Castlevania: Lords Of Shadow 2

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  • Cheats menu

    At the "Press Start Button" screen after the game initially loads, press Up(2), Down(2), Left, Right, Left, Right, Circle, X to unlock a "Cheats" option, which includes options like "God mode", in the extras section of the pause menu. If you entered the code correctly, Gabriel will wink. Note: Enabling cheat options will prevent trophies from being earned and the game from being saved.

  • Game Of Thrones reference

    In the greenhouse, just as you defeat Pan's brother, stand in front of Pan's corpse. Directly behind you will be a statue on a plinth, in a sunken part of the terrain. The plinth is in a pool, and behind it is a dead soldier with a diary titled "Company Of Eddard S." The text also mentions "Poor King Robert", as Eddard's Captain.

  • Trophies

    Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

      Trophy Hunter (Platinum): Unlock all trophies.
      Prince of Darkness (Gold): Complete the game at "Prince of Darkness" difficulty.
      Kleidos Champion I (Bronze): Complete all the Reminiscences of Sapphire challenges.
      Kleidos Champion II (Bronze): Complete all the Recollections of Ruby challenges.
      Kleidos Champion III (Bronze): Complete all the Reminders of Amethyst challenges.
      Kleidos Champion IV (Bronze): Complete all the Memories of Emerald challenges.
      Kleidos Hero (Silver): Complete all of the Kleidos challenges.
      Kleidos Legend (Gold): Complete all of the Kleidos challenges at "Prince of Darkness" difficulty.
      Void Collector (Bronze): Recover 30 Void Gems.
      Chaos Collector (Bronze): Recover 30 Chaos Gems.
      Life Collector (Bronze): Recover 30 Life Gems.
      Expert Silversmith (Silver): Recover all the Void, Chaos and Life gems.
      Multiple Pockets (Bronze): Recover all the upgrades for the Relics.
      Philanthropist (Bronze): Collect all of the art.
      Start the path (Bronze): Acquire a skill.
      The path of the Whip (Bronze): Acquire all of the Shadow Whip skills and upgrades.
      The path of the Sword (Bronze): Acquire all of the Void Sword skills and upgrades.
      The path of the Claws (Bronze): Acquire all of the Chaos Claws skills and upgrades.
      The path of the warrior (Silver): Acquire all of the skills and upgrades.
      Good customer (Bronze): Buy an item at the Chupacabras' shop.
      Customer of the month (Silver): Spend a total of 20000 Experience Points at the Chupacabras' shop.
      Initiated in Mastery (Bronze): Increase the Mastery Level of a weapon.
      Whip Master (Bronze): Increase the Mastery Level of the Shadow Whip to the maximum.
      Sword Master (Bronze): Increase the Mastery Level of the Void Sword to the maximum.
      Claw Master (Bronze): Increase the Mastery Level of the Chaos Claws to the maximum.
      Weapons Master (Silver): Increase the Mastery Level of all weapons to the maximum.
      Classic Flavor (Bronze): Cook a chicken in the old style.
      Experienced (Bronze): Gain a total of 10000 Experience Points.
      Specialist (Bronze): Gain a total of 50000 Experience Points.
      Veteran (Silver): Gain a total of 100000 Experience Points.
      The Outer Limits (Gold): Complete 110% of the game.

    Additionally, there are 16 secret trophies:

      False chosen one (Bronze): Defeat the Paladin.
      Vampire kiss (Bronze): Accept Zobek's gift.
      Crushed rock (Bronze): Destroy the golem.
      Hunted hunter (Bronze): Capture Raisa Vólkova.
      A madman's on the loose (Bronze): Release the Chupacabras from his prison.
      Heart of stone (Bronze): Kill the Gorgon.
      Next stop: Castlevania (Bronze): Survive the train trip.
      Femme fatale (Bronze): Subdue Carmilla.
      The apple of his eye (Bronze): Eliminate Satan's first acolyte.
      Natural selection (Bronze): Defeat Agreus.
      Once upon a time... (Bronze): Sabotage the Toy Maker's show.
      Family reunion (Bronze): Gain the trust of Victor.
      Inner Dracula (Bronze): Shed your darkest self.
      Dissipated storm (Bronze): Finish off Satan's second acolyte.
      Death is not enough (Bronze): Get rid of Zobek forever.
      The End (Silver): Annihilate Satan and save the world, again.

    The following trophies require the "Revelations" bonus downloadable content:

      Heir of Darkness (Silver): Complete "Revelations" at "Prince of Darkness" difficulty.
      Fine Nose (Silver): Find all the Secret Boxesand Soldiers' Diaries in "Revelations".
      Art Dealer (Bronze): Collect all the artwork in "Revelations".
      The Path of the Wolf (Bronze): Acquire all the Crissaegrim's combat skills and upgrades in "Revelations".
      Crissaegrim Master (Silver): Increase the Mastery Level of the Crissaegrim to the maximum in "Revelations".
      Butcher (Bronze): Kill an enemy with the Ballroom's saw in "Revelations".
      Not again... (Bronze): Find "those" annoying characters from Alucard's past in "Revelations".

    Additionally, there are three secret trophies with the "Revelations" bonus downloadable content:

      Freezing Void (Bronze): Recover the Void relic in "Revelations".
      Burning Chaos (Bronze): Recover the Chaos relic in "Revelations".
      Nice Armor... (Bronze): Defeat the Lieutenant in "Revelations".

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