MotoGP 13


  • Trophies

    Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

      MotoGP Champion! (Platinum): Unlock all trophies.
      Casual Player (Bronze): Reach a total of 60 min. of race time in valid Online Matches.
      Loyal Player (Bronze): Reach 3 hours of race time in valid Online Matches.
      Online Wild Card (Bronze): Complete an Online Grand Prix.
      Online Contender (Bronze): Complete an Online Championship.
      We believe in you (Bronze): Sign your first contract in Career mode.
      Social Network (Bronze): Enter your Social Feeds page in Career mode.
      Local Celebrity (Bronze): Earn 40000 fans in Career mode.
      Good job, son (Bronze): Complete a Team objective in Career mode.
      Good beginning (Bronze): Earn 20000 fans in Career mode.
      Welcome! (Bronze): Create your first custom rider.
      Newcomer (Bronze): Reach GP Level 5.
      Step by step (Bronze): Reach GP Level 10.
      Globe-trotter (Bronze): Complete one valid race on each track in the game.
      Wild Wheelie (Bronze): Spend a total of 2 minutes doing wheelies.
      Taking a bow (Bronze): Perform a total 2 minutes in endos.
      Collector (Bronze): Raise your GP Level in order to unlock a team.
      Safety First (Bronze): Raise your GP Level in order to unlock a helmet.
      Master of Puppets (Bronze): Raise your GP Level in order to unlock a rider.
      Fashion Addict (Bronze): Change your rider's helmet in Rider Customization section.
      Rider or Mechanic? (Bronze): Enter the Bike Settings menu in the Pit.
      I trust you (Bronze): Use the Technical Meeting in the Pit to change your bike settings.
      A matter of point of view (Bronze): Race using the Helmet view.
      The fastest (Bronze): Perform the fastest lap in an offline race.
      The real stuff (Bronze): Select the Pro Physics level in Riding Aids and complete a race.
      Second chance (Bronze): Go to the track and use a rewind.
      Rain King (Bronze): Win in rainy conditions (Rain or Light Rain).
      Italian Stallion (Bronze): Win a race on an Italian track with an Italian rider.
      La Furia Española (Bronze): Win a race on a Spanish track with a Spanish rider.
      Magic moments (Bronze): Enter the Replay mode for the first time.
      Terror VS Tornado (Bronze): Come in 1st and 2nd as B. Spies and C. Edwards at Austin while in the Split Screen mode.
      Claiming Rule Team (Bronze): Win a MotoGP race with one of these bikes: ART, FTR, FTR Kawasaki, FTR Honda, Suter, PBM.
      Black Mamba (Bronze): Win a race as J. Lorenzo on Mugello.
      Creature from the Lagoon (Bronze): Win a race as V. Rossi on Laguna Seca.
      Big in Japan (Bronze): Win a race as D. Pedrosa on Motegi.
      Kentucky Kid returns (Bronze): Win a race as N. Hayden on Laguna Seca.
      Texas Terror (Bronze): Win a race as B. Spies on the Circuit of the Americas.
      Phenomenon (Bronze): Reach GP Level 20.
      Pole Position (Bronze): Start an offline race from the Pole Position.
      Son of Speed (Silver): Reach 300 km/h (187 mph) in any game mode.
      On the Top News (Silver): Be featured on the "Bike Today" newspaper cover in Career mode.
      Star (Silver): Earn 1000000 fans in Career mode.
      Veteran (Silver): Sign your first contract in MotoGP class in Career mode.
      Factory Rider (Silver): Sign a contract in Career mode with Ducati Team, Repsol Honda Team or Yamaha Factory Racing.
      Professional (Silver): Reach GP Level 25.
      Average Mileage (Silver): Ride for at least 1000 km (622 miles) in any offline game mode.
      Hat trick (Silver): Achieve a Pole Position, the Fastest Lap and win the Race on the same offline Weekend.
      Like Marquez (Silver): Win a race starting from the last position.
      Passionate (Silver): Reach GP Level 40.
      World Champion (Gold): Win a Rider Championship in any class in Career mode.
      Doctor Who? (Gold): Complete a Championship based on the official calendar in a better position than Valentino Rossi.

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