Final Fantasy IV Cheats and Secrets for PC, Nintendo DS, and Mobile

Final Fantasy IV (DS) gameplay

Final Fantasy IV Cheats and Secrets for PC, Nintendo DS, and Mobile

Released in 2007 for the Nintendo DS, Final Fantasy IV is a 3D remake of the original Final Fantasy IV from 1991 on Super Famicom. Rather than adhere closely to the easier version of the game that would arrive in the West as Final Fantasy II, the DS remake of Final Fantasy IV is faithful to the difficulty of the original Final Fantasy IV on Super Famicom. The game’s development began shortly after the release of Final Fantasy III‘s 3D remake on DS and feature development from the same studio, Matrix. Although it would remain a DS exclusive for several years, this version of Final Fantasy IV eventually received ports to mobile devices and PC.

Reception for Final Fantasy IV falls in line with the original, with the game receiving significant critical praise thanks to how it honors the original game but expands upon it in meaningful ways. In addition to providing a more comprehensive translation of the original script and further fleshing out important characters and storylines, the game incorporates brand-new FMV cutscenes that enhance its storytelling. Unlike the original Final Fantasy IV, the DS remake featurtes a New Game + mode that allows players to carry over the save file of a complete game and start fresh with all their experience and items from the previous save file available.

Final Fantasy IV‘s release lines up with the 20th anniversary of the franchise, and the game went on to be incredibly successful. The title would go on to sell almost 700k copies in Japan and another almost 500k in the West, totaling just over 1.1 million units sold. In addition to its strong sales, Final Fantasy IV also has a respectable review aggregate score of 85%.

Final Fantasy IV Premise

Final Fantasy IV DS gameplay

Continuing in the tradition of the game it reimagines, the DS 3D remake of Final Fantasy IV retains the same core gameplay and plot of the original. Players control the Dark Knight of Baron, Cecil, who struggles with the newfound zeal the King has for collecting the world’s crystals. Along with his best friend Kain, lover Rosa, and a memorable cast of supporting characters, Cecil undergoes a true “Hero’s Journey” of loss, redemption, and victory. Along the way the heroes find themselves venturing underground and even going to the moon, continuing the multiple-map setup of its predecessor, Final Fantasy III.

Though the combat is still turn-based, Final Fantasy IV utilizes the Active-Time Battle (ATB) system that causes players to think and strategize quickly during encounters as enemies no longer wait for players to execute commands. Unique to the DS version of Final Fantasy IV is the new “Augment System”, which allows players to assign previously unique abilities of characters to other, non-permanent party members. Giving these party members as many abilities as possible using the Augment System is crucial, as they will provide new abilities for the player to use after departing depending on how many they receive while under player control.

Unlike previous games in the Final Fantasy series, players can control a party of up to 5 heroes in Final Fantasy IV. Rather than allow any character to learn magic via equippable items or Job selection, the characters in Final Fantasy IV each have uniqiue classes that have preset suites of abilities. These classes grow and become more powerful as players complete battles and level-up, making the general flow of character progression more classic in comparison to later games in the franchise.

Final Fantasy IV Main Characters

Final Fantasy IV DS cutscene

In addition to featuring one of the best stories in the entire franchise, Final Fantasy IV also happens to include one of the series’ best cast of characters. In addition to main character Cecil and his allies, there are several memorable villains and side characters that stand out as fan-favorites years later. Main characters in Final Fantasy IV include:

  • Cecil: The Dark Knight of Baron who is also the commander of its airship force, the Red Wings. Cecil is the main character of the game and a troubled hero seeking redemption for his past misdeeds.
  • Kain: Kain is Cecil’s best friend and the commander of Baron’s Dragoons. Highly skilled in battle, Kain is a force to be reckoned with, which Golbez uses to his advantage by brainwashing him to join his side against Cecil.
  • Rosa: Rosa is Cecil’s lover and the head of Baron’s White Mages. An expert healer, Rosa is one of the most gifted White Mages in the world, but her magic is still incapable of calming Cecil’s darkened heart.
  • Cid: Cid is Baron’s head engineer and the designer of the airships that help to make it the dominant military force in the game’s world. In addition to being a mentor and father-figure to both Cecil and Rosa, Cid joins the party several times as a powerful ally.
  • Rydia: Rydia is the last of the summoners, a group of magic users capable of calling upon the Eidolons that live beneath the surface of the world. When she encounters Cecil she is a child but quickly grows to be a young adult after spending time in the land of Eidolons.
  • Golbez: Golbez is the main villain acting against the party for much of the game, gathering the world’s crystals toward a nefarious end.

Games in the Final Fantasy Series

Final Fantasy IV‘s release in accordance with the 20th anniversary of the franchise served as a celebration for the series’ legacy. Since 1987, Final Fantasy continues to remain the premier name in Japanese RPGs (JRPGs) and several of the games in the series stand as some of the best RPGs of all-time. Between mainline games, remakes, and spin-offs, there are more than 50 games bearing the Final Fantasy name, with the 16th mainline entry arriving last year to commercial and critical acclaim. The mainline games in the Final Fantasy series include:

  • Final Fantasy (1987)
  • Final Fantasy II (1988)
  • Final Fantasy III (1990)
  • Final Fantasy IV (1991)
  • Final Fantasy V (1992)
  • Final Fantasy VI (1994)
  • Final Fantasy VII (1997)
  • Final Fantasy VIII (1999)
  • Final Fantasy IX (2000)
  • Final Fantasy X (2001)
  • Final Fantasy XI (2002)
  • Final Fantasy XII (2006)
  • Final Fantasy III (DS) (2006)
  • Final Fantasy IV (DS) (2007)
  • Final Fantasy XIII (2009)
  • Final Fantasy XIV (2013)
  • Final Fantasy XV (2016)
  • Final Fantasy VII Remake (2020)
  • Final Fantasy XVI (2023)

Final Fantasy IV Cheats and Secrets

Though the DS version of Final Fantasy IV removes several of the glitches and exploits that exist in earlier versions of the game (such as the item duplication glitch or enemy revives/experience dupe glitch) there are still some DS-exclusive secrets and unlocks as well as a plethora of Action Replay codes.

Whyt’s Unlockable Costumes/Skins

Costume/SkinUnlock Criteria
DragoonScore 9999 in Rosa’s Mini-Game
GoblinComplete the Main Story twice
NinjaScore 9999 in Edge’s Mini-Game
PaladinScore 9999 in Cecil’s Mini-Game
Summoner/Black MageScore 9999 in Rydia’s Mini-Game
White MageScore 9999 in Rosa’s Mini-Game
ZeromusObtain 100% Completion on the Bestiary

Pro Action Replay Codes

Max GilA20DA09C 00000000
020D8468 05F5E0FF
D2000000 00000000
Infinite HP921271D4 00001104
021271DC E590C004
021271E0 E580C000
021271E8 E581C324
D2000000 00000000
Infinite MP92122E62 0000C3A0
02122E64 E5940004
02123D70 E5950004
Infinite Item Usage920EA6BA 0000E1A0
020EA6C8 E2400000
9207E3E0 000080F8
0207E3F0 00000000
D2000000 00000000
Max Stats for All Party Members (Press L+R)D4000130 06400300
420D62FA 100D00E0
00006363 00000000
420D62FC 100D00E0
00006363 00000000
420D62FE 200D01C0
00000063 00000000
Save Anywhere220D04AD 00000000
Disable Random Battles92118032 0000DC01
12118032 00002037
D2000000 00000000
250 Exp After Battle0206B9B8 E3A05F3F
500 Exp After Battle0206B9B8 E3A05F7D
1,000 Exp After Battle0206B9B8 E3A05FFA
2,000 Exp After Battle0206B9B8 E3A05E7D
4,000 Exp After Battle0206B9B8 E3A05EFA
8,000 Exp After Battle0206B9B8 E3A05D7D
16,000 Exp After Battle0206B9B8 E3A05DFA
32,000 Exp After Battle0206B9B8 E3A05C7D
50,000 Exp After Battle0206B9B8 E3A05CC3
100,000 Exp After Battle0206B9B8 E3A05906
200,000 Exp After Battle0206B9B8 E3A05A36
500,000 Exp After Battle0206B9B8 E3A05A7A
Max Level After Battle0206B9FC E5842000
Item Modifier Code (replaces 1st inventory slot with item of your choosing using item codes below) Press L+R to place item in inventory94000130 FDFF0000
020D7A80 000pxxxx

p = number of items
xxxx = item code (below)

Item Codes for Item Modifier Cheat

Adamant Armor2023
Artemis Arrow1BC8
Artemis Bow1B5F
Cat Claws1906
Crystal Gloves207E
Crystal Helm1FB7
Crystal Ring2080
Crystal Shield1F4C
Dark Blade1771
Demon Armor2014
Demon Gloves2074
Demon Helm1FAF
Demon Shield1F43
Dragon Shield1F4B
Dragon Whisker1C25
Glass Mask1FB8
Gold Apple13A2
Hades Armor2012
Holy Lance17DC
Onion Armor2024
Onion Helmet1FB9
Onion Shield1F4D
Onion Sword1784
Rainbow Pudding1447
Rune Staff1AFB
Soma Drop13A4
Stardust Rod1A98

Final Fantasy IV Cheat Code FAQ

How do I use the inventory cheat code for Final Fantasy IV?
First, make sure that all other cheats that require pressing L+R together to activate have been turned off. While inputting the item modifer code, you will replace the “p” in the code with the number of item you want in your first inventory slot. The actual item is represented by the “xxxx” in the code string, which you will replace with one of the corresponding item codes. With the code input correctly, loading up a save file and pressing L+R will see a specific number of the item appear in your inventory. There are hundreds of item codes, one for each regular item, piece of equipment, or key item. The item codes above are just some of the more common.

Does the PC release of Final Fantasy IV have cheats?
Yes, the PC release of Final Fantasy IV (2007) does have cheats available through download and use of a third-party cheat engine and cheat trainer.

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