Shardlight Cheats & Cheat Codes for Windows


Shardlight Cheats & Cheat Codes for Windows

Shardlight Summary

When the world ends, what will you do in the aftermath? Shardlight is a point-and-click adventure game developed by Wadjet Eye Games, who also developed The Blackwell Series and Unavowed. Released on March 8th, 2018, this melancholic game stars a single young woman named Amy, who tries to make a living after WWIII. It was given generally positive reviews by the public, out of an average of 73/100, or 3.5 stars out of 5. It was released on the Windows Operating system, or PC, and hasn’t seen any releases on other platforms.


Shardlight Premise

In the early 2000s, World War III happened and now all that’s left is the remnants of humanity. They live in the ruins of the old world, barely making a living by scavaging for scraps, repairing what they can, and trying to foster some semblance of life. You play as Amy Wellard, a girl who was barely five years old when the world came to an end.

She makes her living as a mechanic, salvager, and general repairwoman, fixing whatever junk she can get her hands on. It is not exactly a glamorous life, but it is enough. That is until Amy contracts Green Lung, a disease that kills nearly everyone who catches it. The nobles, who call themselves the Aristocracy, have a vaccine, but making it is tricky, to the point where distributing it requires a lottery, giving the much-needed cure out to whoever is lucky enough to own the lucky ticket.

The only way she can survive is by doing dirty, dangerous, and difficult jobs for the government. Amy, resigned to her fate, does so, and is sent to a reactor. By chance alone, or perhaps something more, she meets Danton, the leader of the Rebellion and the infamous Actoyles of the Reaper, a cult that worships death.

Shardlight Main Characters 

  • Amy Wellard: The Player character, despite being infected, hasn’t given up hope just yet. And her way around machinery might be more useful than one might think.
  •  Danton: The leader of the rebellion who wants to bring down the corrupt government that controls the vaccines. A risk taker if there ever was one, even if that means risking herself.
  •  Tiberius: The main charge of the Aristocracy is corrupt to his core. But he does have the lottery ticket Amy needs, too bad he doesn’t care about anyone else.
  •  Silas Harrison: A noble with the Green Lung disease. He goes to a doctor, shame everyone else can’t.
  •  Red Eyed Raven: A strange, mechanical bird that helps Amy out from time to time.
  •  Amy’s Friend: Back when Amy had a lottery ticket, but didn’t need it, she gave it to a friend. But that might have been the worst choice she could ever make.
  •  Lady from the Train: An old woman in a dangerous world is arguably the most dangerous thing there, or the most helpful.
  •  Acolytes of the Reaper: A strange group that worships death, as in the Grim Reaper. Considering they live in a post-apocalyptic world where even basic water is hard to come by, it is hard to blame them.
  •  The Reaper: The one who spreads death, or….perhaps the one trying to stop it?

Shardlight Titles of Video Games in the Series.

Since Shardlight is a standalone game, it has no other titles in the series.

  • Shardlight (2018)

Shardlight Cheat Codes 

Despite being a not-that-old and not-that-new game, Shardlight doesn’t have any cheat codes the player can enter, save heavy modding or coding. But for those still looking for an advantage, let us give you some tips and tricks.

  • Examine everything. I know that every gamer worth their platform has the instinctive reaction to steal everything not nailed down, but for point-and-click adventure games, that goes double here. Try to examine everything you can, anything that can be brought with you should be.
  •  Read Item Descriptions. Shardlight contains more than a few puzzles, and many of them don’t have obvious solutions. That is why you should try to read the descriptions of whatever you pick up. Remember, this game will reward you if you pay attention to it.
  •  Be a social butterfly in a radioactive world. When you get the chance, talk to everyone you can and go through all of their dialogue options. This is so you can learn more about the world, and about how to proceed. In addition, alternate routes or paths might open up, and hey, never hurts to have friends in the wasteland.

Shardlight Cheat Code FAQs

Surprisingly, there aren’t any commonly asked questions about Shardlight. Odd, but it does happen sometimes!

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