Why Everyone Should Play Pokémon Games Online

Why Everyone Should Play Pokémon Games Online

When Pokemon Red and Blue were first released way back in September, 1998, they were only playable on the Game Boy. Back then, the internet wasn’t able to connect people from across the globe, so the only way players could play together was by huddling around each other at school, or at the mall.

And the only way to hear the best rumors or learn of the best Pokemon catching spots was through word of mouth, or through a gaming magazine. This all resulted in many memorable hours of playtime. But it didn’t change the fact that any Pokemon game was, at best, a solitary journey.

Which is why, in the modern day, online gaming has become very popular with the Pokemon franchise. From mobile games like Pokemon GO, to the latest releases like Pokemon Sword and Shield, gaming online has allowed players to connect in a variety of ways!

A few standout games, like Pokemon TGC (Trading Card Game), Pokemon UNITE, Pokken Tournment. These games let the player experience what it means to play Pokemon online. What’s more, those are the spin offs of the main series. Which have their own online adventures to have!

Traveling across the Pokemon land…er, internet.

Like many Xbox and Playstation games, Nintendo games connects players with other trainers across the globe. The only limit is the server and internet connection.

Of the Pokemon games available, there is a variety to choose from. If you’re looking for something a bit more mainstream, the latest release (as of this writing), Pokemon Scarlet and Violet allows players to join up with each other in their worlds. Up to four players can be in the same world at once.

To do this, all a player has to:

*Press X to pull up the main menu.

*Select PokePortal from the options.

*Make sure you are in Online Mode (press “L” to check if you’re having trouble).

*Select Union Circle.

*You can either choose “Join a group” or “Form a group.”

Players can either join a game already in progress or create one themselves!

A Bigger, Wider Pokemon World

Online play changes to the single-player formula. Players can battle the wildlife or take each other on in a Pokemon Battle. And if they want to trade Pokemon, all they have to do is bring up a menu.

The biggest addition is the Tera Raid Battles. Originally introduced as Raid Battles in Pokemon GO, the Tera Raid Battles allow four trainers to go up against increasingly difficult boss fights. In each Raid, the players face a Wild Tera Pokemon, which is usually more dangerous than the rest. In these battles, the player can face a larger Pokemon, and have to whittle down their health to capture or defeat it in seven and a half minutes.

Win or lose, it’s an engaging experience that can only really be enjoyed online.

An in-game screenshot from Pokemon Unbound.

©Screenshot from Pokemon Unbound.

Becoming the Best

The online fun also continues with other Pokemon Games, such as Pokken Tournament and Pokken TGC.

In the former game, in a deviation from the usual Pokemon formula, players take control of select Pokemon and duke it out using Fighting Game mechanics. Like Tekken and Dead or Alive, there’s no turn-based strategy here. Just your moves, your Pokemon type, and reflexes. Pokken tournaments let the player take their fighting journey online, against real players who are just as eager to brush up their skills. While the game can be played offline, the real meat of the pie lies online. 

One online feature is the rank and friendly matches, where you get to square up against other players. The former will test your Pokemon mettle as players seek to climb the ranks higher and higher. The latter is more friendly, where the ranking doesn’t matter, and you’re free to fight as you see fit.

Pokemon TGC online lets the player duel other players across the internet, and keep up with the latest changes and patches. The meta is ever-evolving. As such, it’s important to know what cards have been changed, and what strategies the player base is using.

Challenging Trainers Around the World

Pokemon UNITE is a MOBA game that lets the player pick a Pokemon to do battle within an arena. Unlike many other Pokemon games with a similar setup, Pokemon UNITE is a mix of a real-time fighter and real-time strategy. You have your pocket monsters, but you also have your lanes, wild Pokemon, and a score to reach. Unlike other MOBA games, which require you to destroy an enemy base and destroy turrets along the way. UNITE is all about reaching the highest score possible. 

Unlike the others, this one is meant to be played online. As such, it doesn’t offer much in the way of single-player or offline playas it is meant to be played on an iPhone or Android. However, take it anywhere where free Wi-Fi is, or play it from the comfort of a couch.

Uniting Players Everywhere

Be warned though: While it’s mostly fun and games, not all online players have your best interests at heart. It’s very much a fire-beats grass-beats-water-beats-fire world out there. A lot of players use cheap tactics and tricks to gain an edge.

Some scammers will try to hack into a player’s account or harass them in a way that borders on illegal. If you’re going to play online, here are a few quick tips:

1. Never give out personal information to anyone.

2. Refrain from mentioning personal finances.

3. If you think a player is harassing you or is proving to have unsportsmanlike conduct, don’t be afraid to report them.

Parting Words

As for other Pokemon online features, each game generally sees improvements and updates over its lifecycle. DLC, free updates, new raids, and new Pokemon to play catch are always around the corner.

Playing Pokemon online is a rewarding experience that everyone should try at least once.

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