De Blob 2



  • Collectible locations

    Search the indicated locations to find all the Inspirations, Styles, and other collectables and get "S" ranks:

    Downtown: Part 1

    Downtown: Part 2

    Downtown: Part 3

    Downtown: Part 4

    Paradise Island: Part 1

    Paradise Island: Part 2

    Paradise Island: Part 3

  • Trophies

    Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

      INKT informed (Bronze): Pinky's Guide to inkies completed.
      Pinky to the rescue (Bronze): Blob and Pinky played a level together.
      Keepin' it real (Bronze): All levels completed without upgrades.
      Paradise Island liberated (Silver): 'Paradise Island' level completed.
      Maximum Blob (Silver): Blob and Pinky completely upgraded.
      Every picture (Silver): Every Gallery pickup collected.
      Totally inspired (Silver): Every inspiration pickup collected or earned.
      INKT smasher (Gold): All Gold Clean-Up awards completed.
      The People's Hero (Gold): All Gold Liberation awards completed.
      Nature Lover (Gold): All Gold Environment awards completed.
      Nothing but the best (Gold): All story levels completed to 'S' class.
      Medal of Color (Gold): All story levels completed in normal mode.
      Platinum (Platinum): All Trophies obtained!

    Additionally, there are 13 secret trophies:

      Blob survivor (Bronze): Completed a level in a single playthrough without dying.
      Piston partisan (Bronze): Completed 10 continuous piston jumps.
      Blanctown liberated (Bronze): "Blanctown" level completed.
      Downtown liberated (Bronze): "Downtown" level completed.
      Soda Falls liberated (Bronze): "Blanc Cola Cannery" level completed.
      State College liberated (Bronze): "Comrade Black U." level completed.
      The Senate liberated (Bronze): "The Senate" level completed.
      Orbital Habitats liberated (Silver): "Prison Zoo" level completed.
      House of Fun liberated (Silver): "Blanc TV Factory" level completed.
      Hydro Station liberated (Silver): "Inktron Collider" level completed.
      Railyards liberated (Silver): "Inky Fabricator" level completed.
      Rocket Range liberated (Silver): "Rocket Range" level completed.
      Hypno Ray destroyed (Gold): "Hypno Ray" level completed.

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