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Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    100-Match Breakthrough (Bronze): Complete 100 matches.
    100-Win Achievement (Bronze): Win 100 matches.
    200-Match Breakthrough (Silver): Complete 200 matches.
    200-Win Achievement (Silver): Win 200 matches.
    50-Win Achievement (Bronze): Win 50 matches.
    Baiman Win (Bronze): Win a hand worth 8, 9 or 10 Han (doubles), i.e. one capped at the Baiman limit.
    Buttobashi (Bronze): Bust two players and finish in first place.
    Five-Yaku Combination (Bronze): Win a hand with five or more Yaku (scoring elements).
    Kyuudan Accession (Silver): Attain the 9th Dan rank.
    Sanbaiman Win (Silver): Win a hand worth 11 or 12 Han (doubles), i.e. one capped at the Sanbaiman limit.
    Shodan Accession (Bronze): Attain the 1st Dan rank.
    Yakuman Win (Gold): Win with a Yakuman (limit hand).
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