June’s Journey Cheats & Cheat Codes

Screenshot of the mobile game June's Journey, showing the outside of the protagonist's family home. A 1920s car is parked outside. A hand icon is indicating a hidden object to find.

June’s Journey Cheats & Cheat Codes

June’s Journey is a hidden object adventure game for iOS and Android from Wooga Games. Unlike many games in its genre, it’s known for its ever-evolving story and the depth of its characters. It takes place in 1927, when June moves to the Orchid Archipelago to take care of her newly-orphaned niece. If you’re looking for June’s Journey cheats, you’ll be glad to know that Wooga routinely releases and updates these codes.

June’s Journey Premise

In June’s Journey, you play as June Parker, a detective and nurse who’s just moved to Orchid Island. June begins investigating the deaths of her sister and her brother-in-law. As she progresses through the case, other mysteries pop up that she helps to solve as well. As the game moves forward, you can help her solve these cases, complete events on the island, and find hidden items. Not only that, but the game allows you to build a café, build and decorate your home, and more.

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Screenshot from the game June's Journey, showing the parlor of June's family home. There's a statue of a dancing woman and a portrait of her family, along with other 1920s decor.

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June’s Journey Main Characters

June’s Journey has a huge variety of quirky characters, and, there is always more to discover. The game’s main characters are:

  • June Parker: Originally from London, June is a nurse, socialite, and detective. She becomes her niece Virginia’s guardian after her sister and brother-in-law are murdered. She isn’t interested in being a “respectable young lady,” preferring to lead a life of adventure.
  • Virginia van Buren: June’s teenage niece and frequent assistant (or collaborator). Since her parents’ death, Virginia has lived with her aunt June.
  • Jack Hayes: An adventurous, fun-loving pilot and June’s primary love interest. He comes from a moneyed and politically powerful family, but he prefers to keep a more down-to-earth attitude.

June’s Journey Cheat Codes for iOS and Android

Wooga Games frequently publishes promotional June’s Journey cheat codes that give you bonuses like free energy. To activate these, go to the menu in the top right corner of the game’s loading screen and choose the “Settings” option. Then tap “Cheat Code” and enter the code in the box that pops up. Some of the June’s Journey cheats that are currently active include:

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  • 100 energy: n2hY^sA7
  • 200 energy: Jw5R!2@P
  • 300 energy: t8kX$yE6
  • 400 energy: Lm9Z#qC4

Keep in mind that Wooga changes these cheat codes often.

June’s Journey Cheat Code FAQs

How do you get more flowers in June’s Journey?

You earn flowers in June’s Journey by improving Orchid Island. This can be building new buildings, adding new decorations, or renovating old landmarks,

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