The Last Of Us



  • Infinite shivs

    To duplicate shiv materials at any time, you must first obtain the upgraded melee weapon at the start of Bill's Town (the weapon is located on the roof of the small building near the wooden plank just before you enter the town). This weapon allows you to craft upgraded melee weapons. To duplicate shiv materials, simply equip an upgraded melee weapon, and swap it with another melee weapon that you find in the environment (2x4, axe, bat, lead pipe, or machete). Then, swap and reacquire the upgraded melee weapon to replenished shiv materials and still have the upgraded melee weapon. This glitch is very helpful if you are low on materials and need a shiv for combat or to open a locked shiv door.

  • New Game + mode

    Successfully complete the game to unlock New Game + mode, which allows you to start a new playthrough and retain all your stats, collectibles, weapon upgrades, and crafting levels. Note: The difficulty used in your original playthrough will determine which difficulties are available in New Game + mode. For example, completing the game on the Hard difficulty will unlock the Easy, Normal, and Hard difficulties in New Game + mode.

  • All collectible locations

    Search the indicated locations to find all 141 collectibles (85 artifacts, 14 comic books, 30 firefly pendants, and 12 training manuals). Obtain all collectibles to unlock five trophies: Endure And Survive (Bronze), I Got This (Bronze), It Was All Just Lying There (Silver), Look For The Light (Silver), and Scavenger (Gold). There are collectibles in all chapters except the prologue. You can keep track of your total progress under the "Collectibles" section of the Bonus menu, or by pressing Select while playing the game. After completing the game for the first time, you can also see in chapter select how many collectibles of each type you have found per chapter. You must reach the next checkpoint after finding a collectible or the progress will be lost, and you will have to collect it again. All your collectible progress carries over to other playthroughs. You can also get missing collectibles through chapter select. Note: Some collectibles are automatically placed in your inventory and cannot be missed. Thus, they are not included in the list since they do not have a specific location.

    Chapter 1 and Chapter 2: Quarantine Zone

    Chapter 3: The Outskirts

    Chapter 4: Bill's Town

    Chapter 5: Pittsburg

    Chapter 6: The Suburbs

    Chapter 7: Tommy's Dam

    Chapter 8: The University

    Chapter 9: Lakeside Resort

    Chapter 10: Bus Depot

    Chapter 11: The Firefly Lab

    Chapter 12: Jackson

  • All optional conversation locations

    Search the indicated locations to find all 37 optional conversations. Listen to all 37 of them to get the "I Want To Talk About It" trophy. To trigger them, you usually will need to look at a certain object for a while. Then, press Triangle to initiate the conversation. There are many other conversations in the game that do not count towards this trophy. The 37 shown conversations are the only ones necessary to get the "I Want To Talk About It" trophy. You can also listen to the conversations through chapter select, as each conversation is immediately saved after listening to it. Since you do not have to reach a checkpoint for the conversation to save, you can quit to the main menu immediately after listening to it, and select a new chapter. Additionally, there is no way to see which conversations you have already completed. Thus, make sure to do them in the correct order. In the statistics section of the bonus menu, you can only keep track of how many you have in total. Once it shows 37 conversations, you should get the trophy.

  • All shiv door locations

    Search the indicated locations to find all 13 shiv doors. Unlock all 13 shiv doors to get the "Master Of Unlocking" trophy. Each door requires a shiv to be opened. You can craft a shiv at any time and place, but try to keep 1-2 in your inventory at all times. You can see how many shiv doors have already been opened by selecting the "Bonuses" option at the main menu, and choosing the "Statistics" selection. However, there is no way to tell which ones you are missing. Thus, try to unlock them in the correct order. This can also be done over multiple playthroughs, as your statistics carry over to new playthroughs. You can also get the trophy through chapter select after completing the game.

  • All tool locations

    Search the indicated locations to find all five toolboxes. Finding all five tools is necessary to upgrade your weapons. It is also a requirement to get the "For Emergencies Only" trophy. Only finding the toolboxes will not earn you the trophy. You still must upgrade every weapon in the game (can be done at workbenches). The tools have fixed locations and must be picked up in the correct order during one playthrough. They do carry over to a New Game +. Additionally, getting them through chapter select will not help with the upgrades or trophy.

      1. Chapter 4: Bill's Town - Graveyard: Inside the cellar (first floor) of the church, you will find the hidden armory and Bill will give you the nail bomb. Look in the corner with the metal shelf to find the toolbox.

      2. Chapter 5: Pittsburg - Alone And Forsaken: After defeating the first group of enemies in the chapter, Joel and Ellie will enter a garage by helping each other through the shutter. Immediately after entering the garage, the toolbox will be on your left, next to the smoke bomb.

      3. Chapter 6: The Suburbs - Sewers: After reaching the opposite side of the flooded area with the generator, follow the path. To the left will be a room with the toolbox.

      4. Chapter 8: The University - Science Building: After entering the science building by moving the dumpster, you will be in a room adjacent to a lab with a workbench inside. The next laboratory leads out to where you will meet back up with Ellie. You will then reach a long hallway. At the end of the hall is a locked door on the right. Open it using a shiv to find the toolbox on the work table.

      5. Chapter 10: Bus Depot - Highway Exit: When you enter the Triage area with all the tents, go to the large tent on the left side of this area. Enter the largest tent to find the toolbox on the right.

  • Safe locations and combinations

    Search the indicated locations to find the safe locations and combinations:

    Chapter 3: The Outskirts

      Combination location: In the large area where Joel must sneak past the Infected Clickers, there are some stores on the left and right. Starting from the entrance, follow the left wall to enter a store. Jump on the counter to reach a shelf, and open it to find the safe combination inside.

      Safe location: The safe is in a different store to the right of the entrance. The safe is in the corner next to the counter -- and it is protected by a Runner.

    Chapter 4: Bill's Town

      Combination location: After dropping onto the main street, there is a truck on the right side of the street, and a pizza restaurant on the left. Go down the street to the barrier to find a note with the safe combination.

      Safe location: Go back up the street to the pizza restaurant, and look on the truck across the street. The safe is in the back.

    Chapter 5: Pittsburg

      Combination location: Inside the flooded hotel, move the ladder to climb up to the upper level. Then, turn right, and go up the steps to reach the elevator. Look on the ground in the corner to find a note with the safe combination.

      Safe location: Go back down to the flooded level below, and look behind the counter to the left near the entrance. There is a door behind the counter leading into a smaller room with the safe.

    Chapter 6: The Suburbs

      Combination location: Once Joel and the others escape the sewers, you will enter an abandoned neighborhood. The last house that can be explored is just past the fenced home. Enter the house, and go up the stairs to the third floor to find the safe combination on the computer desk.

      Safe location: Go down the stairs to the second floor, and search the bedrooms to find the safe.

  • Jak And Daxter references

    Search the shelves in the ChooChoo Toys store to find a "Jak And Daxter" board game.

    When you encounter the brothers in Chapter 5: Pittsburgh, search the kid's room on the right to find Jak & Daxter figures on a dresser near the door.

  • Uncharted references

    Search the shelves in the ChooChoo Toys store to find an "Uncharted" board game.

    Examine various newspapers to find an ad for "Uncharted 12", starring Justin Bieber.

    When you encounter the brothers in Chapter 5: Pittsburgh, search the kid's room on the right to find a Nathan Drake figure on the bottom bunk.

  • Easy "That's All I Got" trophy

    There are a total of five jokes Ellie tells. Four of them are in Chapter 5: Pittsburgh, and one is in Chapter 6: The Suburbs. There is no progress tracker for the jokes. So make sure to get them in the correct order. You can also do this through chapter select. For example, after listening to all jokes in Chapter 5, you can proceed to the next checkpoint (where some enemies spawn), and go back to the main menu where you load the Suburbs area. Always clear the listed areas of enemies, then wait a minute until Ellie takes out her joke book. Sometimes you need to do a series of other actions to initiate a conversation with Ellie. The following is a list and location of all Ellie's jokes:

      1. Chapter 5: Pittsburgh - Alone And Forsaken: Clear the area of enemies before climbing over the bus. Then, wait in front of the bus until Ellie pulls out her joke book.

      2. Chapter 5: Pittsburgh - Alone And Forsaken: Kill all enemies in the bookstore, then stand around for a while and wait until Ellie pulls out her joke book.

      3. Chapter 5: Pittsburgh - Alone And Forsaken: Turn around when reaching the flooded street, and look for a poster of a model behind a window. Look at it, and talk to Ellie. Then, keep waiting in this area until Ellie stops walking.

      4. Chapter 5: Pittsburgh - Hotel Lobby: After entering the hotel, you will need to climb up a ladder. Get the artifact in this area, and open the safe downstairs. Then, go back up the ladder, and Ellie will start telling you more jokes.

      5. Chapter 6: The Suburbs - Suburbs: When reaching the suburbs, check out the broken house on the right. Wait in the kitchen and listen to the dialogue. Go to the other side of the street, and look at the "I'm Armed" writing. Then, go to the ice cream truck. Keep going down the street, and check out the red symbol on a wall. Wait at this spot until Ellie tells her last few jokes.

  • Trophies

    Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

      It can't be for nothing (Platinum): Collect all other trophies.
      Look for the Light (Silver): Find all Firefly Pendants.
      Endure and Survive (Bronze): Collect all comics.
      It was all just lying there (Silver): Find all artifacts.
      I got this (Bronze): Find all training manuals.
      Scavenger (Gold): Found all collectibles.
      Let's gear up (Bronze): Craft every item.
      Master of Unlocking (Bronze): Unlock all shiv doors.
      Everything we've been through (Silver): Fully upgrade Joel with supplements.
      For emergencies only (Gold): Fully upgrade all weapons.
      I want to talk about it (Silver): Engage in all optional conversations.
      No Matter What - Easy (Bronze): Complete the game on Easy.
      No Matter What - Normal (Silver): Complete the game on Normal.
      No Matter What - Hard (Silver): Complete the game on Hard.
      No Matter What - Survivor (Gold): Complete the game on Survivor.
      The Last of Us - Easy + (Silver): Complete the game on Easy +.
      The Last of Us - Normal + (Silver): Complete the game on Normal +.
      The Last of Us - Hard + (Silver): Complete the game on Hard +.
      The Last of Us - Survivor + (Gold): Complete the game on Survivor +.
      Knowing the Basics (Bronze): Win a game of Supply Raid and Survivors in find match.
      Populace (Bronze): Build your clan to 40 people in Factions.
      Firefly (Gold): Complete the Firefly Journey.
      Hunter (Gold): Complete the Hunter Journey.

    Additionally, there is one secret trophy:

      That's all I got (Gold): Survive all of Ellie's jokes.

    The following trophies require the "Left Behind" bonus downloadable content:

      Don't Go - Easy (Bronze): Finish Left Behind on Easy.
      Don't Go - Normal (Bronze): Finish Left Behind on Normal.
      Don't Go - Hard (Bronze): Finish Left Behind on Hard .
      Don't Go - Survivor (Silver): Finish Left Behind on Survivor.
      BFFs (Bronze): All optional conversations found in Left Behind.
      Picked Clean (Bronze): All Left Behind collectibles found.

    Additionally, there are four secret trophies with the "Left Behind" bonus downloadable content:

      Nobody's Perfect (Bronze): Played Jak X Combat Racing.
      Angel Knives (Bronze): Defeat Black Fang without getting hit.
      Skillz (Bronze): Win the water gun fight.
      Brick Master (Bronze): Win the brick throwing contest.

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