• Trophies

    Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

      Strider Master (Platinum): Earn all Trophies in Strider.
      Master of Unlocking (Bronze): Charge the first Novo.
      You've Got The Power (Silver): Collect all Energy Upgrades.
      Remember The Fallen (Silver): Collect all Fallen Striders.
      Health Nut (Silver): Collect all Health Upgrades.
      Cuts Like a Knife (Silver): Collect All Kunai Upgrades.
      Collector of Collecting (Silver): Collect all Large Canisters.
      Didn't Miss a Beat (Bronze): Complete the Balrog without falling.
      Speed Demon (Gold): Complete the game in under 4 hours.
      Special Class-A (Gold): Complete game on Hard difficulty.
      Class-A Ninja (Silver): Complete game on Normal difficulty.
      Eye of the Tiger (Bronze): Defeat 20 enemies using Panther.
      Untouchable (Gold): Defeat 20 consecutive enemies, without being hit.
      I Got You! (Silver): Defeat Solo.
      Death of the Iron Ruler (Silver): Defeat General Mikiel.
      Equal in the Face of Death (Silver): Defeat Grandmaster Meio.
      Now I am the Master (Silver): Defeat Meio Prime.
      Don't Drink the Water (Silver): Defeat Juroung.
      Shock the Monkey (Silver): Defeat Mechapon.
      Red Dragon Awaits (Silver): Defeat the Armored Dragon.
      You Must Defeat Sheng Long (Silver): Defeat Xi Wang Mu.
      That's No Moon (Bronze): Destroy Gravitron.
      All Fall Down (Bronze): Destroy Gravitron 2.
      I'm Rubber, You're Glue (Bronze): Defeat 10 enemies using Reflect.
      Meet Cypher's Edge (Bronze): Max out the Hit Meter 25 times.

    Additionally, there are six secret trophies:

      Another Soulless Copy (Silver): Defeat Pei & Nang Pooh.
      A Cold Wind Blows (Silver): Defeat Pei Pooh.
      Dragon Slayer (Silver): Defeat the Armored Dragon Stage 2.
      The Circle Is Now Complete (Silver): Defeat Resurrected Solo.
      Run Crying Back To Your Masters (Silver): Defeat The Winds.
      Spice Must Flow (Silver): Defeat the Millipede.

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