Knack 2 Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes, Walkthrough, Guide, FAQ, Unlockables for PlayStation 4 (PS4)

Knack 2 Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes, Walkthrough, Guide, FAQ, Unlockables for PlayStation 4 (PS4)

Knack 2 Coliseum Attack mode

Successfully complete the story on any difficulty to unlock Coliseum Attack mode under the “Extra Content” option at the main menu.

Time Attack mode

Successfully complete the story on any difficulty to unlock Time Attack mode under the “Extra Content” option at the main menu.

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All treasure chest locations

Search the indicated locations to find all 100 treasure chests. Finding all collectibles is required for Crystal Knacks and gadgets, which in turn unlock several trophies. Every treasure chest contains one random reward. It can be a part for a new gadget or a colored crystal relic. You never get the same thing twice. Getting all 100 chests is guaranteed to give you all gadgets and all four Crystal Knacks. Note: Some chests can only be reached on the Normal or higher difficulty. Some platforming sections are closed off and you get shortcuts through the levels on the Easy difficulty. Make sure you are playing on the Normal, Hard, or Very Hard difficulty when collecting the chests. None of the collectibles are missable. You can get them using chapter select (world map) at any time. After opening a chest in chapter select, you can quit out to the main menu right away and do not need to reach the next checkpoint. All progress is instantly saved. You also do not have to collect the treasures again if you die. Note: You only need the seven gadgets and one Crystal Knack for trophies. Thus, you can skip three Crystal Knacks and only need around 50/100 chests to get the Platinum trophy. It is still recommended to collect them all because the Crystal Knacks make it easier to complete medals and bonus challenges. The Topaz Knack is especially powerful and very helpful for completing the Hard and Very Hard difficulties.

All super move locations

Search the indicated locations to find all four super moves and get the “Super Move Master” trophy. None of them are missable. You can still get them using chapter select (world map) after completing the game. The first one cannot be missed. The other three are optional and fairly well hidden.

    1. Crystal Swords: In Chapter 4-1; cannot be missed.

    2. Shockwave: In Chapter 5-4, when entering the museum (near the end of the chapter) and after growing big enough to open the door on the plaza, there is a wall straight in front of you after entering the museum that can be climbed as small Knack to find the super move.

    3. Storm: In Chapter 8-2, when you have to move the three colored boxes (purple, green, blue), push the blue box on the blue platform to open a gate above the green box. Jump from the green box to the path upstairs. Then, continue as small Knack. There are a bunch of invisible platforms on the path ahead, but you can throw a boomerang (Triangle) to reveal them. The super move is on that path.

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    4. Crystal Blast: In Chapter 12-3, pretty late into the chapter you will see an enemy with a purple shield shooting at you from a distance that cannot be killed. There is a platforming section right after this enemy (some moving plates and electricity coils). In order to progress, you need to jump onto a big screw-platform. As the platform goes up, you can jump off the right side as small Knack. You should see some yellow sunstones that highlight the path where you can jump off. At the end of this secret passage is the final super move.

Five stars in all Coliseum challenges

There are three Coliseum Attack challenges in the game. Get five stars in all coliseum trials to get the “King Of The Coliseum” trophy. The more enemies you kill without being hit, the more points you earn. Five stars is the best score. Make sure you kill all enemies very quickly without being hit by them. It is recommended to perform Jump Kick (X + Circle) then Somersault Kick (Circle + Triangle) repeatedly. It is very quick and kills most enemies instantly. The Somersault Kick needs to be unlocked in the power-up menu first (Way Of Strength skill tree). Use boomerangs (hold Triangle) against enemies with electricity shields to disable their shield. You can also use the boomerang to stun other enemies. If you have trouble, unlock the Crystal Knacks first. The Saber Knack (Topaz Yellow) is highly recommended. Saber Knack deals more damage, has better defense, and recovers quicker. Compared to normal Knack, he can kill enemies in one less hit (can one-hit many enemies). You unlock the Crystal Knacks by opening treasure chests.

Five stars in all Time Attack challenges

There are five Time Attack challenges in the game. Get five stars in all time trials to get the “Speed Demon” trophy. The faster you are, the more stars you will earn. Five stars is the best score. Make sure to kill all enemies along the way to freezes the time for a few seconds. The green rings also freeze time. These challenges are quite doable with a little bit of practice. If you have trouble, unlock the Crystal Knacks first. The Speedy Knack (Aqua Blue) and Saber Knack (Topaz Yellow) are highly recommended. Speedy Knack runs and attacks a bit faster. Saber Knack can one-hit most enemies, which saves a lot of time during combat. You unlock the Crystal Knacks by opening treasure chests.

Final Boss fight and game ending

The following video shows the final Boss fight and game ending on the Hard difficulty.

Easy “Combo King” trophy

You must first unlock the combo meter gadget. It consists of five parts found in treasure chests (it is random what reward a chest gives you). Enable the gadget and a combo counter will appear in the top left corner. You must perform 100 hits in a row without being hit. The best place to farm hits is at the end of Chapter 5-4 (Normal difficulty recommended). There are many waves of enemies spawning. You can replay this chapter at any time using chapter select (world map). Kill all the enemies by holding Square (requires “Multi Strike” skill). The Multi Strike does lots of hits all at once. Try to kill the enemies one by one. You can also throw boomerangs to stun them (you learn this move automatically from Ava). At this point of the story, it is very unlikely that you have unlocked the combo meter. Thus, it is highly recommended you come back after the story. You can get around 150 hits from this one enemy encounter. If you get hit, transform to small Knack and let the enemies kill you. This will restart the checkpoint and you can try again. It is recommended to do this on the Normal difficulty because the enemies die too quickly on the Easy difficulty and are much more aggressive and might hit you on the Hard difficulty.


Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    Knack: The Ultimate Invention (Platinum): Acquired all trophies.
    Hero Knack (Gold): Cleared all chapters on the Normal difficulty level or higher.
    It’s a Knackout (Gold): Cleared all chapters on the Hard difficulty level or higher.
    Goblin Gobbler (Silver): Defeated 500 goblin enemies.
    Incredible Power! (Silver): Learned all basic power-up skills.
    Novice Hero Knack (Silver): Cleared all chapters on the Easy difficulty level or higher.
    Robot Wrecker (Silver): Defeated 700 robot enemies.
    Sucker for Punishment (Silver): Cleared one chapter on the Very Hard difficulty level.
    Super Move Master (Silver): Learned all super moves.
    The Doctor’s Disciple (Silver): Acquired all gadgets.
    All-New Powers (Bronze): Unlocked your first Crystal Knack.
    Big Hitter (Bronze): Defeated 300 enemies using punches.
    Blockbuster (Bronze): Broke the blocks of 50 enemies.
    Combo King (Bronze): Equipped a combo meter and landed a 100-hit combo.
    Crystal Relic Collector (Bronze): Acquired your first crystal relic.
    Gadget Boy (Bronze): Acquired your first gadget part.
    Jumping Knack Flash (Bronze): Defeated 100 enemies using Jump Kicks.
    King of Kicking (Bronze): Defeated 300 enemies using kicks.
    Marathon Runner (Bronze): Ran 26.2 miles.
    Nose for Treasure (Bronze): Found 10 treasure chests.
    Onwards and Upwards (Bronze): Performed your first Knack upgrade.
    Pro Parrier (Bronze): Defeated 50 enemies using parries.
    Smaller is Better (Bronze): Defeated 10 enemies as small Knack.
    Sunstone Stunner (Bronze): Stunned enemies 50 times with sunstone bombs.
    The Doctor’s Apprentice (Bronze): Completed your first gadget.
    Treasure Hunter (Bronze): Found 30 chests containing relic energy.
    Tricky Customer (Bronze): Defeated 50 immobilized enemies.

Additionally, there are 16 secret trophies:

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    You’ve Got the Knack (Gold): Acquired 70 Knack medals.
    Halfway There (Silver): Acquired 50 Knack medals.
    King of the Coliseum (Silver): Achieved 5 stars in every Coliseum Attack.
    Speed Demon (Silver): Achieved 5 stars in every Time Attack.
    Titanic Triumph (Silver): Defeated all Titans.
    Ultimate Move Certificate (Silver): Learned the Ultimate Move from Ava.
    Artifact Boss Badge (Bronze): Defeated the last boss.
    Boomerang Certificate (Bronze): Learned the Boomerang from Ava.
    Gladiator (Bronze): Cleared a Coliseum Attack stage.
    Gundahar Badge (Bronze): Defeated Gundahar.
    Heavy Punch Certificate (Bronze): Learned the Heavy Punch from Ava.
    Hook Shot Certificate (Bronze): Learned the Hook Shot from Ava.
    Relic Racer (Bronze): Cleared a Time Attack stage.
    Rothari Badge (Bronze): Defeated Rothari.
    The Challenges Begin (Bronze): Acquired your first Knack medal.
    Xander Badge (Bronze): Defeated the relic monster that Xander created.
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