Redfall Cheats & Cheat Codes for Xbox Series X, Windows, and More

In-game photo of Redfall.

Redfall Cheats & Cheat Codes for Xbox Series X, Windows, and More

Redfall‘s cheat codes are limited.

Notably, it arrived on Xbox Game Pass, providing subscribers instant access to this gripping vampire-hunting adventure. Redfall delivers a fresh perspective on vampire mythology, dynamic combat strategies, and immersive open-world exploration. Whether you’re a lone explorer or a cooperative team player, Redfall promises an exhilarating experience.

Redfall burst onto the scene with supernatural excitement on May 1, 2023. It’s playable on Xbox Series X, Series S, Xbox Cloud Gaming, and Microsoft Windows. Arkane Studios, the creative minds behind Redfall, skillfully developed the game for multiple platforms, ensuring optimized performance.

Redfall‘s world isn’t just a location, it’s a full-fledged adventure waiting to be embraced. The vampires aren’t your typical suave bloodsuckers — they’re predatory beings fueled by darkness and power. There are also heavily armed cultists zealously defend their vampiric masters, heightening the peril of your journey.

Players must prepare to embark on a journey where daylight has faded, and powerful dark forces rule the land.

Redfall Premise

Redfall thrusts players into a chaotic world where powerful vampires with psychic abilities have taken control of an island. They’ve casted it into long-standing darkness and pushing humanity to the brink of destruction. In this open-world action adventure, four unique heroes – Layla, Jacob, Remi, and Devinder – confront these monstrous vampires. These vampires manifest as predatory creatures, defying traditional vampire lore.

As players explore the island, they engage with the supernatural threat and also fanatic cultists who wholeheartedly serve the vampire overlords. These well-armed cultists are a formidable secondary menace. The game provides the choice of solo or cooperative play, allowing gamers to either face challenges or partner with friends. Redfall‘s world teems with peril, featuring vampire nests and cultist bases. Players can slowly reclaim neighborhoods to reinstate safety amid the vampire apocalypse. The destiny of Redfall and its surviving town hinges on the choices and strategies you employ. Learn to conquer in this dark and immersive narrative.

Redfall Main Characters

The game at launch as four main choices to choose from.

  1. Layla Ellison: A biomedical engineering student with telekinetic abilities.
  2. Jacob Boyer: An ex-military sharpshooter with a mysterious vampiric eye and a spectral raven.
  3. Remi de la Rosa: A combat engineer with her robotic companion, Bribón.
  4. Devinder Crousley: A cryptozoologist and inventor with a range of unique weapons and gadgets.

Redfall Cheat Codes

Redfall‘s cheat codes are much like any game nowadays. Furthermore, there are no embedded codes, so players must use trainers or modders to alter the game. As with any third-party programs, beware of scams. WeMod is usually a trusted source. There are seventeen options.

  • Player
    • Infinite Health
    • Set Damage Multiplier
  • Stats
    • Set Experience Multiplier
  • Weapons
    • No Reload
    • Infinite Ammo
  • Game
    • Game Speed
  • Inventory
    • Infinite Healing Supplies
    • Infinite Rewire Kits
    • Infinite Lockpicks
    • Set Money
  • Enemies
    • One-Hit Kills
  • Physics
    • Noclip
    • Instant Acceleration
    • Set Walking Speed Multiplier
    • Set Sprint Speed Multiplier
    • Set Flying Speed Multiplier
    • Set Jump Height Multiplier

Redfall Cheat Codes FAQ

How to use the unlimited weapon glitch in Redfall?

To unlock an abundant supply of weapons and money in Redfall, follow these steps:

  1. Acquire a Rewire Kit: Begin by purchasing a Rewire Kit from the “Lost and Found” salesman located at the Fire Station. This tool is essential for hacking Rewireable Devices.
  2. Explore the House: Exit the fire station through the gate and proceed right, following the road until you reach the first side-road on your right. Here, you’ll discover a house with an orange truck parked out front. Enter the house through the window to the right of the bike.
  3. Loot Everything: Thoroughly search the house for any items that can be picked up, both on the upper and lower levels. Look for the room containing a sizable safe. Eliminate the lasers guarding it and then use the Rewire Kit you obtained to hack the safe.
  4. Rinse and Repeat: Inside the safe, you’ll find valuable items, experience points, and a variety of entertaining weapons such as the Stake Launcher and Flare Gun. To maximize your gains, “Quit to Main Menu,” allowing all items to respawn. Then, you can repeat the process to accumulate even more.

How to unlock fast travel in Redfall

In the expansive world of Redfall, numerous fast travel points, including Safehouses and Historical Markers, await your discovery. These pivotal locations enable swift navigation across maps and reach your objectives effortlessly.

Whether by liberating Safehouses or acknowledging Historical Markers, you’ll circumvent extensive journeys and gain the ability to teleport to the nearest quest location or respawn at these points upon facing defeat. Neglecting this crucial task may consign you to repetitive treks through the same areas, a potentially wearisome and time-consuming ordeal.

Unveiling these fast travel points stands as a linchpin to triumph in Redfall. Prioritize this undertaking to revel in a seamless and gratifying exploration of the game’s vast terrain.

What are the achievements for Redfall?

Neighborhood RevitalizationComplete all of the main missions in Redfall Commons.
RevelationsListen to the Pastor’s thrall recording.
Home Is Where the Heart IsUnlock your first safehouse.
Enter of Your Own Free WillEnter your first nest door.
Contingency PlansComplete all optional campaign missions.
Blood Will Have BloodLoot your first blood remnant.
Ne Plus UltraLoot your first unrivaled item.
Welcome to the NeighborhoodComplete your first neighborhood.
Block PartyComplete all neighborhoods in Redfall Commons.
Neighborhood WatchComplete all neighborhoods in Burial Point.
Scream TeamGain Layla’s complete trust and confidence.
Monster Hunters ClubGain Devinder’s complete trust and confidence.
Blood BrotherGain Jacob’s complete trust and confidence.
FriendgineeringGain Remi’s complete trust and confidence.
Bad WiringDisable a tripwire using a rewire kit.
I Like My Stakes Rare!Stake your first vampire.
Sic Transit UmbraComplete all of the main missions in Burial Point.
Radio SilenceDestroy the Hollow Man.
Bell-ringerDestroy Bloody Tom.
Silence Is GoldenDestroy Miss Whisper.
Good MorningDestroy The Black Sun.
GroundedDestroy your first Rook.
Fly FisherDestroy your first Angler.
Peek-a-booDestroy your first Shroud.
You Clean It UpDestroy a Blood Bag without triggering it to explode.
Throw The First StoneDestroy your first Sin-Eater.
ICUDestroy your first Watcher.
Sucks To Be YouDestroy your first Siphon.
Faith HealerCollect all grave locks.
Wounded WhispersCollect your first grave lock.
Catch and ReleaseRescue a civilian hostage.
From the ShadowsDestroy Gloria during The Key to Wellness.
A Cry in the DarkDestroy the Wailing Shadow.
SisterhoodDiscover the fate of the Blackwood sisters and collect their heirloom.
What Lies BelowUncover the Irving family mausoleum.
Check, Please!Loot the table 12 remnant.
Heart AttackDestroy your first nest heart.
Empty Nest SyndromeDestroy a nest heart without waking or killing any vampires.
Starve the BeastComplete Metamorphosis without the vampire being nourished.
Someplace to BeReach a landing site before the supplies land.
Skin of Their TeethComplete A Voice in the Dark with all hostages alive.
Ask Not For Whom The Horns BlowDisable foghorns before going to the Tempestas during Fall Like Lightning.
Bloody InitiateReach the end of the infiltration mission path during One of Us.
SepsisPoison the Bellkeeper’s blood offering during One of Us.
So Anyway I Started BlastingBreak infiltration during One of Us by shooting a friendly cultist at the Campgrounds.
Right This WayNavigate the Psychic Woods without going through the wrong door.
Nice TryGo through the wrong door at least three times in the Psychic Woods.
Harvest’s EndKill The Harvestman during “The Festival.”
Blacklight DownTurn off Bellwether’s defensive UV lights and leave them off.
Rum RunnerEnter Bellwether’s stronghold via the bootlegger tunnel.
Under a BushelGet the lamp without encountering The Keeper.
Enemy of My EnemyFree Trevor Ash from the UV lights.
Dexterity SaveTake the survival tips without triggering the tripwires.
Bob’s Final HourKill Bob the Radio Host during Lost in the Fog after playing the PSA in Taking Back the Airwaves.
Helping HandComplete all side missions in Redfall Commons.
Good SamaritanComplete all side missions in Burial Point.
Curious FinchRead Nurse Tran’s mother’s dedication in his birdwatching book.
Eagle EyesComplete The Lost Unit without triggering any Bellwether tripwires.
Friends ‘Til The EndReach highest tier of trust with three other heroes at once.
I Spit On Your GraveSteal Dr. Hunt’s father’s pocket watch.
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