Battlezone II: Combat Commander Cheats & Cheat Codes for Windows and More

Battlezone II: Combat Commander Cheats & Cheat Codes for Windows and More

Battlezone II: Combat Commander is a sci-fi amalgamation of a tank shooter and an RTS (real-time strategy) game. The game was released on 30 December 1999 for Microsoft Windows. Battlezone II: Combat Commander was developed by Pandemic Studios and published by Activision.

Battlezone II: Combat Commander broke new ground in the gaming industry by merging elements from RTS and FPS games. This was something that had never really been done before. The experimental gameplay and unfortunate bugs at launch resulted in poor reviews. Despite the negative press, Battlezone II: Combat Commander had a dedicated fanbase, which earned it a remaster in March 2018.

Battlezone II: Combat Commander Premise

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Battlezone II: Combat Commander takes place in an alternate history. In the 1960s, a rare alien element called “bio-metal” landed on Earth. With this element, Earth’s military powers were able to create highly advanced spaceships that could travel the galaxy. Eventually, humans discovered a powerful sentient technology called the Fury that threatened to destroy humanity.

In order to protect the planet and survive the threat of Fury, the nations of the Earth formed an alliance. This alliance created two peacekeeping organizations. The first is the International Space Defense Force (ISDF), whose job is to acquire more bio-metal for Earth. The other is the Alliance of Awakened Nations (AAN) which is responsible for distributing that bio-metal to all the nations.

Battlezone II: Combat Commander Main Character

The story of Battlezone II: Combat Commander follows ISDF officers Major Henry Manson, Lieutenant John Cooke, Commander Yelena Shabayev, and General Braddock. While on a mission to an outpost base on Pluto, the ISDF officers discover a hostile alien force called the Scion. The Scion comes from a hidden planet in the Solar System known as the “Dark Planet.” The ISDF officers must now face off against the Scion and make hard decisions that will affect all of humanity.

Battlezone II: Combat Commander Series

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The Battlezone series is a limited franchise that only had two full games. Although there are only two games, that doesn’t mean there isn’t a lot of content to explore. The first Battlezone game was released in 1998 but didn’t stop receiving updates and support until 2002. During that time, there were two content expansions released called Battlegrounds and The Red Odyssey.

Battlezone II: Combat Commander Cheat Codes

There are multiple cheat codes in Battlezone II: Combat Commander that players can access. These cheat codes can make missions much easier by giving you infinite health and ammo. Certain cheat codes let you that let you play special missions. Luckily, we’ve broken down every cheat code in the game for your convenience.

In order to activate the cheat codes players will need to Press Ctrl + ~ and then type “game.cheat”. Once you do that, type in the cheat code you want to use and hit return.

Infinite Ammobztnt
Infinite Hullbzbody
See all the units on the map in radar viewbzview
See all units on the map and radar bzradar
Infinite Scrapbzfree
Open Editorbzeditor

Battlezone II: Combat Commander Achievements

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There are 66 different achievements that players can earn in Battlezone II: Combat Commander. It is important to note that the achievements can’t be earned while the cheat codes are active.

Complete A Simple S&R on Medium difficultyA Simple S&R
Complete on High difficultyA Simple S&R – High
Complete A Traitor’s Fate on Medium difficultyA Traitor’s Fate
Complete A Traitor’s Fate on High difficultyA Traitor’s Fate – High
Complete Ambush on Medium difficultyAmbush
Complete Ambush on High difficultyAmbush – High
Complete An Unlikely Rescue on Medium difficultyAn Unlikely Rescue
Complete An Unlikely Rescue on High difficultyAn Unlikely Rescue – High
Complete Braddock on Medium difficultyBraddock
Complete Braddock on High difficultyBraddock – High
Complete Core on Medium difficultyCore
Complete Core on High difficultyCore – High
Complete Counterattack on Medium difficultyCounterattack
Complete Counterattack on High difficultyCounterattack – High
Complete Crystals on Medium difficultyCrystals
Complete Crystals on High difficultyCrystals – High
Complete Escort on Medium difficultyEscort
Complete Escort on High difficultyEscort – High
Construct 1000 BuildingsExpert Building Constructor
Destroy 1000 BuildingsExpert Building Destroyer
Construct 5000 CraftExpert Craft Constructor
Destroy 5000 CraftExpert Craft Destroyer
Collect 10,000 scrapExpert Scrap Collector
Snipe 200 PilotsExpert Sniper
Complete Fanning the Fire on Medium difficultyFanning the Fire
Complete Fanning the Fire on High difficultyFanning the Fire – High
Complete Get Help on Medium difficultyGet Help
Complete Get Help on High difficultyGet Help – High
Complete Hole in One on Medium difficultyHole in One
Complete Hole in One on High difficultyHole in One – High
Construct 10,000 BuildingsMaster Building Constructor
Destroy 10,000 BuildingsMaster Building Destroyer
Construct 50,000 CraftMaster Craft Constructor
Destroy 50,000 CraftMaster Craft Destroyer
Collect 100,000 scrapMaster Scrap Collector
Snipe 2000 PilotsMaster Sniper
Construct 100 BuildingsNovice Building Constructor
Destroy 100 BuildingsNovice Building Destroyer
Construct 500 CraftNovice Craft Constructor
Destroy 500 CraftNovice Craft Destroyer
Collect 1000 scrapNovice Scrap Collector
Snipe 20 PilotsNovice Sniper
Complete On Thin Ice on Medium difficultyOn Thin Ice
Complete On Thin Ice on High difficultyOn Thin Ice – High
Complete Payback on Medium difficultyPayback
Complete Payback on High difficultyPayback – High
Complete Rumble in the Jungle on Medium difficultyRumble in the Jungle
Complete Rumble in the Jungle on High difficultyRumble in the Jungle – High
Complete Snow Blind on Medium difficultySnow Blind
Complete Snow Blind on High difficultySnow Blind – High
Complete The AAN on Medium difficultyThe AAN
Complete The AAN on High difficultyThe AAN – High
Complete The Dark Planet on Medium difficultyThe Dark Planet
Complete The Dark Planet on High difficultyThe Dark Planet – High
Complete The Wormhole on Medium difficultyThe Wormhole
Complete The Wormhole on High difficultyThe Wormhole – High
Complete This is Not a Drill on Medium difficultyThis is Not a Drill
Complete This is Not a Drill on High difficultyThis is Not a Drill – High
Complete Through the Looking Glass on Medium difficultyThrough the Looking Glass
Complete Through the Looking Glass on High difficultyThrough the Looking Glass – High
Complete Too Hot on Medium difficultyToo Hot
Complete Too Hot on High difficultyToo Hot – High
Complete Transformation on Medium difficultyTransformation
Complete Transformation on High difficultyTransformation – High
Complete We Have Hostiles on Medium difficultyWe Have Hostiles
Complete We Have Hostiles on High difficultyWe Have Hostiles – High

Battlezone II: Combat Commander Cheat Code FAQ

Does Battlezone II: Combat Commander have any cheat codes?

Yes, there are multiple cheat codes available in Battlezone II: Combat Commander. These cheat codes can give players multiple advantages during missions. These advantages can be infinite health, ammo, or free resources. With these cheat codes activated, you will surely dominate the battlefield.

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