Burning Rangers Cheats & Cheat Codes for Sega Saturn

Burning Rangers Cheats & Cheat Codes for Sega Saturn

Sonic Team is known for their work on the successful Sonic The Hedgehog series. In the late 1990s, the team developed Burning Rangers, an action game for the Sega Saturn. Burning Rangers is a futuristic game where you play as an elite firefighter who extinguishes flames and rescues civilians in burning buildings. The game received favorable reviews being praised for its graphics and lighting effects. However, the game also received its fair share of criticism. Burning Rangers is criticized for poor collision detection and glitches. Even though the game has problems, fans and critics still love it. The game was among the final seven Saturn games released in America.

The Premise Of Burning Rangers

This title is a third-person shooter whose gameplay loop requires completing missions putting out fires and rescuing trapped civilians. The game has a health system similar to rings in Sonic the Hedgehog. If you have one crystal you can survive damage from enemies and fire. Being hit once scatters the crystals and allows the player to die if hit again in this state. The game has four stages: a power plant, an underwater habitat, a space station, and a spaceship in zero gravity.

The Main Characters Of Burning Rangers

  • Big Landman – Big is the eldest and most experienced member of the Burning Rangers.
  • Chris Partn – Chris is the team supervisor for the Burning Rangers and serves as their navigator during missions.
  • Lead Phoenix – Lead Phoenix is the leader of the Burning Rangers in the field. He is always cool and collected.
  • Shou Amabane – Shou is a new recruit to the Burning Rangers, he is always looking to prove himself on a mission.
  • Tillis – An orphan who lost her parents in a fire. She is the youngest member of the Burning Rangers.

Other Titles In The Series

Burning Rangers is not a part of a larger franchise.

Burning Rangers Cheat Codes

Play as Different Characters

After you finish the game at least once, you can enter the following codes:

  • Play as Big Landman (Mission 1): 3BIG2BPLCK
  • Play as Big Landman (Mission 2): VZBIG5PGW
  • Play as Chris Parton (Mission 1): DH5CHRIS5H
  • Play as Ira (Mission 2): HTL2IRA5O
  • Play as Lead Phoenix (Mission 1): GS4LEAD2ZU
  • Play as Lead Phoenix (Mission 3): 2LEAD6DHUY
  • Play as Tillis (w/ ”Burning Rangers” theme song playing): NM3TILLIS5

Sound Test

At the password screen, enter the password: NAVIXXTEST

Special Passwords

You cannot enter these passwords until you clear Mission 4. Once you’ve done this, enter one of the following passwords to play as any character with the ”voice navigation” system replaced by Burning Rangers music:

  • Play as Shou, Mission 1: G2SHOU2JKY
  • Play as Shou, Mission 2: 3SHOU5GHJK
  • Play as Shou, Mission 3: GFGF5SHOU5
  • Play as Tillis, Mission 1: NM3TILLIS5
  • Play as Tillis, Mission 2: B5TILLIS2D
  • Play as Tillis, Mission 3: STILLIS4KL
  • Play as Lead Phoenix, Mission 1: G24LEAD2ZU
  • Play as Lead Phoenix, Mission 2: J5LEAD4XGA
  • Play as Lead Phoenix, Mission 3: 2LEAD6DHUY
  • Play as Big Landman, Mission 1: 3BIG2BPLCK
  • Play as Big Landman, Mission 2: VZBIG5PGW
  • Play as Big Landman, Mission 3: J6BIG3OJYS
  • Play as Chris Parton, Mission 1: DH5CHRIS5H
  • Play as Chris Partn, Mission 2: K3CHRIS4AS
  • Play as Chris Partn, Mission 3: ADG2CHRIS5
  • Play as Iria Klein, Mission 1: KB3IRIA5KF
  • Play as Iria Klein, Mission 2: HTL2IRIA50
  • Play as Iria Klein, Mission 3: GHJK3IRIA2

Easter Egg Codes

You can enter the following codes to watch cutscenes from the game:


Action Replay Codes

The following codes require the third-party hardware Action Replay to work. If you’re emulating the game then these codes should work still as well.

Code EffectCode
Burning Rangers Master CodeF6000924 FFFF
B6002800 0000
No Time Limit160FFC12 0000
Unlimited Crystals160FFE68 0063
160FFEB8 0006
Unlimited Energy160D8DF8 0000
160D8E2C 0000
160FFEB8 0000
256 Crystals (Invincible)160FFE68 0100

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