Kite Fight


  • Trophies

    Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

      Kite Champion (Gold): Successfully complete the Championship mode.
      Escape Artist (Silver): Dodge (Near miss) obstacles 50 times.
      Dance of death (Silver): Dodge (Near miss) 30 parachutes with fireballs.
      Sky Captain (Silver): Dominate 20 waves in the Survival mode.
      Killer (Bronze): Take down 100 kites.
      Grill Master (Bronze): Take down 20 birds.
      Line Breaker (Bronze): Cut down 50 kites.
      Turbulence (Bronze): Escape from birds 25 times after getting stuck in them.
      Cat and Mouse (Bronze): Dodge (Near miss) an RC Copter 20 times.
      No Sweat (Bronze): Pop 200 red balloons.
      Party Popper (Bronze): Pop 10 red balloons in a row.
      Hammer Head (Bronze): Ram down 30 kites.
      Spintacular! (Bronze): Cut 20 kites by spinning.

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