Deliver us Mars Cheats & Cheat Codes for Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Windows, and More

Deliver Us Mars features grand, sweeping alien vistas.

Deliver us Mars Cheats & Cheat Codes for Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Windows, and More

Deliver Us Mars is the sequel to Deliver Us The Moon, released in 2018. That game saw players journey to the moon on a mission to avert humanity’s extinction. Your exploration of Earth’s natural satellite was driven by puzzles, and consequently, Deliver Us Mars continues this trend. The game came out in February 2023 and was developed by KeokeN Interactive, just like its predecessor. The game only got a mixed reception, but many fans and critics noted the strength of its storyline. If you want to experience this story for yourself, here’s what you need to know about Deliver Us Mars.

Deliver Us Mars Premise

Your robotic companion trails you constantly on your journey.
Your robotic companion trails you constantly on your journey.

Deliver Us Mars follows an astronaut named Kathy, who’s searching for her missing father. He abandoned a mission to save Earth from ecological disaster, and she tracked him to Mars in order to find answers. Like its prequel, Deliver Us Mars is also a third-person platforming adventure game, with first-person puzzle sequences. While tracking her father, Kathy must also discover the fate of a group of lost colony ships which have been stolen by a mysterious faction known as Outward. The journey will test her determination, as well as her connection to the rest of her family.

Deliver Us Mars Main Characters

Holographs reveal the tragic history of Deliver Us Mars.
Holographs reveal the tragic history of Deliver Us Mars.

Deliver Us Mars is generally a very character-driven game, as it focuses on the history of Kathy’s family and their connection to the fate of mankind. As you explore Mars, there are some major characters you’ll learn about on the way.

  • Kathy Johanson: The protagonist of Deliver Us Mars gets joins this mission to the Red Planet in response to a mysterious distress signal that might hold the key to humanity’s salvation. As she begins her journey, she swiftly gets caught up in a very personal struggle.
  • Isaac Johanson: Isaac is Kathy’s father. He left Earth due to his lack of faith in the planet’s government, abandoning Kathy and her sister Claire when Kathy was a small child. His history on Mars drives many of the discoveries Kathy makes during her mission.
  • Claire Johanson: Kathy’s sister Claire is the reason she didn’t leave Earth with her father. She joins the mission along with her sister when they receive the distress call from Mars.
  • Sarah Baker: Sarah first appeared in Deliver Us The Moon, and in the sequel, she joins the mission to investigate the distress signal on Mars.
  • Ryan Delyanin: Ryan is another member of the mission to Mars, and a companion and coworker to Kathy throughout her adventure on the Red Planet.

Deliver Us Mars Titles In The Series

Despite the relative obscurity of the first game, Deliver Us Mars is in fact a sequel, picking up characters and plot threads introduced in the original title. Time will tell if the series manages to continue into a third game. In the meantime, if you want to experience the franchise’s whole story to date, here’s every game you’ll need to play.

  • Deliver Us The Moon (2018)
  • Deliver Us Mars (2023)

Deliver Us Mars Cheat Codes

The game's detailed machinery and technology facilitates voyages throughout the solar system.
The game’s detailed machinery and technology facilitates voyages throughout the solar system.

There are no official cheat codes in Deliver Us Mars. Theoretically you could download third-party trainers online, but it likely wouldn’t be worth the risk to your PC. Deliver Us Mars has no combat, so the usual cheats like infinite health and maximum damage won’t accomplish much. If you get stuck at a puzzle, you’d have more luck looking up the solution online than downloading a cheat to bypass it. Still, if you want some way to get the upper hand on this game, here’s a full list of the game’s achievements.

  • Better Jot That Down: Scan your first object of interest.
  • Take A Look: Watch your first hologram.
  • The Beginning of a Beautiful Collection: Find your first hologram.
  • Reading is Fundamental: Read your first AstroTalk.
  • Chronicler: Scan all objects of interest.
  • Cinephile: Watch all holograms.
  • Pannapictagraphist: Collect all comics.
  • Peruser: Read all AstroTalks.
  • Piecing the story together: Complete your first story profile.
  • As the story unfolds…: Complete four story profiles.
  • Curiosity didn’t kill the Kat: Complete all eight story profiles.
  • Their batteries were low and it got dark: Find all NASA rovers.
  • Home Is…: Witness your father leaving without you.
  • Who waits five minutes, seriously?: Play the waiting game with Ryan.
  • Moonbear: Safely launch Zephyr-III.
  • Stellar extra-vehicular activities score: Detach the thruster and make it back within 3 minutes and 35 seconds after egressing the airlock.
  • Getting the hang of it: Climb your first wall.
  • Want to go to space?: Travel through space and time to get to your destination.
  • On the Precipice: Take control of ARK Labos and reach the Martian surface.
  • Kats always land on their feet: Reach the elevator below in Herschel within 2 minutes after surveying the quarry.
  • A Nice Place to Live: Acquire a rover.
  • The Gang: Find an important memento inside someone’s cell.
  • The Dream for These Folks: Discover the vital technology inside ARK Habitas and Mission Opera’s secret objective.
  • Quick like a Kat: Traverse the icy plains and enter Odum within 3 minutes and 15 seconds after surveying the base.
  • Not the Rabbits, Not the Bees: Learn the truth behind Odum’s sign of life and your father’s deepest flaws.
  • When ACE Met AYLA: Witness robots finding love.
  • Like Animals: Discover Outward’s gruesome fate.
  • Shai-Hulud?: Witness the sand blowing in chapter 8.
  • Desperate Times: Reconnect the ARKs and find your father’s final message.
  • Simulacrum: Find the speaker in chapter 9.
  • Kat-Like Reflexes: Make it through the Tesla Chambers without taking damage.
  • Wants and Needs: Locate the UNISON settlement and your father.
  • Delivered Us Mars: Take your father back home.

Deliver Us Mars Cheats FAQ

Interacting with the machinery littered throughout Mars is key to progression.
Interacting with the machinery littered throughout Mars is key to progression.

Is Deliver Us Mars a horror game?

Like its predecessor, Deliver Us Mars is billed as a suspenseful and tense space mission. Even though it is devoid of combat, the stakes remain high for the characters in the game. While this leads to some very intense situations and moments, Deliver Us Mars falls short of being a full-on horror game. Still, if you’re not up for a lot of tension, you should be wary of this title.

Should I play Deliver Us The Moon before playing Deliver Us Mars?

When it comes to getting into a new video game franchise, it can be hard to figure out where to jump in. Luckily, Deliver Us Mars is part of a very small series, so there are a lot fewer titles to account for than something more complicated, like the massive and long-running Super Mario franchise. Deliver Us Mars features a standalone story that doesn’t require knowledge of the previous game. That said, it does take place in the same setting as Deliver Us The Moon. Many characters and events are referenced in both games, so if you’ve played Deliver Us The Moon, you’ll have a bit more context. This context isn’t necessary to fully enjoy the sequel, though.

How long is Deliver Us Mars?

If you’re interested in giving Deliver Us Mars a try and untangling its deep sci-fi storyline, you might be a bit put off by the game’s mixed reviews. Luckily, this title does not require a sizable investment of time. Deliver Us Mars takes about 8-10 hours to beat, allowing even the most dedicated completionist to get through it in just a handful of sittings. By comparison, the prequel Deliver Us The Moon took roughly five to eight hours to get through. Therefore, while Deliver Us Mars is a substantially heftier game, it’s still not a large one. This brief length lets the developers keep the story tight and focused, and will hopefully keep it from outliving its welcome if you give it a try.

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