TNT Racers


  • Trophies

    Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

      "Fast" Champion (Bronze): Beat all Fast Challenges.
      "Normal" Champion (Bronze): Beat all Normal Challenges.
      "Turbo" Champion (Silver): Beat all Turbo Challenges.
      Destructoid (Silver): Waste 100 opponent vehicles with weapons in any mode.
      Globetrotter (Silver): Win an online match on each track of the base game (forwards and backwards).
      Homerun (Silver): Win 3 online ranked matches in a row.
      Motorhead (Gold): Unlock all Tracks, Vehicles and Race Classes.
      Newcomer (Bronze): Win your first online ranked match.
      Race Apprentice (Bronze): Win your first race.
      Score Seeker (Bronze): Score at least 15,000 points in Turbo Challenge #13.
      Shadow Takedown (Bronze): Pull out one opponent with the Speed Disruptor in Shadow Mode.
      Wrong Direction (Bronze): Complete a lap on Peak in 18.1s - driving in the wrong direction, multiplayer only.

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