Rise Of The Guardians


  • Trophies

    Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

      Rise of the Guardians (Platinum): Earn all trophies to unlock this platinum trophy.
      Explorer - Burgess (Bronze): Travel to Burgess by way of a Guardian Gate.
      Explorer - Tooth's Palace (Bronze): Travel to Tooth's Palace by way of a Guardian Gate.
      Explorer - Bunnymund's Warren (Bronze): Travel to The Warren by way of a Guardian Gate.
      Explorer - Sandman's Ship (Bronze): Travel to the Sandman's Ship by way of a Guardian Gate.
      Explorer - North Pole (Bronze): Travel to the North Pole by way of a Guardian Gate.
      Explorer - Pitch's Lair (Bronze): Enter Pitch's Lair for the first time.
      Guardian Explorer (Silver): Travel to each realm in the whole world.
      Gates of Burgess (Bronze): Reclaim all gates at Burgess.
      Gates of Bunnymund's Warren (Bronze): Reclaim all gates at The Warren.
      Gates of Sandman's Ship (Bronze): Reclaim all gates at the Sandman's Ship.
      Gates of the North Pole (Bronze): Reclaim all gates at the North Pole.
      Gates of Tooth's Palace (Bronze): Reclaim all gates at Tooth's Palace.
      Keeper of the Gates (Silver): Complete all Gate Guardians missions in each realm.
      Guardians Unite (Silver): Complete all Protectors of Belief missions in each realm.
      Friends to the Rescue (Silver): Complete all Cage Break missions in each realm.
      Nightmares Beware (Silver): Complete all Shadow Stompers missions in each realm.
      Celebrate Your Center (Silver): Complete all Find Your Center missions in each realm.
      Believe in the Magic (Bronze): Level up for the first time.
      Elite Guardian (Silver): Reach Valor Level 20.
      Shadow Spree (Bronze): Destroy 100 Nightmare enemies.
      Shadow Take-Down (Bronze): Destroy one of each Nightmare enemy.
      Magic is Everywhere (Bronze): Destroy all Nightmares in all realms.
      Dig the Spring (Bronze): Find and Collect all Painted Eggs scattered across all 5 realms.
      Memories Safe (Bronze): Find and Collect all Tooth Boxes scattered across all 5 realms.
      Eternally Chill (Bronze): Find and Collect all Snowballs scattered across all 5 realms.
      Toy Central (Bronze): Find and Collect all Wooden Toys scattered across all 5 realms.
      Dreamer (Bronze): Find and Collect all Dreamsand Capsules scattered across all 5 realms.
      Deliver Holiday Cheer (Bronze): Perform a 10 point combo.
      Never Stop Believing (Bronze): Reach a 50 point combo.
      Cool Headed (Bronze): Upgrade your weapon to Level 2.
      Ice Cold (Bronze): Upgrade your weapon to Level 3.
      Cold Warrior (Bronze): Upgrade your weapon to Level 4.
      My Kind of Element (Bronze): Purchase all Gems.
      Crystal Champ (Bronze): Collect 15000 Crystals.
      Guardians Deliver (Gold): Reach 100% World Belief.
      Co-op Captain (Bronze): Instigate a co-operative attack move.
      Shadow Sifter (Bronze): Destroy one of each type of Champion Nightmare.
      Beyond Belief (Silver): Defeat Pitch in the Final Showdown and reach 100% world belief.
      This is Going to be Epic! (Silver): Defeat Pitch for the fifth and final time in his Lair.
      Belief Spin (Bronze): Turn the Globe of Belief 360 degrees on the Pause Screen.
      Bed Blaster (Bronze): Destroy all beds that lead to Pitch's Realm portal.
      I Still Believe (Silver): Defeat Pitch in each of the five confrontations.
      Tis' the Season to be Naughty (Bronze): Destroy 40 piles of presents in North's Factory.
      Yeti Master (Bronze): Hit a friendly Yeti ten times.
      Memories are Treasures (Bronze): Destroy the circle of mushrooms in Tooth's Asia Temple.
      Workin' Hard Every Day (Bronze): Destroy 20 vases in Tooth's realm.
      Riding the Wind (Bronze): Hit 10 Mailboxes around the streets of Burgess.
      Gone Fishing (Bronze): Destroy all 5 instances of fishing gear around the lake.
      Glory of the Guardians (Gold): Defeat Pitch at the Final Showdown in Burgess.

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