The Grand Mafia Cheats & Cheat Codes

Mobsters rob a police van in this promotional image for The Grand Mafia.

The Grand Mafia Cheats & Cheat Codes

Organized crime has been an enduring concept in popular culture for many, many years now. Iconic TV shows and movies like Goodfellas, The Sopranos, and The Godfather have shown off all the alluring and deadly charms of the world of the mafia. This unique, dignified form of crime has also made an impact on the video game industry, of course. Games like Mafia II let players step into the shoes of a mafia enforcer and survive this dangerous world of shifting alliances, treachery, and brutal violence. A more casual take on the mob can be found in mobile games like The Grand Mafia, launched by Phantix Games in 2020. This phone game lets you take the dangerous world of organized crime wherever you go.

The Grand Mafia Premise

The Grand Mafia is at its heart a strategy game. Over the course of your time with the game you will build an army of enforcers, expand your territory, and maximize profits from your various illegal ventures. The Grand Mafia is also an online multiplayer experience, letting you form alliances with other players or wage war with them for total control. When you’re not working to expand your gang’s influence, you can use the game’s vaunted “Babes” system. There are numerous women in The Grand Mafia who you can date through minigames and doing favors. As your relationship with these side characters grows, you can unlock new outfits for them and even develop skills which will benefit your mafia crusade.

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While players have responded well to The Grand Mafia’s tactical organized crime gameplay, the title does suffer from a setback that afflicts many other mobile games. Microtransactions and in-app purchases fill the experience, which has drawn the ire of some fans. There are also plenty of criticisms to be leveled at The Grand Mafia’s depiction of female characters, both the aforementioned Babes and the female enforcers you can work with to secure your legacy. These stereotypically attractive women are depicted in revealing outfits that can make the game very uncomfortable to play, especially in public.

The Grand Mafia Main Characters

In The Grand Mafia you can take part in large-scale mob wars.
In The Grand Mafia you can take part in large-scale mob wars.

The Grand Mafia may have earned criticism for its character design, but it certainly can’t be faulted for variety. There are numerous enforcers to recruit in-game, and plenty of Babes to romance as well. If you’re looking to climb the ranks of your local crime family, here are some of the characters you can look forward to encountering on your perilous journey.

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  • Tatiana Sky: Nicknamed “Killer Queen,” this enforcer is an expert in hand to hand combat, due to a rough childhood and a past in prison.
  • Joe Caruso: This respected art dealer values honesty and integrity, but isn’t afraid to resort to brutal methods to uphold these values.
  • Quintino Boccaccio: This lone wolf enforcer has worked alone ever since the tragic death of his brother.
  • Mike Reynolds: This hotheaded enforcer has recently returned to action after being framed for a crime.
  • Ana Levitska: Ana is a member of a local biker gang who has struggled to protect her group from the corrupt machinations of the game’s political scene.
  • Noémie: This French fashion designer is one of the women you can form a relationship with in The Grand Mafia.
  • Tsubaki: One of the Babes you can interact with in this game is Tsubaki, a Japanese woman who owns an izakaya.
  • Olivia: This escort is unlocked as an interactable Babe at level one.
  • Iskania: Iskania is a Russian fashion model who you can meet in The Grand Mafia.
  • Julia: This woman is a professional YouTuber.
  • Camila: Camila is an American dancer and another Babe to build a relationship with in The Grand Mafia.
  • Joanna: Joanna is yet another Babe option in The Grand Mafia.
  • Lily: This wealthy heiress hails from Latvia, and is another potential romance option.

The Grand Mafia Titles in the Series

While The Grand Mafia is a standalone game, it’s not the only mafia game under Phantix Games’ belt. The company trades primarily in mobile games, though several of their titles, The Grand Mafia included, are also playable on PC. Here is every title released by Phantix Games thus far.

  • Mafia City: Rise of the Underworld (2017)
  • Chief Almighty: First Thunder BC (2017)
  • The Grand Mafia (2020)
  • Nexus War: Civilization (2023)

The Grand Mafia Cheat Codes

The Grand Mafia boasts a wealthy host of colorful characters.
The Grand Mafia boasts a wealthy host of colorful characters.

Since The Grand Mafia relies on in-app purchases to turn a profit, there are no official cheat codes that players can use at their leisure to stock up on resources or circumvent certain mechanics. That being said, the game does regularly offer promo codes as a way to entertain and entice players. These codes offer bonus content and gifts, but they only work once. They also tend to be time-sensitive, tied to certain events or periods. If you want to make using promo codes a regular part of your Grand Mafia experience, you should pay attention to the game on social media channels like Facebook and Twitter. Certain third-party sites will also track what codes are active in the game. At the time of this writing, here are all the codes currently active in The Grand Mafia.

  • 23TGM08
  • TGMPC888
  • Tgmsoup
  • Tgmkr777
  • Tgm888
  • Welcome

The Grand Mafia FAQ

How do you enter codes on The Grand Mafia? It’s a simple process to redeem a bonus code in-game. Just press the Profile button and go to the Redemption Codes section. There you can input the code and press exchange to receive your rewards. The biggest challenge is in simply finding the codes and making sure they’re still active before you put them in.

How do you increase crew size in The Grand Mafia? You can increase the size of your crew by expanding your mansion, thus creating more room for enforcers to stay between missions.

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