Hollywood Squares


  • Trophies

    Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

      The First Winning (Bronze): Win a bonus round in single mode.
      First Pot of Gold (Bronze): Possess a prize of $2,000.
      Big Fortune (Bronze): Possess a prize of $100,000.
      Moneybags (Bronze): Possess a prize of $400,000.
      Game just starts (Bronze): Finish the first week.
      Right answer is never too late (Bronze): Give the correct answer within the last 5 seconds for 5 times.
      No More Waste (Bronze): Win a round by gaining only 3 squares.
      Surprise Gifts (Bronze): Choose the correct answer in a Secret Square.
      60s' Personal Show (Bronze): Correctly answer 9 questions in one Bonus Round.
      Hollywood Expert (Bronze): Correctly answer 300 questions.
      Lucky Guess (Bronze): Find the right key from multi-choice in a row of 3.
      Mr. Know All (Silver): Always correct in one match.
      Hollywood Champion (Silver): Go through the game under any difficulty.
      Collector (Silver): Unlock all items in wardrobe.
      Rookie (Bronze): Finish one online competition.
      Taste of Winning (Bronze): Beat 10 rivals online.
      Dare you challenge me? (Silver): Beat 30 rivals online.

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