• Trophies

    Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

      Challenged (Silver): Completing all of these shows mastery of your abilities.
      Consequences (Silver): Your rampage through the facility left few survivors.
      Corpse Killer (Bronze): See what these humans are made of.
      Crossfire (Bronze): What happens when soldiers duel?
      Cuddles (Silver): Your peaceful playthrough is admirable.
      In a Rush (Silver): There is no use sticking around longer than necessary.
      King Grubulon (Silver): These things are everywhere.
      Murder Artist (Silver): For only the most creative killers.
      Over Exposed (Silver): It's best not to leave any recorded evidence.
      Rival (Silver): They got gold? Are you going to let them beat you?
      Stupid Toy (Bronze): The foolish toy ball didn't stand a chance.
      Sunlight (Silver): Now that you're free, what will you do?

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