Best Grand Theft Auto Missions in the Series

Best Grand Theft Auto Missions in the Series

What would Grand Theft Auto be without simple objectives that turn chaotic and deadly immediately? Today, we will take a trip down memory lane and examine some of the franchise’s best missions. While some missions are important to the story and Rockstar’s game design, others are simply fun or offer unique twists. With hundreds of missions throughout the series, making a concise list is difficult as there are too many to choose from. But let’s jump right in and see which ones make the Rockstar Hall of Fame.   

GTA III: Farewell “Chunky” Lee Chong

Farewell “Chunky” Lee Chong is a famous GTA mission with players who never played the game knowing it. On the surface level, there is nothing special about it. Claude is given a mission by Joey Leone to kill a man, Lee Chong. Chong has been selling SPANK, a substitute for cocaine, through his noodle stand. 

Players must chase Chong through the streets after obtaining a weapon and heading to Chinatown. Eventually, Chong will get in a car, which Claude will have to chase, leading to Chong’s death once the player catches up. As mentioned, it doesn’t sound like a notable mission due to how many similar missions are seen throughout the franchise. However, what makes it well known is the ability to stop the chase sequence entirely. 

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Before reaching Chong, players can steal his car and take it to 8-Ball Autos, equipping it with a bomb. Once players return and park the car in the same spot, they can begin chasing Chong through the streets and blow up the car once he’s inside.  

Rockstar is known for their linear missions that rarely deviate from the script, allowing minimal choices depending on the objective. The freedom and openness of Farewell “Chunky” Lee Chong makes it an iconic mission, giving players the chance to use creative thinking.   

GTA IV: Stevie’s Car Thefts

The next entry isn’t a single mission but rather a series of thirty side missions for players to complete. After unlocking the Alderney Safehouse and completing various missions, Stevie, a friend of Brucie Kibbutz, contacts Niko. Each text message describes the vehicle’s location and tasks Niko with delivering it to Stevie for cash rewards. The better the car’s condition, the more money is given.

What stands out about these missions is that they do not mark the areas on the map. Instead, players have to find the locations on their own, given the hints and clues. This means knowing where landmarks and buildings are and spotting the correct car. While it may be annoying to some, they offer a unique and much-needed challenge to the game. 

Players can easily search online for the answers or follow streets and use their knowledge to determine where the car could be. It also rewards patience and caution, ensuring players drive carefully for more money. These missions are a welcomed addition to GTA IV and hopefully make appearances in future Rockstar titles.           

Three Leaf Clover

GTA IV Three Leaf Clover

While some other missions may overshadow it, Three Leaf Clover is an exceptional mission that’s intense, funny, and chaotic. Niko meets with Packie, Michael, and Derrick as they plan a heist at the Bank of Liberty. The plan is to control the crowd while a bomb explodes, opening the vault and allowing for easy access to the money.

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During the mission, a courageous patreon of the bank uses his gun to shoot Michael, causing Packie and Derrick to kill him. Niko and the crew must then escape the police, first through the street, then down into the subway.  

The movie Heat inspired the mission, which can be seen through character interactions and shootout moments. Players may notice how the mission is similar to heists in Grand Theft Auto V, using it as a foundation for future installments. It was a mission ahead of its time and left the player feeling satisfied over their accomplishment, especially since it was one of the harder missions in the game.        

Breaking the Bank at Caligula’s

GTA San Andreas Breaking the Bank at Caligula

Like Three Leaf Clover, San Andreas has CJ breaking into The Four Dragons Casino in the game’s final heist mission. After knocking out guards with tear gas placed inside the vents, CJ uses night vision goggles to work his way to the safe. Two members ride away on police bikes with the cash while CJ uses a parachute to jump off the casino roof and flies away in a helicopter once he lands. 

Not only did Oceans Eleven help inspire the mission, Breaking the Bank at Caligula’s helped inspire modern heists in GTA V. Using the police bikes and tear gas were both featured in its main storyline. While it’s one of the most fun missions in the game, it also paved the way for GTA games of the future.

Caida Libre

GTA V 5 Caida Libre

Are there any good missions in GTA V that don’t feature Trevor? Perhaps, but he sure makes for some great experiences. Caida Libre follows Michael and Trevor as Martin Madrazo gives them a mission to kill his cousin Javier. Javier is in possession of sensitive documents that will be used to testify against Martin, leading to a conviction. 

Players first follow Michael as he heads to the Galileo Observatory, where he uses a heavy rifle to shoot down Javier’s plane. Players must strategically shoot in front of the plane to account for travel time and distance. Once hit, the plane catches fire, and the perspective quickly changes to Trevor, who is driving a dirt bike.

Trevor chases the plane, quickly plummeting through mountains, streets, and hills. Eventually, he arrives at the crashed plane and takes the dead passengers’ briefcase. These segments with Trevor are addicting as the terrain changes throughout the mission. First, the player navigates through mountains and grass, leading to a cinematic moment with Trevor jumping over a train and traffic.

The ending solidifies this mission as one of the best, where an angry Trevor kidnaps Martin’s wife, Patricia. Michael begins to freak out as Trevor opens the Trunk of his car, revealing Patrica Madrazo tied up and gagged. Despite how serious the situation is, players cannot help but laugh at Trevor’s antics.                 

Hood Safari

GTA V 5 Hood Safari

Hood Safari captures everything great about GTA V. Players get to follow the best characters in the game, Trevor and Lamar, along with Franklin, as they travel to a drug deal. Once they arrive at the dealers’ house, Trevor discovers that the cocaine block they were buying was drywall with a small amount of cocaine on top. The dealer yells out to the neighborhood, causing Ballas gang members to shoot at the trio.     

The gang shootout quickly turns to a shootout with the police as they escape on jet skis, eventually losing the cops’ radar. The mission is filled with hilarious dialogue and exchanges between the characters and turns the ridiculous factor up. Having a seemingly innocent drug deal turn upside down and lead to a city-wide escape on land and sea is as fun as crazy.

While it didn’t progress much in terms of story, it is one of the most memorable missions from GTA V. The ending dialogue between Franklin, Lamar, and Stretch is one of the best exchanges in the franchise. For players who need more reason to love Trevor, Hood Safari helps seal the deal.     

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