Martha is Dead, Cheats & Cheat Codes for Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Windows, and More

Martha Is Dead

Martha is Dead, Cheats & Cheat Codes for Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Windows, and More

Martha is Dead is a story-driven horror game developed by LKA and released in 2022. It received mixed reviews from both fans and critics at release. It was praised for its graphics and story, with mention of how short and simple the gameplay is. The game remained uncensored on every other platform and store, while the PlayStation censored it due to graphic scenes.

Martha is Dead Premise

Players follow twin sisters Martha and Giulia in German-occupied Italy during WWII. Their mother, Irene, blames Giulia for Martha being deaf and tells the two stories of a malicious spirit who was killed not too far from their house. Years later, Giulia discovers Martha is dead, and her mother mistakes her for Martha. The story follows the struggle of remembering past events, and Giulia tries to contact the White Lady spirit she and her sister were told about all those years ago.   

Martha Is Dead

Martha is Dead Main Characters

The game has a very small cast of characters, primarily focusing on Martha, Giulia, and Irene. Players follow the story with little interaction, making the game a walking simulator like The Stanley Parable. The small cast makes for a close and personal experience as you understand their motives and feelings.     

  • Martha
  • Giulia 
  • Irene
  • White Lady
  • Erich 
  • Lapo
  • Nanny
  • White Lady’s Lover

Martha is Dead Video Games in the Series

Unfortunately, there are no other games in the series. The game is the second release for LKA, but their previous game, The Town of Light, follows a similar format. As the new studio continues to grow, fans can look forward to more games in the future, with a sequel perhaps.

Martha is Dead Cheat Codes

Unfortunately, for fans of the title, there are no cheat codes. As the game is a story-driven walking simulator, cheat codes would ruin the experience intended by the developers. For those wanting to alter their gameplay, using mods or exploits would be the only way to “cheat.” However, following the story created by the devs makes for one of the best horror game plots in gaming.  

Martha is Dead Cheat Codes FAQ

Does Martha is Dead have cheat codes?

No, there are no cheat codes available for Martha is Dead. 

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