Dead Space 3: Awakened (DLC) Cheats & Cheat Codes for Xbox, PlayStation, and Windows

Dead Space 3: Awakened DLC

Dead Space 3: Awakened (DLC) Cheats & Cheat Codes for Xbox, PlayStation, and Windows

Dead Space 3 is the final installment of the Dead Space franchise. The game first hit shelves on February 5, 2013, and received the Dead Space 3: Awakened DLC a month later on March 12. Dead Space 3 is a survival horror and action game that was originally released for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC. Despite the game celebrating its 10th anniversary earlier this year, it’s still available to play.

Dead Space 3 had a lot riding on it upon its release. The original game was a smashing success, but the sequels didn’t quite live up to the hype of the original. Unfortunately, Dead Space 3 didn’t do as well as fans hoped, but it still has overall positive ratings. The game sold fewer copies than the developers expected, so any hopes of a sequel went out the window. The franchise wasn’t touched again until 2023’s Dead Space remake.

Dead Space 3: Awakened Premise

The Awakened DLC focuses on Dead Space’s horror elements more than the main game. When teasing the DLC, Executive Producer Steve Papoutsis promised that Awakened would be the most disturbing Dead Space content ever created. Since Dead Space, like many survival horror games, eventually leaned more heavily into action than horror, this promise got fans excited. Unfortunately, Awakened received some pretty polarizing reviews. Critics and players agreed that the DLC contained some major plot holes. The experience was also extremely short. Just as Awakened got going, it ended.

Awakened is a direct follow-up to the ending of Dead Space 3. It picks up after the battle with the Blood Moon. Isaac Clarke and John Carver wake up, unsure of how they survived. After everything the pair faced, they still need to battle Necromorphs and the loss of their sanity. Their main goal is to escape Tau Volantis. Eventually, the duo finds a ship they hope to escape on, but it’s missing a ShockPoint Drive. The ship can get them to CMS Terra Nova orbiting overhead, but that’s as far as it’ll go. They agree to get to Terra Nova, hoping to find a new ShockPoint Drive so their ship can make it to Earth. Once on board the Terra Nova, Isaac and Carver face a new threat: the remains of the Circle.

Dead Space 3: Awakened Main Characters

A close up of John Carver in Dead Space 3

©Full Playthroughs / Visceral Games – Original

Since Dead Space 3: Awakened is a follow-up to the main game, it’s natural that the DLC follows the beloved protagonists. It’s important to keep in mind that this DLC isn’t particularly long, so there isn’t much room for too many characters to make an appearance. In comparison to a full-length game, the list of main characters remains relatively short.

  • Isaac Clarke: Isaac Clarke is the beloved protagonist that fans look forward to seeing in every Dead Space title. In the original game, Isaac was on a mission to find his missing girlfriend, Nicole. Although Isaac communicates with an image of Nicole throughout most of the game, the chapters’ titles spell out the inevitable conclusion: Nicole is Dead. Every time Nicole speaks to him in the original game, she’s a hallucination. Over the course of the franchise, Isaac went from ship systems engineer to sci-fi hero. At the end of Dead Space 3: Awakened, Isaac, with the help of John Carver, succeeds in defeating the Unitologist Cult and their prophet.
  • John Carver: John Carver is a soldier and member of the Earth Defense Force’s Special Ops. Carver survived Necromorph outbreaks on Uxor and Keyhole Station and he eventually partners with Isaac Clarke. Together, Carver and Isaac manage to destroy the Marker signal on Tau Volantis. Carver and Isaac survive the ending of Dead Space 3 and find themselves trapped on Tau Volantis, where they have to face more Necromorphs and rapidly growing insanity.
  • The Cult Leader: Isaac and Carver run into the Cult Leader once they board Terra Nova. The Cult Leader is a surviving member of the Circle, but he claims to be a Prophet. As a self-proclaimed profit, he forms the Unitologist Cult out of what’s left of the Circle hiding on the Terra Nova. The Cult Leader is the main antagonist of the Awakened DLC. At the end of the Cult Leader boss fight, players can choose to execute him or leave him alive. Each decision will reward players with a unique achievement.
  • Randall Carr: Randall Carr is an extremely important Circle member. He’s second in command to Jacob Danik (who makes a cameo appearance in Awakened). After Isaac and Carver destroy the Necromorph Moon, Carr watches as the surviving Circle members rapidly become insane. It’s at this moment that Carr truly loses a grip on his faith in the Circle. He orders an evacuation from Tau Volantis, ensuring that all surviving Circle members retreat to Terra Nova. This is why Isaac and Carver run into so many on board. These Circle members are easy pickings for the Cult Leader’s new group. Carr and a small group of Circle members attempt to hide from the Cultists, but it doesn’t work. Unfortunately for Carr, he’s captured. His final journal entry says that he’s given up his belief and hopes that he’ll experience oblivion when the Cultists kill him.

Dead Space Titles in the Series

Dead Space is an extremely popular franchise in the survival horror community. To this day, the original game is held in high regard as one of the best games of the genre. The original Dead Space hit shelves in October 2008. Despite the original game’s success, the franchise only spanned six years before Dead Space 3 ended the series. The franchise hasn’t been touched since 2013, with the release of Dead Space 3’s Awakened DLC. In fact, Visceral Games, the Dead Space developers, closed in 2017.

Fortunately for Dead Space fans, Motive Studios developed a Dead Space remake that was released in January 2023. With the remake’s generally positive reception, Motive Studios and EA will likely continue building the Dead Space franchise.

  • Dead Space (2008)
  • Dead Space Remake (2023)
  • Dead Space: Extraction (2009)
  • Dead Space Ignition (2010)
  • Dead Space 2 (2011)
  • Dead Space (2011) – A Dead Space mobile game by IronMonkey Studios.
  • Dead Space 3 (2013)

Dead Space 3: Awakened Cheat Codes

Dead Space 3: Awakened Isaac Clarke and John Carver

©Full Playthroughs / Visceral Games – Original

Unfortunately Dead Space 3: Awakened is an extremely short DLC. Players likely won’t take more than two hours to complete the campaign. Players predicted that Awakened would set up the plot and setting for Dead Space 4. Unfortunately, due to the game’s underselling, a sequel was never in the works. Since the Awakened DLC is so short, there really isn’t a lot of use for cheat codes. The experience is so quick, that it wouldn’t be worth the effort to utilize them. While there may be a glitch or two to extort that never got patched out, there aren’t any working cheat codes for Dead Space 3: Awakened.

There are a number of achievements the player can earn by playing the Awakened DLC, though. Despite some of the DLC’s complaints, the story is a continuation of Dead Space 3 and is worth playing. Getting confirmation that Isaac and Carver are still alive is worth the price of admission.

Awakened DLC Achievements

Players can earn these achievements on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC.

  • Bad Moon Rising: Complete Dead Space 3: Awakened.
  • Get to the Chopper!: Awakened: Escape from Tau Volantis to the Terra Nova.
  • Heaven Can Wait: Awakened: Stasis your Co-Op partner when he is downed to slow his bleed-out timer.
  • Heretic: Awakened: Kill the Unitologist Cult Leader.
  • Just the Tip: Awakened: Craft a weapon using an MK-II Weapon Tip.
  • Pure Lunacy: Complete Dead Space 3: Awakened in Pure Survival Mode.
  • Supercharger: Awakened: Finish charging the reactor in under 90 seconds.
  • True Believer: Awakened: Allow the Unitologist Cult Leader to survive.

Dead Space 3: Awakened Cheat Codes FAQs

How do you get infinite ammo in Dead Space 3?

There is no official way to gain unlimited ammo in Dead Space 3. There isn’t a cheat code for it either. Gamers have found a glitch for gaining infinite ammo that works, though. It’s important to keep in mind that this game is 10 years old. It’s possible that these glitches have been patched out or simply don’t work anymore.

According to a video posted by YouTuber PimplyPete, players can achieve infinite ammo by taking the following steps:

  • Reach the bench in Chapter 3
  • Once Isaac has interacted with the bench, save and quit the game
  • From the main menu, load a solo campaign
  • Go to Weapon Crafting Arena
  • Once Isaac loads into the Weapon Crafting Arena, save and quit
  • Once back on the main menu, choose to continue from last save

If done correctly, the player will have infinite ammo in their main game. Isaac will still have to reload, but he’ll never run out of ammo.

How do you get infinite resources in Dead Space 3?

At the time of release, Dead Space 3 offered in-game resources for real money. In the age of microtransactions in just about every game, modern gamers would likely be annoyed by this, but wouldn’t be shocked. 10 years ago, however, this was a controversial feature to add to the game. There aren’t any cheats that will earn players free resources either, making them feel even more pressured into paying for them.

Fortunately, there’s a glitch for more resources. Again, this game is 10 years old, so this glitch may not work anymore. YouTuber GameFront VODs has a video on how to achieve the unlimited resources glitch.

According to the video, players will come across a small building towards the end of Chapter 8. The building contains a bunk bed and a power generator inside. There’s a random item sitting beside the exit door. If the player takes the item, leaves the building, waits for the door to close, and then goes back inside, a new random item will spawn.

There are several spots like this throughout the game. Some of the comments on GameFront VODs’ video suggest there are multiple spots in Chapter 8. The admiral’s office in Chapter 4 and the Supply Depot optional mission are also great farming spots.

Are there cheat codes for Dead Space?

Yes, the original Dead Space had a decent set of cheat codes that would grand Power Nodes and Credits. Players could also use these cheats to refill Isaac’s oxygen and stasis energy. Unfortunately, the classic cheat codes don’t work in the Dead Space remake. They also don’t work for Dead Space 3.

What is the most powerful weapon in Dead Space 3?

There’s a bit of debate about which weapon is the most powerful Dead Space 3 weapon. Many fans agree that the Chaingun and Forcegun combination is the most powerful in the game for a number of reasons. This combo capitalizes on power and speed. This gun combo can also deliver devastating blows without being upgraded. Just using the base weapons with basic parts is enough.

Can you still get the N7 armor in Dead Space 3?

Yes, all players need to do is play Dead Space 3 and create a save file. If they’ve done this, they can get the N7 suit from the Suit Kiosk.

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