Pokemon Sword And Shield Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes, Walkthrough, Guide, FAQ, Unlockables for Switch

Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield games side by side

Pokemon Sword And Shield Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes, Walkthrough, Guide, FAQ, Unlockables for Switch

Pokemon Sword and Shield came to the world in 2019 as one of the new Nintendo Switch entries for the Pokémon series. The basic story is the same as it has been for the majority of Pokémon’s existence but there are some key changes in the gameplay mechanics that make this game more than just an updated Pokédex and graphics. Take a look at our full review here!

Pokemon Sword and Shield Premise

Zacian from Pokémon Sword.
Zacian is an exclusive legendary Pokémon for Pokémon Sword.

©Game art for Pokémon Sword – Original

Similar to every other Pokemon game, Sword and Shield are no different in their premise. The player can choose to be a boy or a girl and has to become the greatest poke master in the land by capturing wild Pokemon, training them, defeating other Pokemasters in gyms and becoming the grand champion. The important differences here are the new cast of Pokemon to capture, and a new travel system that gives players far more freedom to explore the world in a more seamless way.

Pokemon Sword and Shield Main Characters

Although the story for Sword and Shield is simlar to other Pokemon titles, the characters are refreshed for the new game.

Gloria – The female version of the main character. She is dressed in a green hat and gray sweater.

Victor – The male version of the main character. He is dressed in a red coat and gray hat.

Leon – The main champion players will have to battle to win the game. He is dressed in a kings coat and cyberpunk style clothes.

Professor Magnolia – Magnolia is the main professor to aid the player in their quest. She is an older woman dressed in a white lab coat and carries a walking stick.

Titles of Pokemon Games in the Series

Ultra Sun Ultra Moon

Pokemon as a series spans almost 30 years of games and in turn has amassed quite the list of games. Here’s a brief review of The History of Pokémon.

  • Pokémon Red (1996)
  • Pokémon Green (1996)
  • Pokémon Blue (1996)
  • Pokémon Yellow (1998)
  • Pokémon Gold (1999)
  • Pokémon Silver (1999)
  • Pokémon Snap (1999)
  • Pokémon Crystal (2000)
  • Pokémon Stadium (2000)
  • Pokémon Ruby (2002)
  • Pokémon Sapphire (2002)
  • Pokémon Colosseum (2003)
  • Pokémon Fire Red (2004)
  • Pokémon Leaf Green (2004)
  • Pokémon Emerald (2004)
  • Pokémon Dash (2004)
  • Pokémon Link! (2005)
  • Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness (2005)
  • Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team (2005)
  • Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Blue Rescue Team (2005)
  • Pokémon Diamond (2006)
  • Pokémon Pearl (2006)
  • Pokémon Battle Revolution (2006)
  • Pokémon Ranger (2006)
  • Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time (2007)
  • Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Darkness (2007)
  • Pokémon Platinum (2008)
  • Pokémon Ranger: Shadows of Almia (2008)
  • Pokémon Heart Gold (2009)
  • Pokémon Soul Silver (2009)
  • PokéPark Wii: Pikachu’s Adventure (2009)
  • Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky (2009)
  • Pokémon Rumble (2009)
  • Pokémon Black (2010)
  • Pokémon White (2010)
  • Pokémon Ranger: Guardian Signs (2010)
  • PokéPark 2: Wonders Beyond (2011)
  • Pokémon Rumble Blast (2011)
  • Pokémon Black 2 (2012)
  • Pokémon White 2 (2012)
  • Pokémon Conquest (2012)
  • Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity (2012)
  • Pokémon X (2013)
  • Pokémon Y (2013)
  • Pokémon Rumble U (2013)
  • Pokémon Omega Ruby (2014)
  • Pokémon Alpha Sapphire (2014)
  • Pokémon Link: Battle! (2014)
  • Pokémon Shuffle (2015)
  • Pokémon Rumble World (2015)
  • Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon (2015)
  • Pokémon Sun (2016)
  • Pokémon Moon (2016)
  • Pokémon Go (2016)
  • Pokémon Ultra Sun (2017)
  • Pokémon Ultra Moon (2017)
  • Pokémon: Let’s Go, Pikachu! (2018)
  • Pokémon: Let’s Go, Eevee! (2018)
  • Detective Pikachu (2018)
  • Pokémon Sword (2019)
  • Pokémon Shield (2019)
  • Pokémon Rumble Rush (2019)
  • Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX (2020)
  • Pokémon Brilliant Diamond (2021)
  • Pokémon Shining Pearl (2021)
  • New Pokémon Snap (2021)
  • Pokémon Legends: Arceus (2022)
  • Pokémon Scarlet (2022)
  • Pokémon Violet (2022)

Pokemon Sword and Shield Cheat Codes

There is a massive list of cheats for every Pokemon game and Sword and Shield are no different. Some of the codes are items or collectables or even new Pokemon.

Mystery Gift codes in Sword and Shield

Select “Mystery Gift” at the Rotom menu, choose “Get A Mystery Gift”, then select “Get Via Code/Password”. Enter one of the following Mystery Gift codes to get the corresponding bonus. Note: Mystery Gift codes expire, as indicated below

  • 1CH00SEY0U

Alolan Diglett side quest bonuses (“Isle Of Armor” DLC)

In the “Isle Of Armor” DLC, there is a side quest to find 150 Alolan Diglett (151 including the initial one that triggers the side quest). As you find them and they go back to the Hiker who first lost them, he will give you special Pokemon as rewards, most of which cannot normally be obtained in-game (at least not in these forms). Each of these Pokemon will have three perfect IVs (except the Diglett, which has six), and all will have their hidden abilities.

Pokedex completion bonuses (“Isle Of Armor” DLC)

Speak with the scientist at the Isle Of Armor train station after catching all Pokemon in the Pokedex to unlock the Diploma (certifying your completion of the Pokedex), gold emblem on your Trainer Card, Mark Charm (makes marked Pokemon more common), and Replica Gold Crown (clothing item).

Honey’s Master Dojo upgrades (“Isle Of Armor” DLC)

After getting Kubfu in the “Isle Of Armor” DLC, you can talk to Honey inside the Master Dojo and give her Watts to add new features to the Master Dojo. The Vending Machines sell items at a cheaper price.

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Partner Cap, Original Style (“Isle Of Armor” DLC)

First, obtain Zarude (Mythical Pokemon). Then, put Zarude in your party and go to the Isle Of Armor station (where you first landed on the Isle with the Corviknight Taxi). Speak to the lady in the lab coat to show her Zarude, and she will reward you with the Partner Cap, Original Style, which is a hat that looks like Ash’s cap from the first season of the anime.

Sport Cap, Hex Nut Style (“Crown Tundra” DLC)

First, obtain Meltan (Mythical Pokemon), or its evolution, Melmetal. Then, put Meltan/Melmetal in your party and go to the Crown Tundra Station (where you first arrived to the Crown Tundra). Speak to the lady in the lab coat to show her Meltan/Melmetal, and she will reward you with the Sport Cap, Hex Nut Style.

New evolution methods (“Crown Tundra” DLC)

Trainers facing down Gigantamax Charizard in Pokemon Sword and Shield.

The Crown Tundra DLC includes a lot of new and returning Pokemon. Some of these Pokemon have unique evolution methods. The following is a list of the evolution methods and how to acquire the items/moves needed.















Nidoran (Female/Male)












Easy berries (“Crown Tundra” DLC)

Go to Dyna Tree Hill in Ballimere Lake, the southernmost area of the Crown Tundra. Go around to the back of the large tree, and choose to shake it. Select “Yes” 5+ times. Just keep selecting “Yes” until an enemy appears. A Gigantamax battle against a Greedent Pokemon will begin. If you win, you will not be able to catch the Pokemon, but you will get rewarded with lots of berries.

Catching, Oval, and Shiny Charms

Successfully complete the specified requirement for each charm, then go to Circhester. From the Pokemon Center, go right towards the hotel, and enter the hotel on the left. Talk to the indicated character to get the corresponding charm.

Catching Charm: Go to the second floor, and into the second room on the left. Speak with the doctor. The Catching Charm boosts the rate of a critical capture.

Oval Charm: Become the Champion of the Pokemon League. Then go to the second floor, and into the first room on the left. Battle the cop there. The Oval Charm makes it more likely for Pokemon to lay an egg at the nursery if they are compatible.

Shiny Charm: Capture all 400 Pokemon in the Galarian Pokedex. Then, speak with the same doctor that gave you the Catching Charm. The Shiny Charm triples the frequency at which Shiny Pokemon appear.

Getting all three starters

Have three people, each with a different starter, all breed for two eggs of their own starter. Hatch them, then give one newborn to each other player for all three players to have all three starters in just three trades. You can then use those traded ones to breed as many more as desired.

Getting Charmander

Successfully complete the game. After the credits, you will be sent back home and into your room. Go outside and follow the road to the right, and go into Hop’s home. Go upstairs and into the room on the right to find a Pokeball on the floor. Collect it to find Charmander inside. You can breed Charmander with a Ditto if you want to make more.

Getting Dino Pokemon

Go to the Fossil Restoration NPC located on Route 6. When you reach the two ladders, go up the left ladder. At the top, look left of the camper to find Dr. Cara Liss. Give Cara Liss the indicated combination of fossils to get the corresponding Galarian Pokemon.

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There is a chance to get any of these fossils from the Digging Duo located to the right of the Pokemon Nursery on the Bridge Field in the Wilds. Pay them 500 Watts for a chance at finding any of the four fossil types. You can also find fossils randomly while exploring the Wilds.

Note: There are four ancient Pokemon you can restore from fossils. It is recommended to save your Watts and spend them on the Digging Duo. Make sure to only pay the right digging brother, as he is more likely to get you more stuff.

Getting Eevee and Pikachu early

First, transfer your Pokemon: Let’s Go, Eevee! and/or Pokemon: Let’s Go, Pikachu! data to your device. If you do not have the data or are playing on a different device, you will not be able to trade for Eevee and Pikachu. Then, speak with the children at the train station, at the following location . It is called the Meetup Spot and is right before you enter the wild zone.

Getting Pikachu

Pikachu can be found on Route 4 during the day and night, at the following location . It is a rarer Pokemon and hard to see in the yellow grass. Try to keep an eye out for the brighter yellow ears of Pikachu while you are in the area. If you do not see one, go to town and return. Pikachu is very fast and an Electric type. It is recommended to use a Ground Pokemon. Ground is strong against Electric so a Ground Pokemon should be able to take plenty of hits without being incapacitated. However, you need to be careful not to kill Pikachu. Avoid using Ground moves if possible, sticking to normal moves to lower Pikachu’s HP so you can catch it more efficiently.

Evolving Eevee into Espeon

Note: You cannot evolve the Eevee from the Pokemon: Let’s Go, Eevee! data. Thus, you need to catch an Eevee in the wild to evolve it. Once you have caught a wild Eevee, raise your friendship with it. You can do this by camping and playing with it, feeding it at camp, fighting battles with it, and giving it certain items. You can view how friendly your Pokemon is towards you by talking to the kid in the house in Hammerlocke, which is to the right of the first Pokecenter. When you get to pretty friendly with your Eevee, it will evolve at its next level. To get Espeon, you have to evolve Eevee during the day. It should evolve around Level 19.

Evolving Eevee into Umbreon

Note: You cannot evolve the Eevee from the Pokemon: Let’s Go, Eevee! data. Thus, you need to catch an Eevee in the wild to evolve it. Once you have caught a wild Eevee, raise your friendship with it. There are a few ways to do this. You can camp, play, and cook with it. You can fight with it in battle to raise it up. Do not let it faint, as that hurts your relationship. There is an item you can give it called the Soothe Bell which makes it more friendly as well. The most important thing is you need to level up Eevee at night. When your Eevee is friendly with you, and you level it up at night, it will change into Umbreon. It should evolve around Level 23. You can view how friendly your Pokemon is towards you by talking to the kid in the house in Hammerlocke, which is to the right of the first Pokecenter. If he says you are pretty good friends, then Eevee will evolve next level.

Evolving all Evies

There are eight Eevee evolutions —- one for eight different types of Pokemon. Depending on which method you use for Eevee, she will evolve into one of the eight forms. Eevee can be found on Route 4 and is somewhat rare. Look for her in the field near the Eevee Pokekid. You can evolve Eevee at any time using the indicated methods listed below. You do not need to reach any specific level.

Evolving Pikachu

Note: You cannot evolve the Pikachu from the Pokemon: Let’s Go, Pikachu! data. Thus, you need to catch a Pikachu in the wild to evolve it. Once you catch a wild Pikachu, get it to at least Level 15. Then, use a Thunderstone to evolve it into a Raichu. The Thunderstone is rare, but the duo digger brothers can sometimes dig them up in the Wild Zone, near the Nursery.

Evolving Piloswine into Mamoswine

To evolve Piloswine into Mamoswine, first get Swinub to Level 33 to evolve into Piloswine. With Piloswine, travel to any Pokemon Center and talk to the Move Reminder NPC on the left. Choose to relearn the “Ancient Power” move for Piloswine. Level up with Ancient Power to evolve into Mamoswine. Ancient Power is a move that you can only learn with Piloswine. You can find Swinub randomly wandering the Wilds. Piloswine is a little more rare, and appears as a very difficult encounter. All of these Pokemon are Ice/Ground — so they are more likely to appear in snowy weather. They are also great Pokemon to have in your collection.

Evolving Yamask into Runerigus

Before you can evolve Yamask into Runerigus, you must catch Yamask. Yamask can be found in a Max Raid battle; the Galarian Yamask can also be found on Route 6. You can also trade for a Unovan Yamask in Ballonlea —- but you will not be able to evolve that one using this method. Once you have Yamask, get him to take 49+ HP of damage. 49+ HP off your maximum HP is all that is needed. It may seem bizarre, but that is how it works. Do not heal. Take Yamask (with 49 or more HP taken off) to the Dusty Bowl in the Wilds. The tricky part is, Yamask needs to take 49+ HP of damage in a single hit. Make sure to bring a high-level Yamask. Note: The easiest way to take 49+ damage in a single hit is to fight a high-level enemy in the Wilds with Yamask and the Focus Sash held item equipped. This item allows any Pokemon holding it to survive a fatal attack with 1 HP. Find a Focus Sash in Hammerlocke. Save your game if you take 49+ points of damage in a single attack, then run to the Dusty Bowl. Find the huge stone structure —- it is the giant flat stone. When you walk under it with Yamask in your party, Yamask will immediately evolve into Runerigus. Make sure to walk all the way through the arch. Runerigus is a huge stone possessed by a ghost. It is a Ground/Ghost type with high Defense, Special Defense, and HP. It is an extremely rare Pokemon, and one of the weirdest evolution methods in the series.

Farming Max IV Dittos

There are lots of Pokemon to catch in Max Raids, but Ditto is one of the most valuable Pokemon if you want to breed lots of Pokemon. Ditto is genderless — so it can breed with any other Pokemon in your Pokedex. However, Ditto is very rare. The only way to get it is to farm a specific Max Raid den in the Wilds. It is hard getting a Ditto, but it is even harder getting a useful Ditto with high IVs (genes). You will be able to check IVs after completing the game. Try to get a Ditto with Max IVs. The more Max IVs a Pokemon has, the better they are for breeding —- and they will pass those values onto their eggs. To farm for Ditto, you first need access to the Lake Of Outrage in the Wilds. You will unlock the ability to cross water with the bike on Route 9. Locate the den surrounded by standing stones in a circle. This Max Raid den is where Ditto can spawn, and you will need a lot of Wishing Pieces to make him appear. You can find Wishing Pieces by talking to the Digger Bros (Digging Duo) in the Wilds —- they are to the right of the Pokemon Nursery. For 500 watts, they will collect random rare items for you. Only talk to the brother on the right, as he digs less, but can find the Wishing Piece. The left brother will never find it. When trying to catch a Ditto, make sure you are the host. The host of a Max Raid will always catch the Pokemon, as there is a 100% catch rate chance. You can do this by selecting to stay on a local connection and not inviting other trainers to help. It is also recommended to do this early in the day — so if you are farming (and fail), you will not get reset soon after starting to farm. All Max Raids reset around midnight.

Infinite money

If you use Gigantamax Meowth, it is possible to multiply your money rewards from completing battles. Use the Amulet Coin in addition to double your rewards further. To get an Amulet Coin, look for it behind the sign to Galar Mine #2 in the Motostoke Outskirts area. To get Gigantamax Meowth, it is a Mystery Gift for early adopters. You can also trade for standard (Gigantamax) Meowth in Turffield. Talk to an NPC trainer in the gym to trade. Gigantamax Meowth can appear as a Max Raid opponent in the following Wilds areas: Dusty Bowl, Giant’s Seat, and Stony Wilderness. This trick requires a Gigantamax Meowth — so it only works in Dynamax Battles. Equip the Amulet Coin held item on Meowth, then enter a Dynamax Battle -– you can farm the Champion Cup and re-battle trainers after you have completed the story. To earn 99,999 (max amount of money possible), enter Meowth’s Gigantamax Form and use his special G-Max Gold Rush move three times. Each time you use G-Max Gold Rush, you multiply the money reward for the battle by x100. Use it three times to multiply your reward by x300. Carry the Amulet Coin to double your rewards — so you will get a x600 money reward per battle. You will need to be high level, and you will need to be able to win even if you waste your three turns as a Dynamax Form. To get the maximum amount of money per battle, reach Level 84 with Gigantamax Meowth. Save up Rare Candy or use your EXP Candy to rapidly level up Meowth.

Getting the Master Ball

Successfully complete the game. After the credits, you will be sent back home and into your room. Leave your room, and a woman will enter your home and talk to you. When she is done, she will give you a Master Ball as a reward for becoming champion. There is only one in the game — so make sure to use it wisely. It is recommended to use it on the legendary Pokemon so it does not take a long time to catch.

Finding Evolution Stones

Stones are special evolution items used on certain Pokemon. Go to the Nursery (place where you breed Pokemon) in the Wild area. Nearby, at the following location , you will see two brothers offering to dig up some treasure for you, if you pay them Watts. There are two types of digging, Skill and Stamina, each of which provides different rewards. Speak with the left (skill) brother, and he will charge you 500 Watts to dig up treasure. The amount he can dig up varies and is random. Usually you will get at least 2-3 items, but you can get nearly double or triple that. The following are some of the items you can receive from the Skill digger: Shiny Stone, Dawn Stone, Sun Stone, Comet Fragment, and Rare Bone. Speak with the right (stamina) brother, and he will charge you 500 Watts to dig up treasure. The following are some of the items you can receive from the Stamina digger: Smooth Rock, Bag Of Stardust, and Dawn Stone. This is a great place to find lots of treasures and Evolution Stones.

IV Checker

Reach Battle Tower Rank 4 and enter Pokeball Tier to check your Pokemon IV’s using the portable PC.

Alternate intro

Successfully complete the Pokemon League or main story to change the title intro video to display the team of Pokemon that was with the player at the time of completion.

Extra Pokemon boxes

When first accessing the Pokemon Storage system using the Pokemon Box Link or Rotomi, there will be eight boxes to store Pokemon in. If you put at least one Pokemon inside each box, and then leave the storage system and return, more boxes will be unlocked. This trick can be repeated until all 31 boxes have been unlocked. Each of the 31 boxes can hold 30 Pokemon, allowing a total of 930 Pokemon to be stored on one save file.

Catching Pokemon easier

Catch Nincada on Route 5 outside Turffield. At Level 10, it gains the False Swipe move, which leaves Pokemon with 1 HP. You can find a Level 10 Nincada in the tall grass as a random “!” encounter early in the game. The leveled-up Ninjask also has False Swipe, but they are harder to find in the Stony Wilderness area of the Wilds.

Get a Gallade with False Swipe and Hypnosis to catch Pokemon much easier. Start by catching Ralts in the Wilds. This small Pokemon is found in the Dappled Grove, Rolling Fields, and South Lake Miloch (basically anywhere in the southern section of the Wilds). Make sure to catch a Male Ralts, then reach Level 20 to evolve into Kirlia. Next, use a Dawn Stone on Kirlia to evolve into Gallade. This Pokemon can learn the False Swipe and Hypnosis moves. Ralts/Kirlia learns Hypnosis at Level 9. This is a non-damaging move that puts enemies to sleep. Gallade learns False Swipe at Level 23. This attacks always leaves Pokemon with 1 HP. Gallade can also learn the Thunder Punch move, which is very useful and often paralyzes the target. Later in the game, Thunder Punch will be available for sale at the Pokemon Center in Wyndon. Additionally, if you choose to breed Gallade, it is possible to get the Mean Look Egg move, which prevents targets from fleeing. That move is basically required for some of the tougher-to-catch Pokemon. However, it is not required for Legendary Pokemon.

Increasing Shiny Pokemon chances

In addition to using the Shiny Charm, there are a couple ways to improve your chances of encountering a Shiny Pokemon. The chances of seeing a Shiny Pokemon increase depending on how many of a particular Pokemon you defeat in battle. The chances of seeing a Shiny Pokemon dramatically increase depending on how many of the same Pokemon you battle in a row. For example, if you are hunting for a Shiny Yamper, your chances will increase for the global number of Yamper Pokemon you have encountered and defeated, as well as the number of Yamper Pokemon you have battled in a row. If you battle any other type of Pokemon, the counter will reset. The best way to hunt for Shiny Pokemon is in the wild, where you will see the Pokemon wandering around. You can then try to fight the same type as often as possible. Fighting the same Pokemon in a row requires you to actually defeat the Pokemon and not run away.

Increasing Brilliant Pokemon chances while fishing

Fishing can increase your chances of encountering Brilliant Pokemon (Pokemon with a yellow aura that know an Egg Move). This strategy differs from the standard encounter chaining, which is based on the number of times you have battled any one specie and does not matter at all for fishing. Instead, you simply need to defeat as many Pokemon consecutively as possible, no matter which species appears. The chain will break if you fail to reel a Pokemon in, if you catch a Pokemon, run away from a Pokemon, leave the area, or turn off the game. The number of successful hooks goes towards your chances of encountering a Brilliant Pokemon. The following is a list of the increased chances of encountering a Brilliant Pokemon when fishing.

Easy Evolution items and money

Go to the Lake Of Outrage in the Wild area. There is a stone circle in the center of the area where Evolution Stones will randomly spawn on every reset. Look behind the tall stones. Additionally, talk to the Digger Bros in the Wild area. They are located just south of the Pokemon Nursery. They will dig random items for 500 Watts. It is recommended to just talk to the right brother since you will get more items from him. For easy money, go to Stow-On-Side and talk to the Rare Item dealers. The right NPC will sell one rare item daily. The left NPC will purchase one rare item daily. Visit them daily, and sell items to the left NPC to get a lot of money. By visiting all three of these locations daily (checking the Lake Of Outrage, going to the Digger Bros after collecting Watts from the Max Raid Dens, and then taking a Sky Taxi to Stow-On-Side), you will regularly get rare items, Evolution items, and lots of money. You normally have to wait for the daily reset for these things to reset. However, you can keep doing the daily reset by using the “Change time and reset daily events” trick. Use this trick to get as many rare items, Evolution items, and money as desired.

Change time and reset daily events

To reset the daily events whenever desired, do the following:

1. Make sure you are “Offline” or “Local” in the Y-Comm menu.

2. Go to any Max Raid Den in the Wild area.

3. Select “Invite Others” — you will not actually invite anyone.

4. Press [Home] while the menu says “Searching” and open “System Settings”.

5. In “System Settings”, go to “System” — “Date & Time” — and move the day ahead by 24+ hours. Check and make sure “Synchronize Via Internet” is disabled.

6. Go back in-game and press B to back out of the Max Raid Den.

You will now be in a new day in the game. You can now farm Watts, return to the Lake Of Outrage to collect new items, or go to Stow-On-Side to get your daily item or sell for lots of money. Note: The only downside to doing this exploit is the PokeJobs will be reset, but you can still use the time zone trick to change the day —- daily activities will reset, and weather will change in the Wilds.

Easy XP

A good and simple method to earn XP and level up quickly is by completing Max Raids. Max Raids are cooperative battles where you and three other trainers fight a giant Dynamax version of a random Pokemon. Max Raids are initiated by interacting with Raid Dens —- stone dens found all throughout the Wilds region. The deeper in the Wilds, the higher the star rating the Raid Dens will be. Higher star rated Max Raids are more difficult, but they give better rewards. You can easily identify Gigantamax Pokemon by looking for the bright beams of light shooting upward —- if a beam of light has swirling energy around it, that means it is a very challenging Max Raid with a Gigantamax Pokemon. Max Raids commonly reward participants with an Exp. Candy item. Giving Exp. Candy to your Pokemon will give them free XP, and if you have plenty of these in your inventory, you can instantly level up a desired Pokemon. Exp. Candy comes in variants ranging from XS (Extra Small) to XL (Extra Large), but all types are useful. Max Raids are also a great way to find rare Pokemon. However, Max Raids do not give XP for completing them. You just get Exp. Candy and lots of items. To complete Max Raids more quickly, play solo (do not invite online trainers), go to “Settings” and disable “Battle Animations”, and use Exp. Berries and Rare Candy to level up. Additionally, you can replay Max Raids multiple times if you fail, and raids will reset every 12-24 hours. You have to clear the Wilds of all beams of light to spawn more. Sometimes they will appear in high-level areas —- only 5 Star Raids are difficult, but with the right match-up, you can complete those solo as well. Note: When Max Raids are played solo with NPC trainers, they seem to have a 100% catch rate at the end of a battle. It is much lower if you are not the host —- guests only seem to have a 10% chance of capturing with a standard Pokeball.

After completing the game, you can re-challenge Gym Leaders and Championship Trainers for quick and easy XP. You can also fight the highest level Pokemon possible. Select a high-level powerful Pokemon as the leader of your team, and fill the rest of the five slots with Pokemon you want to level up.

Easier Max Raids

Soloing Max Raids can be especially difficult when encountering 5-Star battles. These are the hardest fights in the game because the Max Raid Pokemon you battle will attack multiple times per turn, and can summon a powerful shield at 50% health. The battle will end if four Pokemon are downed, or if you take more than 10 turns to finish the fight. Use the following tips to make Max Raid battles easier:

Reach Level 100: In solo Max Raids, your NPC trainers will always join at 70% of your current level. If you are Level 100, NPC trainers will be Level 70, which is the highest level they can be. Level 70 NPC trainers make the battles much easier to complete. To quickly farm up levels, use Exp Berries from Max Raids, or farm the Battle Tower. Using rental teams is enough to win and get lots of Rare Candy.

Use Legendary Pokemon: The Legendary Pokemon basically have the best stats in the game. After completing the story, you will have Eternatus. It is recommended to use him for most 5-Star Max Raid battles. He is easy to use, can crush enemies, and has good defense. You can boost his stats with vitamins to rapidly increase the Attack or Special Attack stats. Maximize Special Attack with the right vitamins and reach Level 100 with Eternatus to be able to handle most Max Raids. With Level 100 Eternatus, you can get 170 Attack power, and his signature move power doubles for Max Raids. He is very strong.

Increase Attack Power with Held Items: You can increase your Attack or Special Attack power by 50% with the right held item. For Eternatus, boost his Special Attack with two different items. The Choice Specs gives +50% Special Attack. It is found in Spikemuth. The Choice Band gives +50% Attack. It is found on Route 2. Once you have those items for Eternatus, you can farm raids much easier to earn lots of powerful Exp Candies to level up other Pokemon you want to use for raids. If you still cannot win a 5-Star Raid with Eternatus, you may also need a Level 100 Pokemon that is very effective.

Defeating Dynamaxed Pokemon easily

Normally, when a wild Dynamaxed Pokemon raises a shield, only the first hit in a multi-hit move will break part of the barrier, and the following hits do not break the barrier or inflict damage. However, when a multi-move hit breaks the last fragment of the barrier, the subsequent hits do damage normally as if the barrier was already down. This can take a Dynamaxed Pokemon down to the next barrier stage or even fully defeat them (if it was the final barrier altogether) without waiting an additional turn.

Breeding Pokemon

To breed two Pokemon, put them both in the Nursery. You need a male and female of the same species. For example, a male Eevee and female Eevee. Check back after approximately 30 minutes to probably find an egg. Once you have an egg, simply carry it with you and it will hatch as you walk. Breeding has many benefits. It gives you a Level 1 version of a Pokemon. Pokemon that gain levels with a trainer are stronger than those that level in the wild, making breeding the best option to make a single Pokemon live to its maximum potential. You can also learn moves certain Pokemon would have missed. For example, catching a Level 30+ Gastly will miss out on Hypnosis as a move, but you can breed a Level 1 Gastly and learn it that way. There are also a lot of other benefits to breeding. There are other possibilities with more advanced breeding, such as using Ditto as a male or female version of anything.

Finding Evolution items

All five Evolution Stones can be randomly found through the Digging Duo in the Wilds. They can be found to the right of the Pokemon Nursery —- talk to the Stamina Brother to get more rewards. Each time they will randomly dig up items for 500 watts. Pokemon can also randomly return with any of these Evolution Stones from a Pokejob. Access Pokejobs from the terminal in any Pokemon Center. You can also find the following Evolution Stones at the indicated locations.

Increasing Pokemon happiness

Pokemon Happiness is increased by bonding with your Pokemon at any PokeCamp. Play with them, give them attention, and join other camps so they can play with other Pokemon. Cooking and eating curry is also a good way to increase happiness in your Pokemon.

Learning a Fairy Type Move with Eevee

The earliest Fairy Type Move Eevee can learn is “Baby-Doll Eyes” at Level 15. Use the Move Reminder NPC at any Pokemon Center to remember this move after you reach Happiness 160 to evolve into Sylveon. You can also learn “Charm” at Level 45.

Changing Pokemon natures

When Pokemon are captured, they will have 1 of 21 different natures. Each nature changes the rate a Pokemon’s main stats increase as you battle. Natures have one strength and one weakness. One stat will increase faster than others, while another will increase slower. Changing your nature means you can further customize your Pokemon and maximize the stats you need. To change a Pokemon’s nature, use the Nature Mint special item. All Nature Mints cost 50 BP each and are sold at the Battle Tower vendor. Using Nature Mints changes the stat buffs to the matching nature, but does not change the displayed nature on your Pokemon —- and the displayed nature is what will be passed on to any Pokemon you breed. The following is a list of all 21 natures with their strengths and weaknesses.

Combo and Ultimate move locations

There are two move tutors that will teach the three starter Pokemon (Scorbunny, Sobble, and Grookey) unique moves. Combo moves are more powerful when used in conjunction with another combo move. Ultimate moves are super-powerful and only available to the final evolution of your starter. The Combo Move Tutor is found in Hammerlocke, near the Route 06 exit. He is at the bottom of the steps on the far left of the town. Only the three Starter Pokemon can learn these moves.

Fire Pledge (10 PP / 80 ATT / 100 CC): This move is only available to Scorbunny. The move becomes more powerful when used with Grass Pledge.

Water Pledge (10 PP / 80 ATT / 100 CC): This move is only available to Sobble. The move becomes more powerful when used with Fire Pledge.

Grass Pledge (10 PP / 80 ATT / 100 CC): This move is only available to Grookey. The move becomes more powerful when used with Water Pledge.

The Ultimate Move Tutor is located in the park area in Ballonlea. Ultimate moves can only be learned by the three final evolutions of the starters.

Blast Burn (5 PP / 150 ATT / 90 ACC): This move is only available to Cinderace. The user cannot move on their next turn.

Hydro Cannon (5 PP / 150 ATT / 90 ACC): This move is only available to Inteleon. The user cannot move on their next turn.

Frenzy Plant (5 PP / 150 ATT / 90 ACC): This move is only available to Rillaboom. The user cannot move on their next turn.

You can revisit the move tutors at any time to obtain your Pokemon moves. You can also obtain them more than once.

Camp toys

To camp, press X and select Pokemon Camp. You can setup camp anywhere outside. In the camp, you can play with your Pokemon and cook some curry. Playing increases your Pokemon friendliness, while cooking heals and gives an XP reward depending on the complexity of the dish. By cooking different types of curry and filling your Curry Dex, you can unlock additional toys to play with at the camp. There are a total of eight toys (Poke Toy and Poke Ball are automatically unlocked). However, the extra toys do not give any additional benefits. Get the indicated number of Curry Dex entries to unlock the corresponding toy.

To cook different types of curry, use different ingredients mixed with different berry combinations. You can find berry trees all over the Wilds. Try shaking berry trees until you have 7-9 berries, then collect them. Berry trees respawn fairly frequently — so check daily to refill your supplies. Ingredients are sold by green-parka NPCs in the Wilds. Each ingredient produces a different curry — so save up and buy every type of ingredient possible. You can view a list of all recipes to make all 151 curry dishes here .

All Fairy Gym quiz answers

During the Fairy Gym mission in Ballonlea, you will be asked questions while battling. If you get a question wrong, you will receive a stat penalty. The more questions you get wrong, the worse the penalty becomes. The following is a list of answers to all question:

Pokemon Battle Questions

These questions will appear as you battle Gym Trainers in the “interview” mission.

Q: What was the previous trainer’s name?

A: Annette

Q: What do I eat for breakfast every morning?

A: Omelettes

Gym Leader Battle Questions

These questions will appear during the final Fairy Gym Leader battle against Ms. Opal.

Q: What is my favorite color?

A: Purple

Q: All righty then… How old am I?

A: 16 years old.

Pokemon Sword and Shield FAQ

With such an expansive game that is Sword and Shield the internet was bound to have some questions. Here are the answers!

Can you make a Master Ball with Apricorns?

Yes and no. If players combine 4 apricorns then they can get a suprise which will sometimes create a Master Ball but this rare.

What is the rarest Pokeball in sword and shield?

The Safari ball is considered the hardest to get and find in the whole game.

What is the rarest legendary Pokemon in sword and shield?

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The fully evolved Eevee, Eeveelutions is easily the hardest Pokemon to get in game.

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