Our 5 Favorite Games Like The Sims

Our 5 Favorite Games Like The Sims

The Sims is more than a household name. It was a game that introduced a lot of traditional non-gamers into the world of digital lives, polygons, and pixels in a way that didn’t feel exclusive. Games like Call of Duty, Dark Souls, and even Super Mario Bros. gave the gaming world a challenging reputation.

A lot of the games listed above require memorizing endless lists of controls, have lightning-fast timing, and have a lore or community of what some could call not the most welcoming crowd (Looking at you COD). However, video games have always provided a vital experience in our modern world. The need for escapism has permeated every inch of our media ecosystem.

While video games have provided that sense of escapism to hundreds of millions around the world, there are still the holdouts. That was until The Sims was first released in 2000 by Maxis and Electronic Arts for PC and all major consoles at the time. 23 years later Sims has dozens of games, expansion packs, and 200 million copies sold. It’s easy to see that The Sims is just popular but will go down in the video game hall of fame.

The question becomes what is there to do when you’ve exhausted every Sims game known to man? The answer is simple, pick up any one of these games on this list. Here are CheatCC’s top 5 games like The Sims


Minecraft was released by Mojang Studios in 2011 and has become the best sold video game of all time. Selling over 230-millions copies at the time of writing, Minecraft is truely whatever game you would like it to be! Well not really, but for the most part. Minecraft is at its core a crafting and survival game. Starting with nothing you as the player have to destroy, build, and explore the world for new resources to survive the night from various monsters.

Now, how exactly is Minecraft like the The Sims? Well the creation mode of course. In this mode you can’t die or be attacked by anything. All you have to do is build whatever you want in the world. There is a strong and massive community of builders in Minecraft that only make buildings.

A blessed soul created all of Times Square New York soley in Minecraft

If you loved The Sims for the building then you’ll love the limitless possiblities in Minecraft.

RollerCoaster Tycoon 3

The RollerCoaster Tycoon series has been a staple of the simulation world for a few decades as this point. Releasing in 2001 for PC, you take control of an empty/failing theme park. The goal is to create the most interesting park of all time.

If you love the career aspect of The Sims and the building aspect of outdoor features, you’ll fall into RollerCoast Tycoon 3 with no problems. Be aware this games were only made for PC and Mac so sadly, console players will be out of luck. However, given the age of this game and hardware requirments, it’s likely that most modern computers can run this game.

Cities: Skylines

Cities: Skylines take the building aspect of The Sims and cranks it up to 11. If playing the Sims was exaclty enough for you or you feel you need more to design, Cities: Skylines has you taking control of a full city.

The level of detail in this game is beyond almost any Sims game. You will start small with just a single neighborhood. Then you move to a district, then a small town, and so on and so on. Adding in the career challenges of The Sims, this game will have you raise taxes, have your popluation grow, and become the best city on the earth.

Animal Crossing

Animal Crossing loho

Animal Crossing has long history of play by all types of Nintendo players since 2002. It’s more of less a verison of The Sims but as an adorable animal character. You find yourself in a brand new town trying to make a name for yourself. Or not, it’s truly up to you what you want to do in this new town. You can go fishing, dancing, singing, shopping, start a farm, catch bugs, and so many other activies possible. The activity players of The Sim will absolutely adore any verison of Animal Crossing. Plus not to mention the endless replay vaule of Animal Crossing.

Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley is a blast from 8bit retro past. Another life-simlutor this cozy farm builder was developed by single man in 2016. Eric Barone made this masterpiece but only for PC at the start. After break out sucess this game was remastered for iOS and Android, and the Switch.

This game sets you getting your great-grandmother’s small plot of land, a few coins, and a dream. Through growing food, raising animals, and doing all jobs you’ll set up your own farm. The ulitmate goal is to live off the land, make a bit of coin, and maybe find the love of your life in town.

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