Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2



  • Hokage Naturo costume

    Successfully complete the game. Then, return to Mount Myoboku, and go up the stairs to the house. Pray at the statue inside the house to unlock the Hokage Naturo costume.

  • Unlockables

    Accumulate the indicated amount of SP to unlock the corresponding bonus. Note: The "Support Type" allows you to use all Support Types for the listed character (Attack, Defense, or Balanced). The Support Types that cannot be unlocked with SP are unlocked through Friendship Events in Ultimate Adventure mode.

      10,000 SP: Title - Ninja
      50,000 SP: Title - Rouge Ninja
      60,000 SP: Title - Joyful
      70,000 SP: Title - Outrageous
      80,000 SP: Title - Sad
      90,000 SP: Title - Crying
      100,000 SP: Character - Deidara
      110,000 SP: Title - Smiling
      120,000 SP: Character - Kisame Hoshigaki
      130,000 SP: Title - Bargaining
      140,000 SP: Character - Chiyo
      150,000 SP: Title - Supporter
      160,000 SP: Character - Sasori
      170,000 SP: Title - Passive
      180,000 SP: Character - Yamato
      190,000 SP: Title - Buddy
      200,000 SP: Character - Sai
      210,000 SP: Title - Popular
      220,000 SP: Character - Kabuto Yakushi
      230,000 SP: Title - Apprentice
      240,000 SP: Character - Orochimaru
      250,000 SP: Title - Pupil
      260,000 SP: Character - Hidan
      270,000 SP: Title - Master
      280,000 SP: Character - Kakuzu
      290,000 SP: Title - Friend
      300,000 SP: Character - Naruto (WS: Rasen Shuriken)
      310,000 SP: Title - Bonds
      320,000 SP: Character - Suigetsu Hozuki
      330,000 SP: Title - Bounty Hunter
      340,000 SP: Character - Karin
      350,000 SP: Title - Bounty
      360,000 SP: Character - Jugo
      370,000 SP: Title - Large Bounty
      380,000 SP: Character - Sasuke Uchiha (Kirin)
      390,000 SP: Title - The No. 1 Knucklehead
      400,000 SP: Character - Itachi Uchiha
      410,000 SP: Title - The Idiot
      420,000 SP: Character - Tobi
      430,000 SP: Title - The Monster-Strong
      440,000 SP: Character - Jiraiya
      450,000 SP: Title - The Savage Beast
      460,000 SP: Character - Tsunade
      470,000 SP: Title - Gutsy
      480,000 SP: Character - Konan
      490,000 SP: Title - Utterly Gutsy
      500,000 SP: Character - Pain
      510,000 SP: Title - Bushy Brows
      520,000 SP: Naruto Uzumaki (Sage mode)
      530,000 SP: Title - Uber Brows
      540,000 SP: Character - Killer Bee
      550,000 SP: Title - The Genius
      560,000 SP: Character - Sasuke Uchiha ("Taka")
      570,000 SP: Title - The Chubby
      580,000 SP: Character - Minato Namikaze
      590,000 SP: Title - The Flower Shop's
      600,000 SP: Character - Lars Alexandersson
      605,000 SP: Title - The Side Branch's
      610,000 SP: Ninja Info Card No.003
      615,000 SP: Title - The Main Branch's
      620,000 SP: Support Type - Naruto Uzumaki (Nine-tailed Rasengan)
      620,000 SP: Support Type - Naruto Uzumaki (WS: Rasen Shuriken)
      625,000 SP: Title - Desert
      630,000 SP: Ninja Info Card No.026
      635,000 SP: Title - The Puppet Master
      640,000 SP: Support Type - Sasuke (Chidori True Spear)
      640,000 SP: Support Type - Sasuke Uchiha (Kirin)
      645,000 SP: Title - Uneasy
      650,000 SP: Ninja Info Card No.028
      655,000 SP: Title - Sharingan
      660,000 SP: Support Type - Asuma Sarutobi
      665,000 SP: Title - Scared
      670,000 SP: Ninja Info Card No.056
      675,000 SP: Title - Adolescent
      680,000 SP: Support Type - Chiyo
      685,000 SP: Title - Space Cadet
      690,000 SP: Support Type - Jiraiya
      695,000 SP: Title - Frog
      700,000 SP: Ninja Info Card No.057
      705,000 SP: Title - Glasses-Wearing
      710,000 SP: Support Type - Orochimaru
      715,000 SP: Title - Prodigy
      720,000 SP: Support Type - Kabuto Yakushi
      725,000 SP: Title - Bipolar
      730,000 SP: Ninja Info Card No.073
      735,000 SP: Title - Unscathed
      740,000 SP: Support Type - Suigetsu Hozuki
      745,000 SP: Title - Mangekyo Sharingan
      750,000 SP: Support Type - Karin
      755,000 SP: Title - Odd Beast
      760,000 SP: Ninja Info Card No.077
      765,000 SP: Title - Artistic
      770,000 SP: Support Type - Jugo
      775,000 SP: Title - Modeler
      780,000 SP: Support Type - Itachi Uchiha
      785,000 SP: Title - Immortal
      790,000 SP: Ninja Info Card No.098
      795,000 SP: Title - The Masked
      800,000 SP: Support Type - Kisame Hoshigaki
      805,000 SP: Title - The Good Kid
      810,000 SP: Support Type - Deidara
      815,000 SP: Title - The Angel
      820,000 SP: Ninja Info Card No.105
      825,000 SP: Title - Rinnegan
      830,000 SP: Support Type - Sasori
      835,000 SP: Title - The Rapper
      840,000 SP: Support Type - Hidan
      845,000 SP: Title - The Yellow Flash
      850,000 SP: Ninja Info Card No.107
      855,000 SP: Title - Akatsuki's
      860,000 SP: Support Type - Kakuzu
      865,000 SP: Title - Hebi's
      870,000 SP: Support Type - Tobi
      875,000 SP: Title - The Land of Fire's
      880,000 SP: Ninja Info Card No.124
      885,000 SP: Title - The Land Of Wind's
      890,000 SP: Support Type - Konan
      895,000 SP: Title - The Land Of Earth's
      900,000 SP: Support Type - Pain
      905,000 SP: Title - The Land Of Lightning's
      910,000 SP: Ninja Info Card No.135
      915,000 SP: Title - The Land Of Water's
      920,000 SP: Support Type - Naruto Uzumaki (Sage Mode)
      925,000 SP: Title - The Leaf Village's
      930,000 SP: Support Type - Sasuke Uchiha ("Taka")
      935,000 SP: Title - The Sand Village's
      940,000 SP: Ninja Info Card No.159
      945,000 SP: Title - The Mist Village's
      950,000 SP: Support Type - Killer Bee
      955,000 SP: Title - The Rock Village's
      960,000 SP: Ninja Info Card No.177
      965,000 SP: Title - The Cloud Village's
      970,000 SP: Support Type - Minato Namikaze
      975,000 SP: Title - The Sound Village's
      980,000 SP: Ninja Info Card No.178
      985,000 SP: Title - The Waterfall Village's
      990,000 SP: Support Type - Lars Alexandersson
      995,000 SP: Title - The Hot Water Village's
      999,999 SP: Ninja Info Card No.199

  • Play as Sasuke Chidori True Spear

    Start a battle, and select Karin at the character selection. Then, select Taka Sasuke (Akatsuki Sasuke), and wait for the time limit to end for the game to automatically select Sasuke Chidori True Spear as your character.

  • Easy Storm Points

    Use two controllers, and go to Free Battle mode. Do single matches against player two. Change the handicap in your favor, and use Hinata's Chakra Ball move (press Triangle, Circle) to do a 50+ combo, then use your Ultimate Jutsu (press Triangle(3), Circle) to get 10,000 SP per fight. Each fight only requires less than twenty seconds.

  • Trophies

    Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

      Clear Prologue (Bronze): You've cleared the Prologue.
      Clear Chapter One (Bronze): You've cleared Chapter One.
      Clear Chapter Two (Bronze): You've cleared Chapter Two.
      Clear Chapter Three (Bronze): You've cleared Chapter Three.
      Clear Chapter Four (Bronze): You've cleared Chapter Four.
      Clear Chapter Five (Bronze): You've cleared Chapter Five.
      Clear Chapter Six (Bronze): You've cleared Chapter Six.
      Clear Final Chapter (Bronze): You've cleared Final Chapter.
      Naruto's Friends (Bronze): You can now use members of Naruto's generation.
      Naruto's Teachers (Bronze): You can now use Kakashi, Yamayo, Guy and Asuma.
      Sand Village Friends (Bronze): You can now use Gaera, Kankuro, Temari and Chiyo.
      The Legendary Sannin (Bronze): You can now use Jiraiya, Tsunade and Orochimaru.
      Stealthy Akatsuki (Bronze): You can now use all members of the Akatsuki.
      Hebi on the Move (Bronze): You can now use Sasuke, Suigetsu, Karin and Jugo.
      Assassin from Tekken 6 (Bronze): You can now use Lars.
      Bell-Stealing Expert (Bronze): You've acquired S Rank in 'The Bell-Stealing Drill'.
      Village Guardian (Bronze): You've acquired S Rank in 'Sand and Art Blast'.
      At the mercy of Puppet Jutsu (Bronze): You've acquired S Rank in 'Sakura Dances'.
      Unstoppable Rampage (Bronze): You've acquired S Rank in 'Forbidden Fury'.
      Difference in Growth (Bronze): You've acquired S Rank in 'Showdown Between Best Friends'.
      Fourth Hokage's Back (Bronze): You've acquired S Rank in 'Sturm und Drang'.
      Overflowing Hatred (Bronze): You've acquired S Rank in 'The Two Uchiha'.
      Overwhelming Sage (Bronze): You've acquired S Rank in 'Battle Between the Sage God'.
      Vision of a New Wind (Bronze): You've acqured S Rank in 'Earth Shatter'.
      Cursed dolls exterminated! (Bronze): You've retrieved all cursed dolls.
      Oink!! (Bronze): You've retrieved all Tonton's pearls.
      Trial accomplished! (Bronze): You've cleared the 10 trials.
      Request Master (Bronze): You've cleared all requests.
      Ninja of Letters (Bronze): You've cleared all correspondence events.
      All Friends Here! (Bronze): You've seen friendship events for everyone.
      Nothing escapes you (Bronze): You've picked up 500 items.
      Wealth to move nations! (Bronze): Saved up 999999 Ryo.
      Point Tycoon (Bronze): You've saved up 999999 Storm Points.
      I Love Ninja Tools! (Bronze): You've acquired all battle items.
      General Storm Booming! (Bronze): You've collected all collection items.
      The First Edit (Bronze): Edited a Ninja Info Card.
      Message Ninja shocked! (Bronze): You've acquired all messenger birds.
      Review Complete! (Bronze): You've seen all memories.
      Story Assembler (Bronze): Collected 100% of the stories.
      Thanks for all your time! (Bronze): Your total play time is over 30 hours.
      On the Path to Ninja! (Bronze): You've won 1 time in online Ranked Match battles.
      Dexterous Ninja (Bronze): You've won 10 times in online Ranked Match battles.
      Clear Fragment (Silver): You've cleared Fragment.
      All ninja assemble! (Silver): You can now use all characters.
      The Unknowable Moment (Silver): You've seen all secret factors.
      Also Known As... (Silver): You've gained 50 titles.
      Conquered all events! (Gold): You've cleared all events.
      Card Collector (Gold): You've acquired all Ninja Info Cards.
      Which name shall I use? (Gold): You've acquired all titles.
      A perfect Storm Master. (Platinum): You've acquired all trophies.

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