Darkest Of Days

Strategy Guide/Walkthrough/FAQ



  • Cheat Codes

    While playing the game, press ~ to display the console window. Then, type one of the following codes and press [Enter] to activate the corresponding cheat function:

    Result Cheat Code
    Toggle God mode set god [0 or 1]
    Refill current weapon's ammunition ammo
    Extra upgrade points for guns guns.points [number]
    Removes NPCs from map clear-npcs
    Spawn blue aura characters specialize
    Toggle attacking your allies except for Dexter and important characters set player.friendlyfire [0 or 1]
    Toggle invisible to enemies set player.ghost [0 or 1]
    Toggle turrets from overheating set gun.heat.rate [0 or 1]
    Toggle smoke and effects when NPCs fire guns set npc.gunparticles [0 or 1]
    Toggle NPC muzzle flash set npc.gunlights [0 or 1]
    Set gunslots to carry more guns set player.gunslots [number]
    Set melee range; 10000 is unlimited set melee.reach [number]
    Set water level; 0 is default flood [number]
    Set friction set player.frictionHL [number]
    Set gravity; -32.15 is default,larger values allow higher jumps set phys.gravity.y [number]
    Set walk speed; 18 is default, higher values increase speed set player.speed [number]

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