Batman: Arkham Knight

All Riddler Collectibles Locations



New Story + mode

Successfully complete the game to unlock the "New Story +" option at the main menu. In New Story + mode, you will retain your WayneTech upgrades and experience points and will play on the Knightmare difficulty.

Alternate costumes

The following costumes are unlocked in the game through the indicated method:

    Adam West: PlayStation exclusive pre-order bonus; available to All Season Pass owners in Fall 2015.
    Anime Batman: Sign into a WBPlay account under the "WBPlay" option at the main menu.
    Batman 1st Appearance: Amazon pre-order bonus; or included in Serious Edition.
    Batsuit v.7.43: Available by default.
    Batsuit v.8.03: Progress through the storyline.
    Flashpoint: Included in the Premium Edition or All Season Pass.
    New 52: Free DLC costume.
    The Dark Knight Returns: Included in Gotham's Future Skin Pack on Steam.

Freeze Blast hidden gadget

The Freeze Blast is the only gadget in the game that you do not get through natural progression. Unlike other gadgets, you actually have to find and collect it. The Freeze Blast can be found in Panessa Studios in the room after exiting the elevator. It is required to get some of the Riddler Trophies. Thus, it is required to reach 100% completion and get the full Knightfall Protocol ending. As the name suggests, you can freeze enemies with it to render them immobile for a short time, making it useful for combat encounters. You can also freeze steam pipes with it to reach certain riddler collectibles that are otherwise inaccessible.

Secret Knightfall Protocol ending

Get a 100% game completion to view the true Knightfall Protocol ending and get the "Knightfall" trophy. To get a 100% completion, you must complete the following tasks:

    1. Successfully complete the main story.
    2. Find all Riddler collectibles (Trophies, Riddles, Rioters, and Objects)
    3. Successfully complete all side missions, which are as follows:
    • Lamb To Slaughter
    • Gotham On Fire
    • Gunrunner
    • Riddler's Revenge
    • Occupy Gotham
    • Campaign Of Disarmament
    • The Perfect Crime
    • Friend In Need
    • Heir To The Cowl
    • Armored And Dangerous
    • The Line Of Duty
    • Two-Faced Bandit
    • Creature Of The Night
    • Own The Roads

You can complete the story first and then do everything else afterwards (which is recommended, as a lot of the Riddler collectibles are inaccessible until after the story has been completed. Note: There is a shorter version of the Knightfall Protocol ending after completing half of the side missions, but it will not unlock the trophy (you need the full ending for it).

Azrael Symbol locations

Search the indicated locations to find all four of Azrael's burning bat symbols on rooftops for the "Heir To The Cowl" Most Wanted side mission. One is found on Miagani Island, one on Founders' Island, one on Bleake Island, and on on the island in middle of the map. Successfully complete this mission by finding all four symbols and playing combat challenges with Azrael to get the "Angel In The Dark" trophy. Progress through the main story to gain access to this side mission. It will not become available until much later in the game.

Firefighter locations

Search the indicated locations to find all 15 firefighters for "The Line Of Duty" Most Wanted side mission. Rescue all 15 firefighters to complete the mission and get the "Death Of Innocents" trophy. Progress through the main story to gain access to the locations of all firefighters. Some of them are not available until much later in the game. After rescuing the last firefighter, you must free the captain and bring him back to GCPD to finish the mission.

Man-Bat locations

Search the indicated locations to find Man-Bat for the "Creature Of The Night" Most Wanted side mission. In the mission, you must track down the Man-Bat. The starting point can be found in the middle of Miagani Island. Look for a flying creature between the skyscrapers (it is slowly flying around this area in big circles). Use your detective vision to spot the creature more easily. Successfully complete the mission to get the "Scar Of The Bat" trophy. Progress through the main story to reach this location. After completing all four parts of this mission, you can cure Man-Bat and lock him up in GCPD.

Mutilated bodies locations

Search the indicted locations to find all six mutilated bodies for "The Perfect Crime" Most Wanted side mission. Two of the bodies are found on Bleake Island, two on Founders' Island, and two on Miagani Island. Successfully complete this mission to get "The Monster Machine" trophy. Progress through the main story to gain access to all of the dead bodies. Some of them are not available until much later in the game. After finding all of them, you must track down the serial killer Professor Pyg, defeat him, and lock him up in GCPD.

Riddler collectible coordinate locations

Search at the indicated coordinates to find the corresponding collectible. You can also view our All Riddler collectibles video page to view the exact location of all 315 Riddler collectibles.

Bleake Island

Riddler Trophies

    Trophy #1: 1501, 1838
    Trophy #2: 1248, 2033
    Trophy #3: 1559, 2067
    Trophy #4: 1521, 2113
    Trophy #5: 1725, 2227
    Trophy #6: 1628, 2306
    Trophy #7: 2229, 2177
    Trophy #8: 2227, 2339
    Trophy #9: 1553, 2545
    Trophy #10: 1778, 2502
    Trophy #11: 1695, 2768
    Trophy #12: 1502, 2909
    Trophy #13: 1556, 2948
    Trophy #14: 1582, 3187
    Trophy #15: 1817, 3209
    Trophy #16: 2194, 2777
    Trophy #17: 2048, 2729
    Trophy #18: 2330, 2599

Riddler Puzzle Trophies

    Trophy #1: 1709, 1964
    Trophy #2: 1628, 2098
    Trophy #3: N/A
    Trophy #4: 1735, 2096
    Trophy #5: 1769, 1978
    Trophy #6: 1989, 2147
    Trophy #7: N/A
    Trophy #8: 1818, 2330
    Trophy #9: 2190, 2185
    Trophy #10: N/A
    Trophy #11: 1633, 2765
    Trophy #12: 1646, 2797
    Trophy #13: 1639, 2828
    Trophy #14: 1655, 2942
    Trophy #15: None, complete the race near Merchant Bridge.
    Trophy #16: 1809, 2915
    Trophy #17: 2058, 2646
    Trophy #18: 1983, 3010
    Trophy #19: 2009, 3049
    Trophy #20: 2489, 2821
    Trophy #21: 2445, 3116
    Trophy #22: 2012, 2742


    Riddle #1: 1269, 2022
    Riddle #2: 1620, 2241
    Riddle #3: 2100, 2259
    Riddle #4: 2326, 3158
    Riddle #5: 2366, 2640
    Riddle #6: 2470, 2290
    Riddle #7: 2330, 2599
    Riddle #8: 2330, 2599
    Riddle #9: 2084, 2226
    Riddle #10: 1634, 2160
    Riddle #11: 2330, 2599

Miagani Island

Riddler Trophies

    Trophy #1: 3282, 1956
    Trophy #2: 3135, 2065
    Trophy #3: 3126, 2158
    Trophy #4: 3187, 2188
    Trophy #5: 3229, 2153
    Trophy #6: 3274, 2258
    Trophy #7: 2665, 2715
    Trophy #8: 2720, 2659
    Trophy #9: 2908, 2430
    Trophy #10: 3029, 2382
    Trophy #11: 3724, 2071
    Trophy #12: 3145, 2468
    Trophy #13: 3112, 2604
    Trophy #14: Unknown
    Trophy #15: 3227, 2635
    Trophy #16: 3286, 2572
    Trophy #17: 3332, 2681
    Trophy #18: 33321, 2702
    Trophy #19: 3422, 2589
    Trophy #20: 3143, 2990
    Trophy #21: 3392, 2924
    Trophy #22: 33591, 2823
    Trophy #23: 2530, 2239

Riddler Puzzle Trophies

    Trophy #1: 3355, 1828
    Trophy #2: 3252, 1977
    Trophy #3: Unknown
    Trophy #4: 2886, 2070
    Trophy #5: 2887, 2171, then complete the race
    Trophy #6: 3024, 2150
    Trophy #7: 3520, 2152
    Trophy #8: Unknown
    Trophy #9: Unknown
    Trophy #10: 3008, 2443
    Trophy #11: 3064, 2390
    Trophy #12: 3344, 2486
    Trophy #13: 2811, 2774
    Trophy #14: Unknown
    Trophy #15: Unknown
    Trophy #16: 3692, 2799
    Trophy #17: Unknown
    Trophy #18: Unknown


    Riddle #1: 2892, 2201
    Riddle #2: 2907, 2618
    Riddle #3: 3253, 1899
    Riddle #4: 3253, 1899
    Riddle #5: 3149, 2199
    Riddle #6: 3246, 2293
    Riddle #7: 3378, 2406
    Riddle #8: 3165, 2627
    Riddle #9: 3613, 2807
    Riddle #10: 3342, 2896

Founders' Island

Riddler Trophies

    Trophy #1: 1752, 1663
    Trophy #2: 1975, 1466
    Trophy #3: 1902, 1701
    Trophy #4: 1963, 1793
    Trophy #5: 2231, 1086
    Trophy #6: 2253, 1337
    Trophy #7: 2419, 1456
    Trophy #8: 2312, 1682
    Trophy #9: 2261, 1809
    Trophy #10: 2520, 1389
    Trophy #11: 2566, 1412
    Trophy #12: 2613, 1593
    Trophy #13: 2977, 1482
    Trophy #14: 2843, 1712
    Trophy #15: 2765, 1833
    Trophy #16: 2812, 1938
    Trophy #17: 3306, 1456
    Trophy #18: Subway Tunnel: 3109, 1425
    Trophy #19: Subway Tunnel: 3109, 1425
    Trophy #20: Subway Tunnel: 3109, 1425
    Trophy #21: Subway Tunnel: 3109, 1425
    Trophy #22: Subway Tunnel: 3109, 1425
    Trophy #23: Subway Tunnel: 3109, 1425
    Trophy #24: Subway Tunnel: 3109, 1425
    Trophy #25: Subway Tunnel: 3109, 1425

Riddler Trophies Puzzle Solutions

    Trophy #1: 2564, 1802
    Trophy #2: 1986, 1515
    Trophy #3: 2064, 1673
    Trophy #4: 2154, 1678
    Trophy #5: 2183, 1834
    Trophy #6: 2204, 1935
    Trophy #7: 2194, 1475
    Trophy #8: 2372, 1411
    Trophy #9: 2407, 1713
    Trophy #10: 2518, 1399
    Trophy #11: 2641, 1385
    Trophy #12: 2644, 1955
    Trophy #13: 2746, 1873
    Trophy #14: 3025, 1161
    Trophy #15: 2997, 1345
    Trophy #16: 3286, 1279


The following upgrades have the listed effects:


    Grapnel Boost MK III: Launch yourself higher and faster with the Grapnel Boost.
    Grapnel Boost MK IV: Greatly increases the height, range, and speed of the Grapnel Boost.
    Grapple Takedown: Grapple on a ledge below an enemy then vault around to perform a takedown.
    Ballistic Armor Level 1: 25% added protection against enemy projectiles.
    Ballistic Armor Level 2: 50% added protection against enemy projectiles.
    Ballistic Armor Level 3: 75% added protection against enemy projectiles.
    Ballistic Armor Level 4: 100% added protection against enemy projectiles.
    Shockwave Attack: Dive bomb to the ground then perform a powerful shockwave attack that knocks down nearby enemies.
    Glide Boost Attack: Glide Kick to lock onto your target and then initiate a Dive Bomb. If the Bat-symbol icon is filled before impact, you will knock out your target and any enemies behind them.
    Fear Multi-Takedown x4: Perform Fear Takedown on up to four enemies in quick succession.
    Fear Multi-Takedown x5: Perform Fear Takedown on up to five enemies in quick succession.
    Melee Armor Level 1: 25% added protection against melee attacks.
    Melee Armor Level 2: 50% added protection against melee attacks.
    Melee Armor Level 3: 75% added protection against melee attacks.
    Melee Armor Level 4: 100% added protection against melee attacks.

Close combat

    Special Combo Batarang: Release up to three Batarangs that detonate upon impact with a full combo meter.
    Special Combo Boost: Reduce combo move unlock to x5.
    Special Combo Explosive Gel: Increase effectiveness of Explosive Gel when combo meter is full.
    Special Combo Batclaw: Increase effectiveness of Batclaw when combo meter is full.
    Critical Strikes: Time your next strike perfectly to double the damage.
    Blade Dodge Takedown: Instantly take out an enemy who uses a bladed weapon by performing a dodge.
    Special Combo Multi Ground Takedown: Incapacitates all floored enemies with a full combo meter.
    Special Combo Disarm and Destroy: Disarm enemy and destroy their weapon with a full combo meter.
    Freeflow Focus MK II: Increased damage when striking enemies with a full combo meter. Each attack with FreeFlow Focus MK II lowers the Combo meter and damage to normal.
    Aerial Juggle: Super stun followed by a series of powerful strikes against normal enemies.
    Batclaw Super Stun: Fires the Batclaw to bring enemies near you to stun them.
    Charged Super Stun: Perform a Super Stun without having to perform three stun attacks.
    Weapon Steal MK II: Increase the time you can hold a weapon from an enemy before it breaks.
    Batmobile Assisted Takedown Boost: Batmobile assisted takedown becomes available after a x6 combo.
    Special Combo REC: Damage multiple targets with a chain arc of electricity with a full combo meter, stunning them for a few seconds.
    Special Combo Freeze Blast: Boosted Freeze blast freezes enemies in a small area.

Skill gadget

    Twin Aimed Batarangs: Hit two targets simultaneously with Batarangs
    Triple Aimed Batarangs: Hit three targets simultaneously with Batarangs.
    Batarang Stun Duration: Increases stun duration of Batarang.
    Remote Controlled Reverse Batarang: Batarang loops back to hit an enemy from behind, forcing them to search in the wrong direction.
    Batarang Combat Damage: Increases Batarang power in combat.
    Batclaw - Disarm Firearm: Remove an enemy's weapon with a quickfire Batclaw.
    Gadgets While Gliding - Batarang: Throw a Batarang while in mid-air.
    Gadgets While Gliding - Four Gadgets: Use up to four different gadgets while gliding towards an enemy group.
    Gadgets While Gliding - Batclaw: Fire the Batclaw while gliding towards an enemy.
    Gadgets While Gliding - Explosive Gel: Shoot Explosive Gel while gliding.
    Gadgets While Gliding - Remote Electrical Charge: Fire a remote electrical charge while gliding.
    Gadgets While Gliding - Freeze Blast: Throw a Freeze Blast projectile while gliding.
    Gadgets While Gliding - Five Gadgets: Use up to five gadgets while gliding toward an enemy group.

Tech gadget

    Smoke Pellet - Duration: Increases duration of smoke after throwing a Smoke Pellet.
    Smoke Pellet - AoE: Increases area of effect and overall radius of smoke after throwing a Smoke Pellet.
    Explosive Gel 1: Instantly incapacitates an enemy near Explosive Gel and stun others nearby.
    Explosive Gel 2: Greatly increases stun duration by Explosive Gel.
    Explosive Gel 3: Increases the radial range of Explosive Gel detonation.
    Freeze Blast - Proximity Mine: Freeze blast proximity mine that automatically detonates when an enemy is close.
    Freeze Cluster: Powerful freeze blast that affects a cluster of enemies.
    Freeze Cluster - Proximity Mine: Combination of Proximity Mine and Freeze Cluster.
    Freeze Blast - Freeze Duration: Increases duration of the freeze effect on an enemy for all freeze-based weapons.
    Disruptor - Sabotage Detective Mode Scanner: Sabotage the Detective Mode Scanner to explode and incapacitate wielder when it locks onto your Detective Mode signal.
    Disruptor - Sabotage Detective Mode Jammer: Sabotage any Detective Mode jammer to instantly disable it and release a deafening signal that disrupts nearby enemies.
    Disruptor - Sabotage Sentry Gun Dispenser: Sabotage a sentry gun to make it explode, incapacitating its operator using it.
    Disruptor - Optic Disruption Armor: Disable the enemy's Optic Disruption Armor to make them visible in Detective mode.
    Disruptor - Sabotage Medic: Incapacitates a Medic when they attempt to revive a downed enemy.
    Disruptor - Sabotage Mine: Detonate enemy mines and incapacitates nearby enemies.
    Disruptor - Sabotage Stun Sticks: Sabotage a stun stick and incapacitates its owner when used.
    Disruptor - Sabotage Ammo: Overload two enemy weapons at once, or disrupt up to four enemy weapons in a single predator encounter.
    Sabotage Boa Drone Controller: Sabotage the Boa Drone to incapacitate its controller.
    Disruptor - Sabotage Drone: Sabotage a drone's weapon system to make it self-destruct whenever it attempts to fire at you.
    Remote Hacking Device - Drone Hacker MK II: Increases duration of the Remote Hacking Device's jamming effect.

Batmobile Pursuit mode

    Super Eject Level 1: Eject further and faster,
    Super Eject Level 2: Eject from the Batmobile to very large heights.
    Afterburner Recharge Level 1: Increases afterburner recharge rate when not powersliding.
    Afterburner Recharge Level 2: Greatly increases afterburner recharge rate when not powersliding.
    Dodge Thruster Boost: Perform a double thrust after completing a dodge.
    Ram Charge: Increases damage dealt to enemy vehicle from ramming.
    Armor Level 1: Increases Batmobile armor by 25%.
    Armor Level 2: Increases Batmobile armor by 50%.
    Armor Level 3: Increases Batmobile armor by 75%.
    Armor Level 4: Increases Batmobile armor by 100%.

Batmobile Battle mode

    60mm Cannon - Reload Speed: Reduces recharge time between shots by 15%.
    60mm Cannon - Reload Speed 2: Reduces recharge time between shots by 33%.
    60mm Cannon - Chassis Shot Damage: Increases damage to a drone by a direct shot to its chassis.
    60mm Cannon - Turret Shot Damage: Increases damage to a drone by a direct shot to its turret.
    Emergency Weapon Energy: Instantly charges weapon energy to level 2 when Batmobile armor reaches critical level.
    Energy Storage Protection: Prevents loss of weapon energy when the Batmobile takes a hit.
    Vulcan Gun Energy: Increases accuracy of Vulcan Gun to allow for precision targeting for longer durations.
    Energy Absorption Efficient: Increases amount of weapon energy gained per enemy destroyed for secondary weapon.
    60mm Cannon Cobra Lure: Shots from the 60mm cannon attract Cobra drones to the location of the blast.

Batman: Arkham series references

Enter the Gotham City Police Department, and explore the Evidence Locker to see weapons and items confiscated from villains in previous Batman: Arkham series of games.

Superman reference

Listen to the messages on Bruce's answering machine at Wayne Tower to hear several messages from Lex Luthor. Additionally, some thugs can be heard referencing Superman.

The Gray Ghost reference

Various posters featuring The Gray Ghost can be found throughout the game. This is a reference to the "Beware The Gray Ghost" episode of the Batman animated series.

Easy "Brutality 101" trophy

There are 27 available combat moves. Perform any 15 of them in one combo (without the combo multiplier breaking) to get the "Brutality 101" trophy. This works best in the "Batman & Nightwing" AR combat challenge. You must first play through the story to obtain certain gadgets, and it is highly recommended to buy all combat skills that unlock new moves. Note: The special moves require a full combo meter. The following is a list of all 27 combos:

    1. Batclaw Slam: L2 + Triangle, Square
    2. Counter: Triangle
    3. Electrical Charge: L2 + Circle
    4. Redirect (Jump): Left Analog-stick + X, X
    5. Quick Explosive Gel: L2 + Square
    6. Strike: Square
    7. Special Combo Takedown: Circle + Triangle
    8. Environmental Takedown: X + Square
    9. Quick Batarang: L2
    10. Beat Down: Circle, Square(3)
    11. Cape Stun: Circle
    12. Super Stun: Circle(3)
    13. Special Combo Batarang: Hold L2
    14. Ground Takedown: L2 + Triangle
    15. Aerial Attack: Circle, X(2)
    16. Special Combo Explosive Gel: Hold L2 + Square
    17. Special Combo Remote Electrical Charge: Hold L2 + Circle
    18. Special Combo Batclaw: Hold L2 + Triangle
    19. Special Combo Multi Ground Takedown: X + Circle
    20. Special Combo Disarm And Destroy: Square + Triangle
    21. Blade Dodge Takedown: Left Analog-stick, hold and release Triangle
    22. Aerial Juggle: Circle(3), Square
    23. Batclaw Super Stun: L2 + Triangle, Circle
    24. Charged Super Stun: Hold Circle
    25. Batmobile Assisted Takedown: X + Square
    26. Combat Pick Up: R2 + Circle
    27. Tag Team Takedown: L1

Easy "Choice Of Weapons" trophy

You can only use all five Batmobile weapons after completing a lot of the story. The Drone Virus and EMP weapons are unlocked later in the story. They will automatically be part of the new Batmobile you get at the end of the game. The following are the five weapons you need to use:

  • 60mm Cannon
  • Drone Virus (consumes one energy bar; destroy enemy tanks to get energy)
  • EMP (consumes one energy bar; destroy enemy tanks to get energy)
  • Missile Barrage (consumes one energy bar; destroy enemy tanks to get energy)
  • Vulcan Gun (machine gun)

Get a hit on an enemy tank with each one of these weapons during a single enemy encounter to get the "Choice Of Weapons" trophy. This can easily be done in the Batmobile Combat AR challenges.

Easy "Dirty Tricks" trophy

Simply hold R2 + Square for three minutes while turning in circles in the Batmobile to drift and get the "Dirty Tricks" trophy.

Easy "Gotham After Midnight" trophy

Go to a tall building, and dive bomb all the way down. Pull the Left Analog-stick back when you are just a couple of meters above the street, and glide for 400 meters. The longer the dive bomb, the more momentum you will have. It is also useful to set a marker on the map to see the distance you must travel. Be sure to fly very close to the ground, otherwise it will not count. You will get the "Gotham After Midnight" trophy approximately 30 seconds after successfully completing the glide.

Easy "Point Of Impact" trophy

You must use the machine gun on your Batmobile to get the "Point Of Impact" trophy. Shoot the purple glowing sensors of five enemy tanks in a row without missing a shot and without taking damage. Only fire one bullet at each of them. If you hit the sensor, they will explode immediately. This can easily be done in the "One Man Army" AR challenge, as it can be repeated unlimited times. There will be a text confirmation every time you get a perfect shot. When it says "5x Perfect Bonus", you have completed the requirement and will get the trophy once the challenge is over.

Easy "Run Through The Jungle" trophy

The basic strategy to get the "Run Through The Jungle" trophy is to use the Batmobile Eject or jump from a very high point, and dive bomb all the way down under the first bridge. Then, pull the Left Analog-stick back to get as high into the air as possible. Keep using dive bombs, and always pull the Left Analog-stick back to glide up into the air. This allows you to glide for a very long time, almost endlessly as you will get a lot of momentum from the dive bombs and can fly high again. You must fly under the three bridges that connect the islands. It is recommended to start on the northern bridge (the smallest one), as it is the hardest. You will get the trophy approximately 30 seconds after flying under the third bridge. Note: You must progress in the story first to restore power to the bridges; otherwise, the bridges will not be lowered.


Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    I AM the Batman! (Platinum): Reclaim your city.
    A Leap of Faith (Bronze): Complete 8 different jumps over 100 meters.
    Absolution (Bronze): Achieve 69 Stars in AR Challenges.
    Blunt Trauma (Bronze): Perform every type of predator takedown.
    Brutality 101 (Bronze): Perform 15 different combat moves in one FreeFlow.
    Choice of Weapons (Bronze): Use all five Batmobile weapons successfully in one tank battle.
    City of Fear (Bronze): Defend the assault on your ally's fortress.
    Cold World (Bronze): Destroy the first weapons cache in Gotham City.
    Creature of the Night (Bronze): Freedom of the city.
    Cycle of Violence (Bronze): Use 100 Quick Gadgets while in free flow combat.
    Death and Glory (Bronze): Take out 20 thugs with fear takedowns.
    Death by Design (Bronze): Obtain a key by completing the seventh Riddler trial.
    Death of Innocents (Bronze): Rescue station 17 fire crew.
    Dirty Tricks (Bronze): Achieve 3 minutes of drifting time in the Batmobile.
    Fear of Faith (Bronze): Rescue the ACE Chemical workers.
    Fortunate Son (Bronze): Achieve 46 Stars in AR Challenges.
    Gates of Gotham (Bronze): Destroy all of the militia watchtowers.
    Gotham After Midnight (Bronze): Glide for 400 meters while less than 20 meters from the ground.
    Gotham Underground (Bronze): Defuse all of the militia explosive ordinance in Gotham City.
    Jekyll & Hyde (Bronze): Stop the bank heist on Miagani Island and lock up the master mind in GCPD.
    Journey into Knight (Bronze): Even The Odds.
    Judgment Day (Bronze): Win the rumble down under.
    Lethal Pursuits (Bronze): Obtain a key by completing the ninth Riddler trial.
    Living Hell (Bronze): Interrogate the Militia APC Driver.
    Nine Lives (Bronze): Obtain a key by completing the last Riddler trial.
    No Man's Land (Bronze): Restore power to the bridges of Gotham City.
    Pieces of the Puzzle (Bronze): Obtain a key by completing the second Riddler trial.
    Point of Impact (Bronze): Perform 5 perfect shots in a row with the Vulcan Gun without taking damage.
    Riddler on the Rampage (Bronze): Obtain a key by completing the fourth Riddler trial.
    Run Through the Jungle (Bronze): Fly under 3 main bridges between the islands in one continuous glide.
    Savage Metal (Bronze): Smash 10 militia transport vehicles off the road without using the immobilizer.
    Seduction of the Gun (Bronze): Achieve 50 critical shots on light tanks.
    Sins of Youth (Bronze): Achieve 23 Stars in AR Challenges.
    Streets of Gotham (Bronze): Destroy all of the militia checkpoints.
    The Burning Question (Bronze): Obtain a key by completing the fifth Riddler trial.
    The Cat and the Bat (Bronze): Obtain a key by completing the third Riddler trial.
    The Frequency of Fear (Bronze): Scan Gotham City to pinpoint Scarecrow's location.
    The Monster Machine (Bronze): Track down and apprehend the serial killer.
    The Primal Riddle (Bronze): Obtain a key by completing the sixth Riddler trial.
    The Real Deal (Bronze): Takedown 20 moving cars without using the Batmobile.
    The Road Home (Bronze): Destroy all of the militia APC's.
    The Road to Hell (Bronze): Successfully complete the first Riddler trial.
    Touch of Death (Bronze): Apprehend the weapons dealer and lock him up in GCPD.
    Trail of Fear (Bronze): Lock up your first Supervillain in GCPD.
    With a Vengeance! (Bronze): Take on the heavy artillery reinforcements.
    Ambush (Bronze): Defeat 4 enemies within the duration of a single scare effect.
    Weird War Tales (Bronze): Defeat 15 enemies using any type of hacking.
    A Blade of Memory (Bronze): Destroy all Teeth, Balloons and Jack-In-The-Boxes.

Additionally, there are 28 secret trophies:

    A Battle Within (Bronze): Fight for your sanity.
    A Heart Broken in Two (Bronze): Secure the secret base.
    Angel in the Dark (Bronze): Complete the trials and prove you are a worthy successor.
    As the Crow Flies (Bronze): Escape from ACE Chemicals.
    Be Not Afraid (Bronze): Win the war for Gotham.
    Brotherhood of the Fist (Bronze): Return of the Dynamic Duo.
    Dark Allegiances (Bronze): Apprehend Scarecrow's senior commander.
    Dark Wings Fly Away in Fear (Bronze): What is the Cloudburst?
    Days of Fire (Bronze): Extinguish the fires in Gotham City.
    Double Jeopardy (Bronze): Face off with an old friend.
    Fear of Success (Bronze): Survive Scarecrow's ambush.
    Knightfall (Gold): Initiate Knightfall Protocol.
    Master of Fear (Bronze): Wayne vs Crane.
    Riddle Me That (Bronze): Lock up the Riddler in GCPD.
    Scar of the Bat (Bronze): Cure the doctor.
    Strange Deadfellows (Bronze): Deploy the Cloudburst countermeasures.
    The Cult (Bronze): Save the sacrificial victim and lock up the executioner in GCPD.
    The Long Halloween (Silver): Wayne vs Crane in New Story +.
    The Riddle Factory (Bronze): Obtain a key by completing the eighth Riddler trial.
    Who Rules The Night (Bronze): Batman vs the Arkham Knight.
    A Fire in the Heavens (Bronze): Free the hostages at the Ferris Wheel.
    A House Made of Spun Glass (Bronze): Free the hostages at the Merry-go-round.
    The Laughing Fish! (Bronze): Free the hostages at the Ghost Ship.
    A Courtship of Razors (Silver): Rescue your father.
    All Snug in Their Beds (Silver): Uncover the secret history of the park.
    Dark Victory (Silver): Escape the Nightmare.
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