All Versions of Ragnarok in Final Fantasy

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All Versions of Ragnarok in Final Fantasy

Just like crystals, chocobos, moogles, and a reoccurring Cid character, there are certain staples that fans expect when playing every game in the Final Fantasy series. Another common trope that appears in every mainline entry (and several of the spin-offs) is the existence of an item, weapon, or other in-game quantity going by the name Ragnarok. Taking its name from the event in Norse mythology triggering the final battle among all the gods and the end of the universe, Ragnarok is typically an object of immense power in the Final Fantasy games. More often than not, the appearance of Ragnarok coincides with the game nearing its end, as most of the blades bearing the name are either the most or second-most powerful weapons available.

The Final Fantasy series has long taken inspiration from a wide swath of different mythologies, so it makes sense for a weapon to appear featuring the etymology of one of Norse mythology’s most definitive events. In addition to its more common appearance in the games as a powerful weapon, Ragnarok also makes appearances as one of the series’ iconic airships as well as a recurring summon in some of the later entries. Below are all the appearances of Ragnarok in each of the mainline Final Fantasy games, including its appearance in the most recent game Final Fantasy XVI.

Final Fantasy

Final Fantasy RagnarokWhile it does not make an appearance in the original NES version of Final Fantasy, Ragnarok appears in every version of the game beginning with the Dawn of Souls re-release on Game Boy Advance. Like other appearances of the legendary blade, Final Fantasy‘s version of Ragnarok is the second-strongest weapon in the game and also casts the ultra-powerful Flare spell when players use it as an item in battle.

Final Fantasy II

Final Fantasy II RagnarokSimilar to the original Final Fantasy, Final Fantasy II does not include a version of the Ragnarok sword until its 20th anniversary PSP release. This version of the iconic weapon resides within the Arcane Sanctuary dungeon and requires players to best a gauntlet of powerful foes before obtaining it. It is the strongest sword in Final Fantasy II and is only equippable by the game’s protagonist, Firion.

Final Fantasy III

Final Fantasy III RagnarokThe first original Final Fantasy to feature a version of the Ragnarok blade is Final Fantasy III. The sword can be found within the optional Eureka dungeon which rests at the bottom of the Crystal Tower. After entering the tower and having Doga and Unei unlock Eureka with a special key, it’s strongly recommended to venture into the optional dungeon as it contains the game’s best equipment by a mile. It’s one of the most powerful weapons in the game and several of Final Fantasy III‘s jobs can equip it.

Final Fantasy IV

Final Fantasy IV RagnarokRagnarok’s appearance in Final Fantasy IV is as Cecil’s ultimate weapon, though the blade takes on a variety of different names depending on which version you’re playing. The SNES version calls the blade the Crystal Sword, while the later Easy Type version refers to it as the Sword of the Gods. Regardless of which version players find the sword in, it is located in the Lunar Subterrane and available after defeating Dark Bahamut. Notably, future versions of Final Fantasy IV feature weapons that surpass Ragnarok in attack power and utility.

Final Fantasy V

Final Fantasy V RagnarokFinal Fantasy V‘s version of the legendary sword appears as a reward for beating the super boss Shinryu within the Interdimensional Rift, the final dungeon of the game. Prior to facing off against the game’s antagonist Exdeath, players must make their way through the Interdimensional Rift (which mimics various areas from the world of Final Fantasy V) and optionally defeat each of Exdeath’s lieutenants. Shinryu appears in the area just before Exdeath and is capable of wiping out the party instantly if unprepared. Players can also steal Ragnarok from Exdeath by targeting the back of the boss.

Final Fantasy VI

Final Fantasy VI RagnarokRagnarok in Final Fantasy VI is a bit of a series outlier, as the weapon can assume one of two forms based on the player’s choice. After recruiting Locke back into the party in the World of Ruin and unlocking the door to the weapon shop, players can find the weapon shop owner downstairs. He offers to provide the party with Ragnarok either as an Esper or as a weapon. If players choose the Esper, Ragnarok has an immensely useful ability that can transform enemies into items once their health is low enough. If players choose the weapon Ragnarok, it can be bet at the Colisseum to obtain the game’s most powerful weapon, Illumina.

Final Fantasy VII

Final Fantasy VII RagnarokJust like many other games in the series, Ragnarok in Final Fantasy VII is Cloud’s second most powerful weapon available in the game, surpassed only by Ultima Weapon. Players will automatically obtain Ragnarok as a reward for beating Proud Clod during the return to Midgar section and lead-up to the fight against Professor Hojo. It features 6 linking Materia slots for players to utilize as well as a massive boost to Spirit.

Final Fantasy VIII

Final Fantasy VIII RagnarokFinal Fantasy VIII switches up a lot of traditional elements of a Final Fantasy game, including its implementation of the classic Ragnarok. Rather than have Ragnarok appear once again as a weapon, it is instead the ultimate airship that the party can acquire near the end of the game. Its appearance is striking and much more futuristic looking than the airships in other Final Fantasy games, appearing as an angular and moden space vessel rather than a wooden boat with propellers.

Final Fantasy IX

Final Fantasy IX RagnarokAfter Final Fantasy VIII‘s non-conventional Ragnarok, the item resturns again as one of the game’s most powerful weapons in Final Fantasy IX. Players can acquire Final Fantasy IX‘s Ragnarok from Chocobo’s Air Garden in the Outer Island Chocograph and it is the third-most powerful weapon for Steiner behind Excalibur II and the secret weapon Save the Queen. It teaches the Thunder Slash and Shock abilities and can even inflict Slow on enemies with the Add Status ability.

Final Fantasy X

Final Fantasy X RagnarokPlayers can create Final Fantasy X‘s Ragnarok by adding a specific selection of abilities to one of Tidus’ swords. By fusing Triple AP, Triple Overdrive, and Overdrive -> AP to any sword, players will create the Ragnarok. Adding in Break Damage Limit will then further transform the blade into Excalibur. As in other Final Fantasy games, Ragnarok is one of the most powerful available blades for Tidus.

Final Fantasy XI

Final Fantasy XI RagnarokFinal Fantasy XI‘s version of Ragnarok is one of the Relic Weapons available to the Paladin, Warrior, and Dark Knight job classes. In order to obtain this weapon, players will need to level up any of the aforementioned classes to level 75 as well as complete a long and arduous chain of quests. Once the weapon is in players’ possession, it can be further enhanced up to Item Level 119.

Final Fantasy XII

Final Fantasy XII RagnarokPlayers can acquire Ragnarok in Final Fantasy XII by completing the Fishy Dreams hunt and slaying an Ixion. The hunt becomes available after completing all of the story events in Pharos, and Ragnarok is an incredibly powerful weapon only equippable by characters with a level 3 Greatsword license. In addition to its high attack power, the weapon has a chance to inflict Immobilize on targets.

Final Fantasy XIII

Final Fantasy XIII RagnarokInstead of being a weapon or a summon, Final Fantasy XIII‘s version of Ragnarok is actually true to the origins and intent behind the term in Norse mythology, being a creature that l’Cie turn into to destroy Cocoon and trigger the end of the world. In the world of Final Fantasy XIII, the fal’Cie wish to reopen Etro’s Gate, the barrier separating them from their deity the Maker, and need a sacrifice of millions of lives to do so. Ragnarok is the creature that destroys Cocoon to facilitate this great sacrifice.

Final Fantasy XIV

Final Fantasy XIV RagnarokPlayers choosing the Warrior job in Final Fantasy XIV can acquire the game’s version of Ragnarok by completing the “His Dark Materia” quest and then combining reagents and materia from assorted other side quests to form the final stage of the Warrior’s Relic Weapon. Players can then upgrade Ragnarok further to create Ragnarok Zeta, the most powerful weapon available for Warriors in Final Fantasy XIV.

Final Fantasy XV

Final Fantasy XV RagnarokAlthough the initial release of Final Fantasy XV does not include Ragnarok, the weapon comes to the game courtesy of Patch 1.05 and is only available for Season Pass holders. If players are not already Season Pass holders, they can download the FFXV Booster Pack + to gain access to the weapon. In addition to featuring a respectable attack power, the weapon has one of the strongest Warp Strikes of any blade, with the tradeoff being that the warp animation takes longer to trigger.

Final Fantasy XVI

Final Fantasy XVI RagnarokThe most recent Final Fantasy again reintroduces Ragnarok as one of the most powerful weapons in the game, only attainable after completing all 4 parts of the “Blacksmith Blues” side quest chain. Once complete, Blackthorne will craft the blade for Clive and it is he third most powerful sword in the game. Ragnarok is a necessary component for crafting the most powerful sword in the first playthrough, Gotterdamerung, and is also necessary to craft in Final Fantasy mode in order to be able to build and obtain Ultima Weapon.
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