Shadow Man

Strategy Guide

  • Play as Deadwing

    Go into the playhouse and get to a room where you see a Cyclops playing pool. Kill it, then jump on the pool table. The "Cheat Activated" message will appear. Look in the inventory to find the "Book of Shadows".

    Game Shark Codes

    Infinite Health81075B18 0000
    81075B1A 2710
    Max Health81075B14 0000
    81075B16 2710
    Max Shadow Charge Level81075B20 0000
    81075B22 2710
    Max Shadow Charge81075B24 0000
    81075B26 2710
    Max Dark Souls Collected81075F48 0078
    Infinite Air81075B1C 0000
    81075B1E 2710
    Infinite Voodoo81075B28 0000
    81075B2A 2710
    Infinite MP-90981075B2E 0063
    Infinite Violator81075B32 03E7
    Press L to LevitateD0058F35 0020
    81075578 4130
    Health Meter Displayed on Screen81075B10 0000
    81075B12 00FF
    Health Meter Not Displayed on Screen81075B10 0000
    81075B12 0000
    Have Pistol810307B0 0007
    810307B2 060B
    Infinite Bullets81075B3A 03E7
    Have Accumulator810306D0 0001
    810306D2 000B
    Infinite Accumulator Ammo810306D6 7FFF
    Accumulator Doesn't Need Ammo810306D6 FFFF
    Have 0.9-SMG81030730 000C
    81030732 0E0B
    Infinite 0.9-SMG Ammo81030736 7FFF
    0.9-SMG Doesn't Need Ammo81030736 FFFF
    Have Shotgun810307D0 001A
    810307D2 160B
    Infinite Shotgun Ammo810307D6 7FFF
    Shotgun Doesn't Need Ammo810307D6 FFFF
    Have Violator81030810 001E
    81030812 190B
    Infinite Violator Ammo81030816 7FFF
    Violator Doesn't Need Ammo81030816 FFFF
    Have MP-90981030870 000D
    81030872 0B0B
    Infinite MP-909 Ammo81030876 7FFF
    MP-909 Doesn't Need Ammo81030876 FFFF
    Have Retractor810308B0 0017
    810308B2 140B
    Infinite Retractor Ammo81030816 7FFF
    Retractor Doesn't Need Ammo81030816 FFFF
    Have Cadeaux810309D0 0005
    810309D2 040B
    Infinite Cadeaux Ammo81075B36 03E7
    Have Nettie's File (Normally Start With This)81030630 0000
    81030632 100B
    Have The Prophecy81030650 0016
    81030652 130B
    Have Jack's Diary81030670 0018
    81030672 150B
    Have Book Of Shadows81030690 0004
    81030692 030B
    Have Luke's Teddy Bear810306B0 001D
    810306B2 180B
    Have Enseigne810306F0 000A
    810306F2 080B
    Have Asson81030710 0002
    81030712 010B
    Have Flashlight81030750 000E
    81030752 0A0B
    Have Engineer's Key81030770 0009
    81030772 070B
    Have Flambeau81030790 000B
    81030792 090B
    Have Prison Card810307F0 0015
    810307F2 120B
    Have Marteau81030830 0012
    81030832 0F0B
    Have Baton81030850 0003
    81030852 020B
    Have Calabash810308F0 0006
    810308F2 050B
    Have Prism81030950 0014
    81030952 110B
    Have L-Eclipser: La Lune81030970 0010
    81030972 0D0B
    Have L-Eclipser: La Soleil81030990 001C
    81030992 170B
    Have L-Eclipser: La Lame810309B0 0011
    810309B2 0C0B
    Unlock Bayou Paradis, Louisiana (Normally Unlocked)800309F2 0001
    Unlock Mordant St., Queens, New York80030A0E 0001
    Unlock Gardelle County Jail, Texas80030A2A 0001
    Unlock Down Street Station, London80030A46 0001
    Unlock Deadside: Marrow Gates (Normally Unlocked)80030A62 0001
    Unlock Paths of Shadow80030A7E 0001
    Unlock Wasteland: Temple of Life80030A9A 0001
    Unlock Asylum: Gateway80030AB6 0001
    Unlock Asylum: Cathedral of Pain80030AD2 0001
    Unlock Asylum: Engine Block80030AEE 0001
    Unlock Temple of Fire (Toucher)80030B0A 0001
    Unlock Asylum: Cageways80030B26 0001
    Unlock Asylum: Playrooms80030B42 0001
    Unlock Temple of Prophecy (Marcher)80030B5E 0001
    Unlock Asylum: Lavaducts80030B7A 0001
    Unlock Temple of Blood (Nager)80030B96 0001
    Unlock Asylum: Undercity80030BB2 0001

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