Finding the Junkyard King

In Mission 4, after exiting the main building into the Junkyard and you are near going up the ramp, do not go up the ramp. Next to the ramp is a small path that leads to the Junkyard King. He has a lot of HP. It will take some time to defeat him.


Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    I have a friend (Bronze): Complete a level in Co-op.
    Collector (Bronze): Collect all 8 hidden comic books.
    Big Daddy Expert (Bronze): With Big Daddy, use the flashbang to stun 6 enemies at once.
    Kick-Ass Expert (Bronze): With Kick-Ass, Kill 10 enemies during one rage activation.
    Hit Girl Expert (Bronze): With Hit Girl, Kill 2 enemies in one wall run attack.
    I'm not Invisible (Bronze): Set off the security camera 5 times in one level.
    Completionist (Bronze): Level up any one character to level 50.
    OCD (Silver): Destroy 1000 Crates.
    Bazooka Expert (Silver): Complete the game in Normal Difficulty.
    Slaughter Master (Silver): Kill 1000 enemies.
    Too Easy (Gold): Complete the game in Extreme Mode.

Additionally, there are two secret trophies:

    Jerry Lee (Bronze): Light a Piano on fire in the Penthouse.
    Junkyard King (Bronze): Find and kill the Junkyard King.
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