Tales Of Xillia 2

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  • Trophies

    Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

      Enemy Sage (Bronze): Proof that you've registered enough monsters in your list. With this much, you could call it a encyclopedia! Wow!
      Item Fanatic (Bronze): Proof that you've registered enough items in your list. Is there anything left to find?!
      Monster Annihilator (Bronze): Proof that you've encountered a set number of enemies! You must be superhuman at this rate! Monsters must fear you!
      Combo Virtuoso (Bronze): You've executed a max combo of impressive proportions! Enemies lives must flash before their eyes when you face them!
      Lord of Links (Bronze): Proof that you've executed a set number of linked artes. You have paved the way for future would-be linked arte users.
      Master of Chains (Bronze): Proof of an awe-inspiring amount of linked arte chains! You could teach a college level course on it if you had to!
      Elite Annihilator (Bronze): You've clearly defeated an elite amount of elite monsters. You must be VIP at this point! Bet you can get into any club.
      The Cat's Pajamas (Bronze): You've completed your item list for each area in Kitty Dispatch! You're the cat's pajamas now!
      My Soul Brother Jude (Bronze): Now you and Jude are so tight, you don't even need words! Your level of friendship exceeds all language at this point.
      Milla Resonance (Bronze): You and Milla, clearly, have a special bond that cannot be broken. Just saying her name out loud makes it feel like she's with you.
      Alvin, My Blood Brother (Bronze): You and Alvin officially have a real bromance going on. Now you could have a clandestine man-to-man chat together anytime.
      Forever Elize (Bronze): Your kinship with Elize is now supremely awesome. She may now come to you with deep questions about life itself.
      Rowen Army (Bronze): You and Rowen are truly distinguished chums at this point. There's nothing a refined beard won't overcome!
      Leia the Ultimate (Bronze): Your level of intimacy with Leia is now impeccable. It's so strong that you think you might actually BE Leia!
      Eternal Conquest with Gaius (Bronze): You and Gaius have formed a kingly friendship. You may find yourself sitting on the throne in his place sometimes!
      Lovin' with Muzét (Bronze): You and Muzét are such good friends now! If she ever asks you for a favor, you can't refuse! Wait, is that good?
      Forever Besties (Silver): Your affinity with all party members has greatly deepened. Now you run around hugging them all the time! Chill out!
      Ludger Transformation Spree (Bronze): Ludger's transformed enough times to earn his own TV show. It plays all day every day on every channel. That's a lotta Ludger!
      Snap Pivot Urban Legend (Bronze): Jude has executed a great number of Snap Pivots. People are starting to think he's not even real!
      MAXwell (Bronze): Milla has performed a great number of Spirit Shifts. Almost makes you question if she fights with anything else.
      Super Charged (Bronze): Now Alvin has Charged so much he can't stop! It's like he's frozen in a perpetual state of Charging!
      Teepo Embodied (Bronze): Elize has Teepo Switched to great proportions! You'd think it was her day job or something! Work it, sister!
      Fortissimo (Bronze): The crescendo of Rowen's Arte Tuning has finished it's apex. The crowd cheers endlessly for an encore!
      Staff of Indignation (Bronze): Leia has really extended her use of the Elongating Staff! You'd think that it was made of taffy or something!
      Gaius Fury (Bronze): Gaius has used the Retribution ability quite a number of times. A moment of silence for the fallen.
      Warp Goddess (Bronze): Muzét's Emergency Warp has now been perfected. It's the stuff of legends. Now you see her, now you don't!
      Doppelganger (Bronze): Ludger has now used his Mirror ability countless times. No one even remembers if there was an original in the first place!
      Life Giver (Bronze): Restoring is the name of the game. Who needs healing when you have Jude?
      Binding Queen (Bronze): Stand in front of her and you'll be bound. Stand behind her and you'll be bound. There's really no escape.
      Expert Breaker (Bronze): "Breaker": It means one who breaks things. All kinds of things. Including your face. Don't even think about it!
      Soul Siphon (Bronze): Teepo's drained quite a number of enemies. You can hear the cries of many echoing in the distance.
      Spirit Protector (Bronze): If you can guard this well, then forget spirit artes! That's what your foes will say, anyways.
      Notorious Bandit (Bronze): Clearly there's nothing Leia won't steal. Hide your kids, hide your wives, and hide your husbands!
      Power Savior (Bronze): Gaius' defense is like an impenetrable fortress! It's like he's invincible even in his sleep!
      Limousine (Bronze): Muzét has transported quite a bit with her Support Warp. Enemies don't even want to bother with you!
      The Strongest (Gold): You've attained the highest possible level you can! What are you going to accomplish next?
      Battle General (Bronze): Only those who have received several "Beginner" titles are worthy. The first step to complete mastery.
      Battle Lord (Silver): A true master who has obtained most of the "Advanced" titles. People like you are one in a million!
      Battle God (Gold): You've obtained all of the "Beginner" and "Advanced" titles. You're shining so bright, I think I need shades!
      Gambler (Silver): Like gambling so much you'd even gamble with your life? Then you, sir or madam, are a true gambler.

    Additionally, there are nine secret trophies:

      Lord of Xillia 2 (Platinum): The mark of complete Xillia 2 mastery. Thanks for playing!
      Chromatus Control (Silver): Proof of one who has sealed away their chromatus abilities. Now that's willpower!
      Perfect Body (Silver): Your level of tenacity is greater than any words can describe. You're brilliant, and everyone knows it!
      Codependency (Silver): Hey, living through others is still living, right? Be proud of yourself! But not TOO proud.
      Dimension Destroyer (Bronze): You've destroyed your first fractured dimension. But hey, you had to, right?
      Chromatist (Bronze): A title given only to the strongest of all chromatus bearers. If someone manages to defeat that bearer, the title is passed on.
      Blood Brothers (Bronze): This is the ultimate destination for two brothers. With so little time left, may they find peace.
      Beyond Judgment (Gold): Intentions are passed down and continue into the future. Live with no regrets.
      The Fatalist (Silver): Will the same destiny befall you once again? That depends on your own choices.

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