Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    Let's go! (Bronze): Complete the first stage.
    Happy Face (Bronze): Find a Minuteman.
    Perfect Steps (Bronze): Achieve Perfect on any 5 stages.
    Power User (Bronze): Use a Powerup.
    Quarter Up (Bronze): Complete the first 15 stages.
    Half Slice (Bronze): Complete the first 30 stages.
    Time Shareholder (Bronze): Complete the first 45 stages.
    Full Survivor (Bronze): Complete all 60 stages.
    Pristine Condition (Bronze): Take no damage on all 60 stages.
    Face Control (Bronze): Find the Minuteman on all 60 stages.
    Abstinence (Bronze): Complete 20 stages without using powerups.
    Fully Energized (Silver): 100% collected on all 60 stages.
    All Points Bulletin (Silver): Beat the top target score on all 60 stages.
    Horological Hero (Gold): Achieve Perfect on all 60 stages.
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