God of War Ragnarok Cheats & Secrets

God of War Ragnarok for PlayStation 5

God of War Ragnarok Cheats & Secrets

God of War Ragnarok Summary

Released in 2022, God of War Ragnarok is the conclusion to the reboot of the God of War saga. The new God of War games transport series hero Kratos to a setting rooted in Norse mythology. Ragnarok sees Kratos and his son Atreus attempt to thwart destiny and carve their own fate against a dire prophecy involving the end of the world. As Kratos and Atreus adventure across the Nine Realms, they will encounter friend and foe alike to help and hinder them.

God of War Kratos combat

Currently sitting at an impressive 94 on Metacritic, God of War Ragnarok is one of the highest-rated first-party PlayStation exclusives of all-time. In addition to winning “Best Narrative” at the 2022 Game Awards, the title has several Game of the Year nods.

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God of War Ragnarok Premise

God of War Ragnarok Kratos Atreus

God of War Ragnarok is a third-person action-adventure game from Sony Santa Monica Studios. The game continues the style established in 2018’s God of War, with Kratos now in the Nine Realms from Norse mythology. Both God of War and Ragnarok partner Kratos with his son Atreus on a quest to subvert fate.

Ragnarok is an action game with combo-heavy visceral combat that builds on the formula from the previous title. The game’s combat encounters are broken up by puzzle solving and RPG elements. The RPG elements and build craft of God of War are more expansive in Ragnarok, which results in more freedom and flexibility in how players approach encounters.

God of War Ragnarok Main Characters

Kratos Atreus God of War Ragnarok

In addition to series hero Kratos, God of War Ragnarok features a large cast of heroes and villains. Many of the characters in God of War Ragnarok are unique interpretations of gods and humans from Norse mythology. Some of the main characters from God of War Ragnarok include:

Returning Characters

  • Kratos: Kratos is the former Ghost of Sparta and one-time Greek god of war. After waging a one-man crusade against Mount Olympus, Kratos leaves Greece for ancient Scandanavia. Now a father and attempting to live a quiet life, Kratos is faced with a choice to make regarding his and his son’s fate, and the fate of the world.
  • Atreus: Atreus is the son of Kratos. As a half-god with giant’s blood in his veins, Atreus is the creature of prophecy set to bring about Ragnarok — the end of the world. Much like Kratos, Atreus struggles to determine his course in the face of seemingly inescapable destiny.
  • Mimir: Mimir is the guardian of all knowledge and former tend to the well of knowledge at the base of the world tree Yggdrasil. After his betrayal at the hands of Odin, he sides with Kratos on his quest to thwart the Norse god.
  • Sindri: Sindri and his brother Brok are the legendary Dwarven blacksmiths of Norse mythology. In addition to forging Thor’s hammer Mjolnir, the two craft gear for Kratos and help him on his journey. Sindri is fastidious and clean while his brother Brok is the opposite.
  • Brok: The crude and loud counterpart to his polite and tidy brother Sindri, Brok is one of the best Dwarven blacksmiths. In addition to helping craft gear for Kratos, Brok is always ready with some comic relief or entertaining anecdote.
  • Freya: The former wife of Odin and refugee from the Vanir tribe, Freya is a powerful sorceress and goddess. Despite once helping Kratos, she now hunts him and Atreus to get revenge for the death of her son Baldur.

New Characters

  • Tyr: Tyr, the Norse god of war, is imprisoned by Odin for attempting a coup against Asgard. Atreus seeks out Tyr in order to help him stop Ragnarok but the man they find is not what they expected.
  • Thor: Thor, the Norse god of thunder, is a drunken and beaten shell of what he once was. Thor acts as the arm of Asgard despite constant abuse from his father, Odin. He is a god of immense strength and power, with a temper to match.
  • Odin: Odin is the All-Father and the ruling patriarch of Norse mythology. After exchanging his eye for a drink from the Well of Knowledge, Odin sees and knows all. His intentions and motivations are largey unknown except that he is attempting to lure Atreus to Asgard.

Titles in the God of War Series

Since its beginning as a PS2 title, the God of War series has spawned numerous sequels and spin-offs. After a hugely successful trilogy of titles for PS2 and PS3, the series was rebooted for the PS4. For now, God of War Ragnarok represents the culmination of the entire series. Games in the God of War franchise include:

  • God of War (2005)
  • God of War II (2007)
  • God of War: Betrayal (2007)
  • God of War: Chains of Olympus (2008)
  • God of War III (2010)
  • God of War: Ghost of Sparta (2010)
  • God of War: Ascension (2013)
  • God of War (2018)
  • God of War Ragnarok (2022)

God of War Ragnarok Secrets and Unlockables

For anyone wondering whether there are cheats in God of War Ragnarok, the short answer is “no”. However, while Ragnarok doesn’t have cheats you can input, it does have a bevy of secrets. Additionally, there are plenty of items that unlock after beating the campaign. Once you’ve beaten the story of Ragnarok, it’s possible to keep exploring the Nine Realms or start a New Game +. Starting New Game + provides a wealth of new items to purchase at the shop.

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Please note that several of the secrets outlined here contain MAJOR spoilers for God of War Ragnarok. Proceed with caution and at your own risk!

God of War Ragnarok Secrets

The Mysterious Heirloom

When playing God of War Ragnarok you may find the Mystical Heirloom Relic, which can be equipped but serves no apparent purpose. That is until you uncover its hidden ability. After completing Chapter 10 and can open up pathways between the Realms, return to the Lake of Nine in Midgard. South of Tyr’s Temple you’ll find a large ice wall leading to The Lost Treasury.

Look for the telltale yellow wind vent that indicates a spot to throw the Draupnir Spear and detonate it to open up a new path. Looking into the crevice created by Draupnir reveals the body of a Dwarf, along with the mysterious Relic and a Lore scroll. As you travel through the Realms, you may uncover large Troll statues with giant weapons near Lore Markers. Using the Mystical Heirloom at these statues reawakens them to combat as mini-boss fights. Defeating all of the Trolls awakened by the Mystical Heirloom grants Slumber Stones, which are necessary to craft one of the game’s best armor sets — the Steinbjorn Armor.

Discovering Tyr’s Real Prison

After beating the main story of God of War Ragnarok you’ll likely be wondering what happened to the real Tyr since the one assisting our heroes throughout the game was actually Odin in disguise. Returning to Niflheim during the Epilogue and post-game will reveal a new path created by the ruins of Asgard. This path leads to a prison that is still guarded by the Aesir, and fighting your way through to the bottom floor will lead straight to the real Tyr’s prison cell.

After some discussion regarding the Norse god of war’s fate and why Odin kept him alive, Kratos releases the real Tyr. He can then be found at various locations throughout the Nine Realms after completing the secret “Broken Prison” side quest outlined above. Tyr can be found at the following locations:

  • In Midgard’s Lake of Nine on a large mound north of Tyr’s Temple
  • Freyr’s Camp in Vanaheim, overlooking the river in the cavern
  • At Muspelheim’s Spark of the World, overlooking the ledge where Surtr transformed
  • In Alfheim at the Strond near the entrance to the Temple of Light, north of the Asgardian Remnant Camp
  • In Svartalfheim at the Watchtower where Kratos summoned Lyngbakr
  • In Helheim having a conversation with Hraesvelgr

Recover Health and Rage Instantly

God of War Ragnarok‘s combat is best-in-class among third-person action-adventure games but it can be pretty tough. When you need quick replenishment between encounters and don’t want to scavenge for health and rage stones, there’s a simple trick to replenish Kratos’ reserves. Simply visit any Mystic Gateway and interact with it but don’t travel anywhere. Your Health and Rage will replenish, and you’ll be ready for whatever Ragnarok throws at you next!

God of War Ragnarok Unlockables

Despite featuring an Epilogue and post-game that allows you to continue adventuring through the Nine Realms, there was no New Game + mode until recently. The update to Ragnarok from April 2023 added in New Game + as free DLC alongside a slew of new unlockables during the mode. Not only can you start a new game that carries over all of your items and stats from your previous save, but there are also armors and enchantments for purchase that are only accessible in New Game +.

New Game + Unlockables

  • Armor of the Black Bear – Unlocks at the beginning of New Game +
  • Spartan Armor – Can be purchased from Brok and Sindri
  • Ares Armor – Can be purchased from Brok and Sindri
  • Zeus Armor – Unlocked after beating the Valkyrie Queen and completing Remnants of Asgard
  • Spartan Aspis Shield – Can be purchased from Brok and Sindri
  • New Armor Cosmetics – Can be purchased from Brok and Sindri
  • Berzerker Armor Cosmetic – Unlocked after beating the Berzerker King
  • Black and White Render Mode – Unlocks at the beginning of New Game +, accessible from Graphics & Camera Settings menu

God of War Ragnarok Cheats FAQs

Does God of War Ragnarok have cheats?
No, there are no cheats that players can input for God of War Ragnarok. There are, however, plenty of secrets to unlock and additional armors and enchantments to uncover.

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