space Cheat Codes

Dead Space remake's Break Room puzzle

©Chris O’Toole / Electronic Arts / Motive Studio – Original

The original Dead Space actually has a fair number of cheats across various platforms that aid the player in different ways. The PC, PS3, and Xbox 360 versions of the original Dead Space all have different cheat codes that refill Isaac’s oxygen, refill Stasis and Kinesis energy, grant nodes, and even offer free credits. Unfortunately, none of these classic codes actually seem to work for the remake, much to fans’ disappointment.

There don’t seem to be any usable cheat codes for the 2023 Dead Space remake. The developers, however, did add a few nods to the original game’s cheat by including secret codes for players to find. Once players have the codes, they need to go to the Break Room attached to the Bridge portion of the Ishimura. The first time players can access this room is in Chapter 4: Obliteration Imminent. In total, there are three codes players can input in the Break Room.

Within the Break Room, players will find a red circle on the floor with strange, bloody symbols surrounding the border. In order to input the codes, players must stand inside the circle and input the individual sequences based on the symbols on the floor. The code will be erased if the player leaves the circle before they’ve finished inputting the code. When the player successfully inputs a code, the circle will glow and the wall monitor will briefly turn red. For the sake of these codes, the M means “Melee” and the S means “Stomp”. Players will need to keep track of these consecutive actions while Isaac is inside the circle to input the codes.

Dead Space: Break Room Code 1

  • Grants 2 Power Nodes: M, M, S, M, M, S, S, M, M, M, S, S

Dead Space: Break Room Code 2

  • Unlocks Hidden Text Log: M, S, S, S, M, S, M, S, S, S, M, S

Dead Space: Break Room Code 3

  • Unlocks Sea Shanty Audio Log: M, S, M, M, S, M, S, M, M, M, M, S

Although these aren’t technically cheat codes in the classic sense of the word, the developers decided to include the Break Room secret codes as a callback to the original game. They may not be as satisfying as using cheats to refill oxygen or get instant credits, but it’s still a fun and rewarding challenge.

Dead Space Cheat Codes FAQs

Does the Dead Space remake have cheats?

There are no official “cheat codes” in the Dead Space remake. The developers intentionally included some secrets to find within the game as a callback to the original game. Since the developers went out of their way to include these Easter eggs, though, they’re not really “cheats” in the traditional sense of the word.

How do you get unlimited ammo in the Dead Space remake?

There is no official way to obtain infinite ammo in Dead Space. In other survival horror games, like Resident Evil Village, infinite ammo is a reward that can obtained after playing the game and completing certain challenges. Dead Space doesn’t have anything like that. That being said, players can mimic infinite ammo with a glitch. In order to pull off the glitch, players will need Isaac’s Pulse Rifle, a decent amount of nodes, access to a workbench and a store, and at least 5,000 credits.

The Medical Tram Stop is one of the best places to take advantage of this glitch because there’s a store and a workbench close together. There’s also a low risk of enemies spawning and interrupting the player’s progress. The method to create infinite ammo is a bit cumbersome to recreate, so players may wish to refer to a video guide on how to accomplish it.

How do you get a lot of money in the Dead Space remake?

There is no official way to make a lot of money quickly in Dead Space. There is no official infinite money hack, either, but if players use the infinite ammo exploit, they’ll be able to sell their extra ammo for quick credits.

What is the point of no return in Dead Space?

Dead Space’s point of no return (the point in the game where players won’t be able to turn back) happens in Chapter 11: Alternate Solutions. Once Isaac boards the shuttle that will leave the Ishimura, there is no going back. Don’t worry, once players hit this point in the story, the game will inform them that they’re hitting the point of no return. The player will need to confirm that they want to proceed before going.

Does the Dead Space remake have multiple endings?

Yes, Dead Space 2023 has two different endings. To unlock the alternate ending, players will need to play through Dead Space a second time on New Game+. During their second playthrough, players will need to collect 12 Marker Fragments. In Chapter 11: Alternate Solutions, players can arrange all 12 Marker Fragments on Captain Mathius’ altar in the Executive Quarters. Once that’s done, players just need to finish the game again to see the alternate ending.

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