Best Vehicles in Grand Theft Auto IV

Best Vehicles in Grand Theft Auto IV

With a game title like Grand Theft Auto, it’s practically a given that no conversation about the series is complete without delving into the available automobiles for players to steal, drive, and ditch. As the first true “next-gen” game in the series following its transition to 3D in the 6th console generation, Grand Theft Auto IV returns to the iconic Liberty City and has a massive roster of available cars to choose from in its fictionalized version of New York. Construction and utility vehicles, standard sedans, and sports cars — any of these are viable options when looking for ways to get around GTA IV‘s massive open-world.

In terms of ranking the best vehicles in Grand Theft Auto IV, it comes down to each of the cars’ varying strengths. While certain situations call for outright speed and acceleration, others might require a car that’s more durable or has better handling. And of course, certain vehicles that are great in the city are terrible in off-road situations. Rather than categorize this list as a “Top 10” or rank each car individually, these are the best vehicles available in Grand Theft Auto IV based on and grouped by their individual qualities.

Top Speed

Bullet GT

Grand Theft Auto IV Bullet GT

The Bullet GT is an excellent sports car that makes its first appearance in The Ballad of Gay Tony episode of GTA IV. Its appearance comes from a blend of several real-life sports cars such as the Lamborghini Miura and Ford GT, and its performance in game arguably matches that of its real-world counterparts. With a top speed of just over 101 mph, the Bullet GT ranks as one of the fastest cars in all of Grand Theft Auto IV. That said, even with its excellent top speed it finds itself somewhat lacking in precise handling, meaning players better have a good grip on the driving mechanics before getting behind the wheel of the Bullet.


Grand Theft Auto IV Infernus

Returning in Grand Theft Auto IV after making repeat appearances in each of the 3D GTA titles that precede it, the Infernus is an obvious analogue for the real-world Lamborghini Diablo. Just like the real thing, this car boasts an extremely fast top speed of 99 mph while also having excellent handling from its distinction of being an all-wheel drive car. While its top speed is slightly below that of the Bullet GT, it more than makes up for it by absolutely gripping the road and being easier to handle when taking tight turns at ultra-fast speeds.


Grand Theft Auto IV Turismo

Another top-tier sports car in Grand Theft Auto IV with an obvious real-world analogue, the Turismo is clearly the GTA version of a Ferrari. And, just like an actual Ferrari, the Turismo is quite possibly the best-performing sports car in the entire game. Not only does the Turismo have a top speed that sits directly between the Infernus and the Bullet GT, it features the best handling and suspension of the three sports cars in this list, making it the absolute best-handling of the cars built for speed. It also happens to feature some excellent acceleration, able to go from 0-60 mph in just 5 seconds.


Police Stinger

Grand Theft Auto IV Police Stinger

Sometimes what players really need is acceleration rather than top speed, where it’s not about how fast you ultimately go but rather getting up and going quickly. In terms of raw acceleration, no car in the entire 177 entry list of Grand Theft Auto IV vehicles can match the Police Stinger. This variant of the law enforcement vehicles arrives courtesy of The Ballad of Gay Tony expansion and quickly earns its place as the best of the LCPD vehicles. With both an incredible rate of acceleration and a top speed in-line with most of the sports cars in the game, the Police Stinger is hard to beat as an all-around excellent choice.

Sultan RS

Grand Theft Auto IV Sultan RS

Modeled after a Mitsubishi Lancer, the Sultan RS is an excellent sports car/rally car hybrid with unbeatable acceleration and a respectable top speed. Further, it’s got excellent handling as an AWD car and has some respectable brake power as well, making it one of the better-handling options on this list. The real star of the show with the Sultan, though, is its ability to go from 0-60 mph in just 4.1 seconds. In terms of a getaway car to have after causing some mayhem in the streets or completing a mission with a police chase at the end, the Sultan RS will get you out of harm’s way quickly.



Grand Theft Auto IV Landstalker

Since the very beginning of the series, the Grand Theft Auto games have always mixed things up by providing gameplay segments taking place outside the confines of the city. When you happen to find youself in an area where the roads aren’t paved and you still need dependable wheels, it’s important to know which vehicles perform best in these conditions. The Landstalker is one such vehicle, having some of the best acceleration in any off-road setting as well as featuring some respectable handling and brake power.


Grand Theft Auto IV Patriot

The Patriot is another great vehicle for off-road areas in GTA IV, resembling a real-world Hummer H2 and proving to be just as tank-like. In terms of vehicles that have strong durability and can withstand multiple sideswipes and gunfire, the Patriot is one of the best. Beyond that, the Patriot has great suspension and acceleration, making it a useful car for getting up and over spots where other choices might end up getting the player stranded in the middle of nowhere.


FIB Buffalo

Grand Theft Auto IV FIB Buffalo

It should come as no surprise that the vehicle with the best health and armor rating is the FIB Buffalo. This sturdy law enforcement vehicle makes an appearance whenever enough chaos is caused to earn a 5-star wanted level, causing the FIB (GTA‘s version of the real-world Federal Bureau of Investigation) to descend in force. Not only are these muscle cars unbelieveably fast (with a top speed and acceleration rivaling some of the sports cars in the game), they’re practically tanks — capable of withstanding almost anything that enemies throw at you. It might not be able to bear the impact of an RPG, but otherwise the Buffalo is a near-impenetrable fortress of a car.



Grand Theft Auto IV Revenant

While Grand Theft Auto IV includes motorcycles as vehicle options in the base game, all of them pale in comparison to the new versions on offer thanks to The Lost and Damned expansion. There are several new bobbers, choppers, and sport bikes introduced in The Lost and Damned but out of them all the Revenant lands on top. This motorcycle maintains the sturdy handling and durability of some of the heavier bikes while also featuring the speed and acceleration of a sport bike. Basically, the Revenant is the best of both worlds. If players want to ride aorund on a GTA version of a Harley Davidson with the engine of a Honda Super Hawk, the Revenant is there for that exact purpose.

Balance (Best All-Around)


Grand Theft Auto IV Comet

Sure, it’s debatable which car in Grand Theft Auto IV is the absolute “best”, but it’s hard to argue against the Comet as the all-around perfect car for players to use. This sports car features the best braking, handling, and suspension of any of the sports cars in the game, all while also featuring an incredible top speed of 99.5 mph and the ability to go from 0-60 mph in 4.5 seconds. It’s fast, it handles great, and it can get you where you need to go quickly. In terms of which vehicles players will want to use in GTA IV, versatility might be the best quality to aim for. The Comet has that in spades while also being the game’s analogue for a Porsche 996. It looks great, and it drives even better.

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