Card of Darkness Cheats & Cheat Codes for Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Windows, and More

Card of Darkness Cheats & Cheat Codes for Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Windows, and More

Card of Darkness is an adventure roguelike card game developed by Zach Gage. The game received positive reviews from players with a 3.9-star rating when released to the App Store in 2019. Fans enjoyed the addictive gameplay to pass the time, the graphics, and the randomly generated dungeons. The game is also featured on the Apple Arcade, making it one of the most premium titles on the store.

Card of Darkness Premise

The game has a simple premise of journeying into dungeons and slaying monsters. Players will be presented with a grid filled with cards. However, only the top card will be visible until clicked on. Gold, heals, monsters, or weapons could be under each card.

The purpose is to clear each grid and progress to the next level. While the game is simple, it quickly gets complex by trying to implement strategies that may or may not harm you.     

Card of Darkness

Card of Darkness Main Characters 

The characters in the game are very limited, with most going unnamed. The most notable NPC is Frumpet, the merchant. While there isn’t a lot of interactivity, there are over 150 unique monsters, weapons, treasures, potions, and spells to find in-game. This deep combat is enough to justify a limited cast of characters.  

Card of Darkness Video Games in the Series

Card of Darkness is a standalone title, but the creator, Zach Gage, has a long history of developing games. Each one is sure to provide a fun time. With the title’s success, a sequel could be in the works, although there is no official word yet. 

  • Lose/Lose (2009)
  • Bit Pilot (2010)
  • Halcyon (2010)
  • SpellTower (2011)
  • Ridiculous Fishing (2013)
  • Guts of Glory (2013)
  • #Fortune (2015)
  • Sage Solitaire (2015)
  • Tharsis (2016)
  • Really Bad Chess (2016)
  • TypeShift (2017)
  • Flipflop Solitaire (2017)
  • Pocket-Run Pool (2018)
  • Cozen (2018)
  • Card of Darkness (2019)
  • Good Sudoku (2020)
  • Knotwords (2022)
Card of Darkness

Card of Darkness Cheat Codes

Unfortunately for players, the title does not feature any cheat codes. As a roguelike, the game focuses on replayability and having the players better themselves throughout their quest. Using cheat codes would remove this challenge and spoil the game’s intended experience.

Card of Darkness Cheat Code FAQ

Are there cheat codes in Card of Darkness?

No, the game has no cheat codes, as it would ruin the roguelike and strategy aspects of the title.  

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