Wolfenstein 3D

Strategy Guide/Walkthrough/FAQ


  • Level select

    Start the game with the "-tedlevel [level number]" command line parameter. The level number is a two digit number with the tens digit representing the episode minus one and the ones digit representing the level number minus one.

  • Difficulty select

    Start the game with the "-baby", "-easy", "-normal", or "-hard" command line parameters.

  • Infinite lives

    Start the game with the "Level select" and "Difficulty select" command line parameters.

  • Infinite ammunition, invincibility, all keys

    While playing the game, press M + L + S.

  • Full health, ammunition, keys, and chain gun

    While playing the game, press L + I + M. Note: Your score will reset to zero after this cheat is enabled.

  • Commander Keen cheat message

    While playing the game, press A + B + T.

  • Music test

    At the memory screen that appears while the game loads, hold M. Then three music menu options will appear after the game finishes loading.

  • Cheat Codes

    Start the game with the "-goobers" command line parameter. Then while playing the game, press [Left Shift] + [Alt] + [Backspace] to enable debug mode. Then, enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function:

    Result Cheat Code
    Change border color[Tab] + B
    Display number of items, doors, and actors[Tab] + C
    Skip two levels[Tab] + E
    Displays coordinates[Tab] + F
    Toggle God mode[Tab] + G
    Lose health[Tab] + H
    Free items[Tab] + I
    Display memory usage[Tab] + M
    Pause without message[Tab] + P
    Exit game[Tab] + Q
    Toggle slow motion[Tab] + S
    View graphics and play sounds[Tab] + T
    Add extra VBLs[Tab] + V
    Level select[Tab] + W
    Extra stuff[Tab] + X

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