5 Reasons to Make A Pokémon Trainer Club Account

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5 Reasons to Make A Pokémon Trainer Club Account

Like many games and online services nowadays, Pokémon has its own mobile account known as Pokemon Trainer Club.

Pokémon Trainer Club is, according to Niantic Support, “a service provided by The Pokémon Company International that connects you to other Pokémon games and apps, including Pokémon GO. Creating a PTC account will also allow you to receive the latest Pokémon news and compete in live competition.”

You can use it to connect a single account across multiple Pokemon games, akin to how an Apple I.D. can download a game and keep its data across multiple devices. 

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So, what are the benefits of creating a PTC account then? You get to save account data across multiple games, but it’s much more than that. Today, we’re reviewing 5 reasons to get a Pokémon Trainer Club account in no particular order.

5. You can set limits on a child’s account.

As the internet is a vastly wider place since its creation, many adults are residents of it and are all too aware of the gaping horrors that lurk in it. As such, if you have a PTC account and put a child on it, you can set limits for what they can do. Such as what features they can use, what websites they can visit, and who they can talk to. For example, public and private chats are hidden from a child’s account. 

I know this may seem like a lot, but don’t forget that there are many schemers and tricksters out there. I mean, look at Team Rocket and all the disguises they get up to. Do you really want your kid’s Pokémon to be snatched? Or worse, their wallet?

With the child limits, parents can feel safe knowing that their kids aren’t going to wander into a region they aren’t prepared for. Making this an excellent feature.

4. PTC can sign into multiple mobile apps on one account.

As you might expect, Pokemon has its fingers in many pies like anime, live-action movies, stage plays, and of course, video games. It also has many mobile apps including the extremely popular game, Pokémon GO, where players can find and capture Pokémon in real life. Of course, this takes them outside, much like a real Pokémon trainer.

In addition, there is also the Pokémon Trading Card Game. As you might expect, it would be a real hassle to maintain separate accounts for each mobile app or game that can be found on the app store, so Pokémon Trainer Club allows a user to save their data and info across multiple apps and devices. If you have data on GO on your phone, you can bring it over to a laptop, or tablet.

3. It can share Pokémon game data between mobile and console.

For some games, like Pokémon UNITE, you can save your data between the Switch version and the mobile one. While the Switch can be taken on the go, it will run out of power sooner or later, and not everyone can take it along. Likewise, sometimes players don’t want to stare at a tiny screen in their hands all day when they play a game, preferring a bigger screen.

With Pokémon Trainer Club, a user doesn’t have to worry about managing two alternate playthroughs. As they can play on one device, and then switch to another with no loss in progress!

2. The Latest Pokémon News!

What app wouldn’t want to keep its users informed? PTC gets updates and the latest news from Nintendo about the latest Pokémon releases, patch updates, new Pokémon, and more! This is a handy feature, as the player will not have to scour the internet looking for piecemeal facts.

This makes it a handy time saver, especially if you’re busy at work, or just don’t have time to look on the computer for the latest update.

1. You can game while you game!

You can game while you game by playing browser-based games. No, not Bowser, that’s another character from a different series. On the Pokémon Trainer Club app, you can play various games like Tutwing’s Target Smash, Pachirisu’s Click-Clack Attack! and Sableye’s Gem Journey! These games are simple and addicting, presenting a good change of pace from constant Pokémon Battles.

So, those are all of the reasons why you should get a Pokémon Trainer Club Account. Do you already have one? If so, let us know how you enjoy it.

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