Who is Grand Theft Auto V’s Trevor Philips?

Trevor GTA V

Who is Grand Theft Auto V’s Trevor Philips?

Trevor Phillips is the biggest mystery in GTA V. As one of the three main protagonists, Trevor represents the crazy side of the series. From being rude, murderous, and a bit insane, he seems to not have much going for him. On the other hand, he trained to become a military pilot, has excellent math skills, and always had a plan to make a quick buck.

Trevor is the most entertaining character in the game, but what made him the man he is? Today, we break down Trevor Phillips, giving you his history, criminal life, and relationships. By the end, you can decide if there is more to the man or if he’s just a psychotic serial killer.   

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Trevor was born in Canada and moved around as a child, never staying in one area for too long. While not much is known about his mother, fans speculate that she was a prostitute and stripper who mentally abused Trevor. She was eventually arrested and sent to jail but was never visited by Trevor. His father was no better, physically abusing and abandoning him. 

During his childhood, Trevor was known for having anger issues, frequently snapping at people, and experiencing fits of blind rage. He would often lash out at other children and adults, causing physical harm to anyone in his way. Trevor also mentioned that he would kill animals and claimed to have killed men at a young age.

While drifting through life, Trevor eventually discovers a talent for flying planes. He enlisted in the military, but they found him to be mentally unstable. This led to his discharge from service just days before he could get his license. After leaving the military, he began drifting again, committing crimes, first small, then getting much larger. His anger and rage only seem to grow from there, as he is shown to be just as mentally and physically abusive as his parents.

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Criminal Life

Trevor’s early criminal life wasn’t anything serious besides the attempted murders and assaults. His crimes were born out of boredom until he met the Michael Townley. The two began robbing around the country, jumping from place to place, similar to Trevor’s childhood. This would slowly come to an end after Michael fell in love with a stripper, Amanda, and started a family. Michael worked with an FBI agent to get out of the game, which meant killing Trevor in the process.

During a robbery in North Yankton, the first mission of the game, the FBI knew of the escape route and foiled their plans. After the police killed their associate Brad, Michael tells Trevor to escape after he was “fatally shot.” Michael, believing that the police had killed Trevor, went on with his life, as did Trevor, who thought the same thing about Michael.             

Trevor moved to Blaine County and started a company specializing in meth and arms dealing. He hired some local criminals to work as his henchmen and worked to keep his empire growing. This is interrupted when Trevor hears about a heist that sounds strangely familiar and learns that Michael is still alive and well. Michael was known to quote movies during his robberies, which was reported on the news. This leads to Trevor hunting down Michael and the future events of GTA V.  


Trevor is a fan-favorite character, with some fans claiming him to be the best in the GTA franchise. Steven Ogg, his voice actor, received universal praise for portraying the character. Players enjoy is the psychotic nature with no morals to hold them back. 

He represents the average player’s urge to go on a rampage, killing everyone and not feeling bad about it. His antics and exchanges with other characters in the game are hilarious due to his crass and brutally honest nature. He makes an impression on players, whether they like him or not.    


Known Aliases 

  • T
  • Boss
  • Captain T
  • Jock Cranley
  • Tony
  • Trev
  • T-revor
  • Uncle T
  • Philip Trevors
  • Trisha
  • The Crazy Dude
  • The Creepy One
  • Crazy Trevor
  • Crazy man
  • Slick
  • Diego Santiago


Trevor is the psycho that brings GTA V together. Without him, Michael and Franklin would be too tame and level-headed. The man is extremely loyal, given he is not screwed over, and will happily fight for someone.

His character has a lot more depth than most people realize, and given his upbringing and relationships, it’s easy to see how he became the man he is today. Or perhaps Trevor is just so good at lying and fooling people; players think there is something much deeper to him, but that was his plan all along.   

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