Mountain Crime: Requital



Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    Wolf Pup (Bronze): For completing the 1st chapter.
    Big Bad Wolf (Bronze): For completing the 2nd chapter.
    Leader of the Pack (Bronze): For completing the 3rd chapter.
    Great Predator (Silver): For completing the game.
    Akela (Gold): For completing the game in Expert mode without using a hint.
    Werewolf Power (Silver): For completing all puzzles without skipping any.
    Only to See You Better with, My Dear (Bronze): For completing an objects search scene without a single mistake.
    Bat Hunter (Silver): For finding a bat.
    Ancestral Graveyard (Bronze): For finding a skull in the fireplace.
    Stranglehold (Bronze): For opening the fridge.
    Full Moon (Bronze): For opening Kate's suitcase.
    Good Nose (Silver): For completing an objects search scene in 25 seconds.
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