Metropolis Defenders



Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    Metropolis Defenders (Platinum): Earn all other trophies.
    Sign of Altered States (Gold): Complete the scenario mode.
    Absolute armed city (Gold): All the city reached LV20.
    Holiday of Doctor (Gold): Finish all the research and development.
    High-rise! (Gold): Deploy 20 units of high-rise LV4 in any of city.
    Excellent troops (Gold): All operator reaches LV25.
    Meaning of protecter (Silver): Complete the battle 100 times.
    Excellent member (Silver): Any of the operator reaches LV25.
    Smile of Dr.Chandra (Silver): Cast 1,000,000G in research and development.
    All members (Bronze): All operators are appointed.
    Every day of request (Silver): Complete the request 30 times.
    Full recovery (Silver): Develop all of the blockade compartment in all cities.
    Powerd weapons user (Silver): Kill 50 enemy by using the absolute weapons.
    Destroyer (Silver): Kill 20 boss enemy.
    Shine of pure crystal (Silver): Kill 1 rare enemy.
    Emergency power supply (Bronze): Complete the battle in emergency power.
    Request from Headquarters (Bronze): Complete the request for first time.
    Solidarity (Bronze): Evaluate the operator 101 times.
    Defense city (Bronze): Building 100 units.
    Great expectations (Bronze): Achieve the commander Lv10.
    Fetal movement (Bronze): Achieve City Lv5 in any of city.
    Trust you! (Bronze): Evaluate the operator for first time.
    Beginning (Bronze): Complete the tutorial.
    Welcome!! (Bronze): Appointed commander.

Additionally, there are eight secret trophies:

    Go to old metropolis (Gold): Arrived in Washington DC.
    Balloon Attack (Bronze): Kill Echinops.
    High-speed Spider (Bronze): Kill Tantera.
    Mole Mole (Bronze): Kill Ramadillo.
    Volcano Fire (Bronze): Kill Volcanon.
    Big Horn Steps (Bronze): Kill Bardola.
    Last of Arutanian (Silver): Kill Alternian.
    Noisy Humming (Bronze): Kill Belilitta.
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