Quake 2 Mission Pack 2: Ground Zero

Cheat Codes


  • Weapons and items

    While playing the game, press ~ to display the console, then type "give [item]" using the following information. Other choices include "give all", "give weapons", or "give ammo".

      ETF Rifle
      Plasma Beam
      Prox Launcher
      Double Damage
      Hunter Sphere
      Defender Sphere
      Vengeance Sphere
      A-M Bomb
      IR Goggles
      Flechettes (ETF Rifle ammunition)
      Prox (Prox Launcher ammunition)
  • Level select

    Press ~ to display the console, then type "map [level code]" using the following information to skip to the corresponding level:

    NameLevel code
    Single player
    Lower MinesRMINE1
    Mine EngineeringRMINE2
    Thaelite MinesRLAVA1
    Tectonic StabilizerRLAVA2
    Eastern WarehouseRWARE1
    Waterfront StorageRWARE2
    Logistics ComplexRBASE1
    Tactical CommandRBASE2
    Research HangarRHANGAR1
    Maintenance HangarsRHANGAR2
    Waste ProcessingRSEWER1
    Waste DisposalRSEWER2
    Munitions PlantRAMMO1
    Ammo DepotRAMMO2
    Widow's LairRBOSS
    The Low RoadRDM1
    The High RoadRDM2
    Boxed InRDM3
    Razor CloseRDM4
    Stone HingeRDM5
    Sewer CitadelRDM7
    Styx and StonesRDM8
    Scenic OverlookRDM9
    Great DivideRDM10
    Dish It OutRDM11
    Fall From GraceRDM12
    Roads To NowhereRDM13
    Rogue's EdgeRDM14
    Other maps
    Weapon and ammo depotRUNIT2
    Weapon and ammo depotRUNIT3
    Weapon and ammo depotRUNIT4

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