Ride To Hell: Retribution



  • Trophies

    Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

      To Hell and Back (Platinum): Unlock all other trophies.
      Gang Wars (Bronze): Defeat 10 Devil's Hand enemies.
      Master of Massacre (Silver): Defeat 500 Devil's Hand enemies.
      Anger Management (Bronze): Perform a Rage Attack on foot.
      Road Rage (Bronze): Perform 10 Rage Attacks on bike.
      Hands On (Bronze): Perform a kill with every type of melee weapon.
      Target Practice (Bronze): Get 3 A Grades at the gun range.
      Lead Heads (Silver): Kill 50 enemies with Headshots.
      Taking the Initiative (Bronze): Perform a Dirty Fighting Technique attack.
      Wheelie Good (Bronze): Perform an S Grade Wheelie.
      Get Some Air (Bronze): Perform an S Grade Jump.
      Slide It In (Bronze): Perform an S Grade Powerslide.
      Wheelie God (Bronze): Perform 10 S Grade Wheelies.
      Flying High (Bronze): Jump a total of 1000 feet.
      Slip and Slide (Bronze): Perform 10 S Grade Powerslides.
      Lock and Load (Bronze): Purchase 5 weapons.
      Mr. Nice Guy (Bronze): Save a girl.
      Ladies Man (Silver): Save every girl being harassed.
      Bookworm (Silver): Purchase all the Manuals.
      My Prescription (Silver): Sell one of every drug type.
      Card Shark (Bronze): Collect a Playing Card.
      Card Collector RED (Silver): Collect all the cards in the red deck.
      Card Collector BLUE (Silver): Collect all the cards in the blue deck.
      Painting the Town (Silver): Unlock all Bike Paints.
      Art Appreciation (Silver): Unlock all Bike Artwork.
      Sweet Ride (Silver): Unlock 50% of the Bike Parts.
      Unfinished Business (Bronze): Complete the opening sequence.
      The Bigger They Are... (Silver): Defeat Anvil.
      Killing Cowboys (Silver): Defeat Colt.
      Right Hook for Meathook (Silver): Defeat Meathook.
      Explosive Endings (Silver): Defeat Greasy Steve.
      Carpenter (Silver): Defeat Triple 6.
      Holy Ghost (Silver): Defeat King Dick.
      Pretty No More (Silver): Defeat Pretty Boy.
      Bloody Retribution (Silver): Defeat Caesar.
      Easy Rider (Gold): Complete the game on the Easy Rider Difficulty setting.
      Badass Biker (Gold): Complete the game on the Badass Biker Difficulty setting.
      One Percenter (Gold): Complete the game on the One Percenter Difficulty setting.
      Eye of the Wolf (Bronze): Kill 50 Devil's Hand with the Sniper Rifle.
      Fire in the Hole (Bronze): Kill 50 Devil's Hand with Grenades.
      Spring Cleaning (Bronze): Clear Old Moon Ranch of Devil's Hand.
      With Great Power... (Bronze): Deliver the truck back to the Army Base.
      Decoy? (Bronze): Catch the decoy.
      Egg Timer (Bronze): Reach Cook and the A-bomb.
      Co-Pilot (Bronze): Kill 10 Devil's Hand from Tyrell's side-car.
      Super Jump Man (Bronze): Follow two of Tyrell's men off a bike ramp.
      Untouchable (Silver): Fight through the Refinery without dying.
      The Final Countdown (Silver): Defeat Cook.

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