Sackboy's Prehistoric Moves



Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    Primitive Discoveries (Bronze): Collect 5 special bubbles.
    Hotfoot It (Bronze): Complete the race on Hot Stepping with at least 2800 Points left on the clock.
    In the Move Groove (Bronze): Complete the race on Learning to Move with at least 1000 Points left on the clock.
    Ace Prehistoric Paradise (Bronze): Ace Prehistoric Paradise.
    Ace Cro-Magnon City (Bronze): Ace Cro-Magnon City.
    Ace Fossil Fight (Bronze): Ace Fossil Fight.
    Pterodactyl Terror (Bronze): Achieve a score of 4500 in the Primordial Shoot Survival Challenge.
    The Hiccups (Bronze): Achieve a score of 4500 in the Acid Reflux Survival Challenge.
    High Flyer (Bronze): Achieve a score of 5500 in the Pterodactyl Toss Survival Challenge.
    Molten Master (Bronze): Achieve a score of 3500 in the Pyroclastic Flow Survival Challenge.
    Extinct (Bronze): Destroy the T-Rex boss.
    Collect-a-saurus (Silver): Collect 15 special bubbles.
    Five-a-Day (Silver): Ace Inside Big Rex with 5 players.
    Collect-a-saurus Rex (Gold): Collect all 25 special bubbles.
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