What the Woohoo Wellness Mod Brings to Sims 4

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What the Woohoo Wellness Mod Brings to Sims 4

A user by the name “Lumpinous” implemented a complex mod for the Sims 4 called “Woohoo Wellness.” It is also referred to by users and fans of the Sims 4 as “Relationship & Pregnancy Overhaul Collection” due to the content revolving around social dynamics, relationships and the content that entails.

According to the official website of the mod, players have the option to have their Sims pursue parenthood. It makes them wonder whether their Sims are comfortable with large families, indifferent or against the notion of ever having children. The mod also explores the reactions from their loved ones, partners, and even family members to the addition of new faces. If it is not the firstborn, will the other kids be comfortable with an incoming sibling? There are endless possibilities, and the mod is large enough to explore a wide variety of scenarios.
Another mod, belonging to the Woohoo Wellness, revolves around the subject of fertility and protection. Sims have the option to select a specific type of protection, birth control and even pursue surgery as a means to plan for a family (or prevent one.)

To add to the realism of the simulation aspect of The Sims, the mod also includes a feature that can trigger transmissible diseases and everything related to them. Sims can accuse one another of having a disease they either have or do not. Having a disease can either be accepted by a Sim, or rejected. Other accusations Sims can throw at one another include ones related to fatherhood.

Indeed, Sims can accuse one another of either being the legitimate father of a child or not. Paternity tests involving a different couple can also cause drama. After all, these Sims have the option of either being truthful, lying to their spouse, or ruining a marriage(s). Children from illegitimate unions (and even legitimate unions) can be rejected be rejected.

Within biological constraints, fatherhood can happen at just about any point. Teen pregnancy is another subject included in this mod. It is entirely up to the Sims whether a pregnant teenager in the game is supported, kicked out of the house, or judged. Even the attitude their partner and family display is up to the decisions of the Sims.

This mod also has a feature that focuses on the side effects of pregnancy. Sims can feel nausea, heightened emotions, cravings, back pain and a plethora of other symptoms related to pregnancy.

A surprise teenage pregnancy, or simply falling out of love, can cause a relationship between Sims to end. The end does not have to be perpetual, as there have been reported cases by users of Sims taking a break and reconciling their relationship after a brief period of time.

Sims can also cheat on one another. This could lead to a potential breakup, but the Sims have the option to forgive their partner if they so wish. To add another layer of complexity to the mod, there are varying levels of cheating. Ranging from flirting with a person other than their partner to kissing, the Sims also have the opportunity to either confess to the cheating or hide it entirely from their unsuspecting partners.

Sims can also experience surrogacy. Another part of the mod allows users to explore artificial insemination, where the Sims themselves can become surrogates if they so wish. Alternatively, if they plan a family, they can have a different Sim act as a surrogate and carry the child to term.

Sims can also put their own child up for adoption or choose to adopt one that is not biologically theirs. They can navigate agencies, do it through family and friends, and the mod showcases different reactions. Some families may be welcoming and exciting about an incoming addition to the gene pool, while others can be against it and even fight over the decision. Sims also have the option to search for their biological parents, if they are adopted.

Sims also have the option of opting for separation. They can even experience custody battles and agreements. For this event to be triggered, the Sims involved must have been married at some point, and live separately. Some separations can be amicable, though players have reported hostile separations that were not amicable in the slightest.

We briefly touched on the subject matter of teenage pregnancy, but did you know that this mod also features terminating pregnancies? It is incredibly optional, as the developer states, for a Sim to terminate a pregnancy. The partner has the option to either support and accompany the person, or not. It showcases the complex emotions that stem from ending a pregnancy.

Ectopic pregnancies and miscarriages can also occur in this mod. Though optional, lost pregnancies can be added into family trees. This enables the Sims to name the unborn child, and mourn their loss as much as they need.

Now, pregnancies can be modified in this game (unlike in real life). The pregnancy walkcycle can be disabled, if the player so wishes it. What the game refers to as “Cryptic Pregnancies” can also be enabled. Another option that can be toggled on or off is whether the Sim feels nausea or the need to throw up. We know many mothers in real life who wished this was an option. Another option that can be toggled on or off is the pregnancy animation. Nuances such as caressing one’s belly will not happen in the animation cycle of a character, but only if the Sim is completely unaware that they are pregnant.

Romances and friendships are highly customizable in this game. Players can decide what their gender is, what the sexual orientation of the Sims is, and other features that can be modified. Who they choose to date or befriend is primarily up to the player and the decisions the Sims go forward with.

Another aspect of dating that is often seen in daily life is online dating. This mode includes an application called “Meet&Mingle” which has dating profiles that are entirely customizable. Players can edit what the relationship goals are, who they go on blind dates with, and which dates they choose, down to what filters their images have. The player is also in control and can decide what the preferences of their Sims are.

There is a “Charm and Chemistry” system in place. Based on the preferences of each Sims, it determines what their turn-ons and turn-offs are, what their preferences are, how much they attract one another, and how they can charm other Sims. Unlike other simulations, the Sims actually goes so far to also explore polyamory.

In the “Expanded WooHoo” mod, it allows Sims to be swingers and even engage with multiple partners in a consensual manner. It allows Sims to host a variety of social events to engage in swinging or polyamory.

Last but certainly not list, some adjustments to their “Adult Life” can be made. In the WooHoo Roles menu, you can determine what role your Sim feels comfortable with. You can also edit their preferences, a style they desire in a partner, remove what they want in a partner, and even randomize the settings if you so wish.

In addition to mods, the Sims 4 is full of cheats.

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